Recommendations please!

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    • Recommendations please!

      Hello, Im new here and I need your help.

      Which Electro Records (no matter if vinyl or cd) should every Electro Fan have?
      It doesnt matter if its old or new, as long as there is no rap.
      I know this is a hard question, but I need to buy more electro records.
      Maybe it might help if I name some artists I like at the moment:

      Automat, old Anthony Rother, Boris Divider, Dark Vektor, AS1, Lowfish, B.O.S.E, Bass Junkie, Blotnik Brothers, Dagobert, Diplomat, Dynamik Bass System, Imatran Voima, Industrial Bass Machine, jackal & hyde, kronos device, Mandroid, Newcleus, Omega II, Sbassship

      Of course this is a question of taste, but I think there is that connects all Electro Artists...
    • welcome! 8-)

      maybe try Mystery Man ...almost all of his releases on Over X-Posure records.
      (style is somewhere between Will Webb and early Anthony Rother)

      also with some great releases on that label ..check out Redagain P. / Drum Factory.

      almost all of the releases on Electrix Records.

      Mr Velcro Fastener, Mystic Letter K (the two albums), theres so much more...
      i'd recommend to check all the stuff mentioned in this thread...
      thats nearly all going into the direction you're looking for.