Raw Mechanics/Crotaphytus inkl Manasyt and Faceless Mind rmx

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    • Raw Mechanics/Crotaphytus inkl Manasyt and Faceless Mind rmx


      SOM05: Raw Mechanics & Crotaphytus - Split E.P. SOON on



      Electro Tunes from the Darker Side of this Planet. Split CD between
      Raw Mechanics (AS1-Transient Force) and Crotaphytus.
      Inkl. Remixes by Manasyt and Faceless Mind !!!
      Don´t sleep..very limited and hand numbered !!!



    • Review: by Nexus6 for electroalliance

      Raw Mechanics & Crotaphytus - Split E.P. - Solar One Music 005
      what has happened to NY City in JJ Abrams’s Cloverfield movie! Having
      foiled Crotaphytus’s secret plans for the domination of mankind on the
      “Feed Meeeee!!! E.P.” CD project (SOM 3.5), the United Forces of Earth
      were pretentious enough to think that they would definitively be able
      to eradicate the beast. Hunted, wounded but not defeated, the deadly
      lizard finally escaped from death, hiding in the depht of the
      underground where he received the unexpected help and care of another
      hostile life-form called “Raw Mechanics” (aka AS1 of Transient Force
      Records fame). Now, stronger than ever, the intergalactic monster and
      his evil partner are back with a vengeance, introducing on Solar One
      Music’s new collectable release their new strategy for Human
      extinction. And this time, bombs won’t stop them! Packed as usual in a
      very attractive box (a hand numbered DVD sleeve with minimalistic
      design and a nice black and white card), this ultra limited piece of
      digitalism serves up an ace split E.P. filled with ten intricate
      electro cuts. Oscillating between frightening tunes (“Cycle Of Life”,
      “Cold Nights”, “Tracheloptychus”, “y3” written with the Exaltics) and
      electronica roughness (“Integrated Network”, “Carnassial Tooth”,
      “Mercury Molder”), the CD progressively evolves into darkness, slowly
      but firmly spreading its gloomy atmosphere all over the blue sky of our
      planet. Refine musical warning made of sharped drums, eerie melodies,
      fleeting vocals and minimal beats, this crucial output includes two
      fascinating remixes: the first one, written by Faceless Mind’s members
      swedish Johan Inkinen and Luke Eargoggle (Crème Organization, Strange
      Life) introduces a bubbling rework of Raw Mechanics “Cold Nights”
      mutating the original into a dramatic anthem. The second one comes from
      the like of Bulgarian industrial electro psychopath Petar Tassev aka
      MANASYt (Dumb Terminal, Bunker, Touchin Bass). Fuelled with Sci-Fi
      sounds and harsh rhythm, Crotaphytus’s “Tracheloptychus” turns into a
      solid bloody banger in Petar’s typical robotic signature. A pleasant
      carnage that ends with maestria a must have CD! While I’m writing this
      review, sirens are ringing outside, we must evacuate the town cause the
      danger is coming. Save yourselves while you can!
      DVD, Electro

    • new review: DJ GIO MC-505 for Technodisco.it

      Raw-Mechanics / Crotaphytus "Split EP" (Solar One Music), dedicated to lovers dell'electro 'bunkeriana' that would strike fear through the gloomy and dark soundtracks of the horror, the fifth chapter of the German Solar One is evenly divided between Raw Mechanics and Crotaphytus, artists comparable to the style started to other paladins of the dark like Franck Sarrio, Shitcluster, Shemale, Beta Evers, TecRoc and Alex Norinh. Raw Mechanics offers songs like "Cold Nights", was launched between vintage sounds (rim-shots) and dark swirls, "Integrated Network", characterized by fast idm cascades of marbles to 8 bit, "Mercury Molder" means an unstable rhythm sounds by harpoon psychotic, and "Modern Illusions", electro forged in the control room of a spaceship, a thousand colored levers and buttons from flashing lights. Crotaphytus defended well by putting you in the front row of black electro "Cycle Of Life", the rhythms of the cold "Tracheloptychus" and calls ebm-industrial of "Carnassial Tooth." Then, in pairs with The Exaltics offers "y3", following the style and Cybotron, thinking of more recent times, the first dell'Eargoggle Stilleben. To complete the EP the remix of "Cold Nights" and "Tracheloptychus": the first is the Faceless Mind, which impose their typical post-drexciyano, and the second of MANASYt, where chaos reigns an orderly breaks between apocalyptic and atmospheres from morgue. Only 100 copies are available.
    • Liquid for Electronique.it

      Liquid for Electronique.it (translate from italian)

      The Solar One Music with a disc divided between the two productive entities of Raw Mechanics returns (incredible its productions under As1 pseudonym) and Crotaphytus, immersed demons as usual in a daily parallel, an imaginary world who we hope can become a diffuse dream for how many is approached this kind of sonorità. This time the Solar One opts for “dvd houses” for the packing of its music, equipped with the photo of a Crotaphytus (more commonly a lucertola with the collar) that from how much it is given to us to learn is scomparso own in these days. Perhaps one of the companions of adventure of the half of this disc. All it has beginning with a series of broken and concitate ritmiche that they make from background incedere deep of sintetizzatori that paint a futuristico and evocative scene at the same time. We always remember ourselves that we are speaking about one of the truths electro more important currently. And the third trace is own: “Tracheloptychus” to mark one of the more incisive moments of the disc, a ritmico/melodico vortex that its recites I complain over constant and funeral rullata, filled up of lightning bolts electrical workers who with their tonale difference mark to several intervals the course of the piece. Remarkable also the creative effort of “Integrated Network” to work of Raw Mechanics, a cibernetico rainbow that interacts minibadly with a ritmica jungle from the sapore. The two artists (but to this point the uncertainty door to think to us next to the paternity of a single figure behind the two pseudonyms) seem to interact to the perfection, granting themselves also of the ritmiche escapes to the limits of the hardcore “Carnassial Tooth” and “Mercury Molder”. Duty to part for “Y3”, trace in which subentra the already famous The Exaltics, carrying, and we believe here to go for certainties, a straniante melodica base post drexciyana own to its way, over a powerful and effective ritmica break. In the final space to two remix a lot important, that is that one of Faceless Mind (Luke Eargoggle) on “Cold nights” that it comes thus let out from the melodiche darkness for a driven in and glacial ritmica parade, and for remix of Manasyt on “tramutata Tracheloptychus” now in an industrial rubbish dump in full working ferment thanks I use to it of the park you play absolutely extreme of the Bulgarian artist. The future hour passes hence.


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