Maschinen Musik 12 - The Engines of God - Out March 6th

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    • Maschinen Musik 12 - The Engines of God - Out March 6th


      The Engines of God:


      Out March 6th......

      The winter is holding us in its cold grip, the media is filled with financial doom and gloom, and Maschinen Musik brings you the soundtrack for the dark season right into your sound systems.

      Our 12th release kicks off with a new dancefloor bomb out of the dark and deep labs of Maschinen Musi mastermind Dr. Schmidt. Beginning nice and easy, this track quickly transforms into a menacing rollercoaster when the The Engines of God are ignited. Trademark beats, heavy bass and cutting edge synths lend their energy to propel the listeners through a rough an dirty trip through the electronic joys of Technobreaks.

      After this violent ride, track two ventures again into more laidback and melodic territories. Quellcrist is founded on a irresistible electro groove, backed by a deep driving bass sequence and is topped with synthetic bleeps, soft pads and nerve cutting sweeps. Versatile in its appearance, simple in its effects, Quellcrist will make you move and keep you asking for more.

      Last but not least we want to draw your attention to the creator of this release cover artwork. With his outstanding renderings, Vitaly Bulgarov blew us away, and we are glad and proud to have him on board to make this release yet again the quality package you came to expect from Maschinen Musik.

      Maschinen Musik 12 will be a digital release and will not be available on vinyl or CD. The record is distributed worldwide through MTunes ( and will be available for download on most major download platforms including,, iTunes, and many more.