The Exaltics "Invasion" album (Transient Force)

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    • The Exaltics "Invasion" album (Transient Force)

      out now on transient force. the exaltics-invasion
      full length album on cd. (16 tracks)
      get your copy on:

      for some sound examples:

      keep the underground alive!!!

      Review from the mysterious Mossadon...
      I heard some music and electricity started to fire across my neurons!...
      The Exaltics. “Invasion” Transient Force Recs.

      The space ships are here!!!
      At least, that’s what I thought after laying in a pitch black room listening to the new long player from The Exaltics!
      It just doesn’t get any more sci fi than this. Your typical ‘Get on the dancefloor!’ Electro this ISN’T!
      This is a beautifully mastered creation of mood stimulating soundscapes, tightly crafted beats, time and distance.
      ”Time and distance?!”
      Yup, Time and Distance.
      This is unhurried, evocative sonic entertainment to inspire your mental wonderings as much as it excites your feet. The distance is created by The Exaltics in their writing and production. There’s room to hear everything, subtle nuances of reverbs and echoes, the twists and turns in the synthesis, wide stereo movement and the full A D S R!
      Not over compressed force of beats and screaming synths flyin at ya at 145 BPM
      (Although, we LOVE that when we have our dancing sneakers on!).
      Don’t get me wrong! There are meaty, pulsing electro beats aplenty with squelchy synths and fat bass ( the brilliant The Exaltics Theme for one)….I just don’t feel I’m been FORCED to dance by the shear volume of the music, more enticed, poked and prodded by alien hands with a nod and cheeky wink.
      Yes, this is indeed a quality creation of uncomplicated but masterfully concocted Electro music for those deeper moments as much as those ass shakin moments.
      There are SIXTEEN trax on the CD transmitted to me from deep space (well, Germany!) and what a journey they create. I’ve sat and listened to “Invasion” in a few different surroundings now and it goes about its business entertaining you (and others around you) with a deftness not often heard in the Electro world. One person asked me about 3 times, throughout the playing of the album, what it was she was listening too because she kept been prompted by the sheer quality and spatial depth. “This is still The Exaltics? Wow! This IS good.”
      At times ambient soft pads rise and fall while stranger sounds move ghostly from left to right in the background in an ethereal otherworldly dimension and at other times, metallic beats and deep bass prevail and all the while The Exaltics are taking us deeper, further. If you’ve been missing the more classic sounding Dopplereffekt then there’s sonic fluctuations here for you. Something to listen to as you read that Philip K Dick book? Audio stimulation while on a long journey? A little something more serious for your electro set on the Friday night? Brought a few friends back from the club? The Exaltics have created “Invasion” for all these moments and more.
      Personally I like to turn the light off, lay on the bed with a pair of good headphones on, turn the volume to 11 and let the album as a whole take me away. Not a bum track to stutter your musings, nothing to skip past here, just give yourself over to the Invasion.
      The Exaltics have a mission, they have motive. They aren’t twiddling knobs coz that aint got anything better to do, nope! They aim to inspire, to give you time to question the universe and allow ideas to form. With strange, off kilter sounds as much as the eponymous boomin kick drums. Shifting the flow with the pace of varying BPMs, food for the brain as well stimulants for the muscles.
      Expand your mind, reach out to Solaris, observe, wonder, discover, ponder, react.

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      The Exaltics E.P. inkl Kan3da remix exclusive on Clone !!!

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      Solar One Music always has a very special way of presenting their highly collectable releases. Previously, SOM001 was only available as a USB stick, but now it's back again as a very limited (less than 50 copies) CDrom. Pop it in your computer and you can either listen to them on the special Solar One Music flash application (which looks really great!), burn the tracks as an audio CD, or just import them to your favorite MP3 player... To finish it off, the CD is wrapped in a silver bubble wrap bag. But don't forget about the most important thing though; 4 excellent electro tracks by The Exaltics, know from their releases on Z-Bop and Transient Force. Both PC and MAC compatible!!