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    • You mentioned/played that 'Remix from Hell' ("I will come back") song (not final mix !?), I got it that's a remix you made for others, what is it (artist/title) ? What was the last track played, the jazzy one, liked that much ( ?? Parallels) ? What about a playlist for the future, at least for your hour, Cozmo ? Thx, also to Dogtrane.
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      You mentioned/played that 'Remix from Hell' ("I will come back") song (not final mix !?), I got it that's a remix you made for others, what is it (artist/title) ? What was the last track played, the jazzy one, liked that much ( ?? Parallels) ? What about a playlist for the future, at least for your hour, Cozmo ? Thx, also to Dogtrane.

      The name of the group is Holy Ghost! and the song is "I Will Come Back". I'm going to Brooklyn to mix it today. The last song I played was "Neon Parallels" by Biepang. I have been too lazy to do a playlist, but I have been considering it. I doubt that Dog can even remember all the stuff that he plays. ;D
    • Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, June 27th 2009

      Legends Of The Past, Rhythms Of The Future!

      After taking off a week for the Newcleus show at Madison Square Garden we returned with a special show. To mark the passing of music legend and icon Michael Jackson, Dogtrane put together a sensational set that included some of Michael's music and that of other Lost Legends like James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Rick James and many others. It was quite a poignant set that kept everyone in the chatroom engaged and reminiscent.

      I followed up these grooves from the past with some choice Electro grooves of the future, playing a complete set of Nu Electro that is either just released or pre-released, or even still being worked on. Fresh beats from the likes of Electronic Confessions, Karl Finlow, Rob Real, The Blastromen, The Middle Men, Dynamik Bass System, Das Omikron, Newcleus and more! There is something exciting happening in Electro and Jam-On The Groove is on top of it!

      All in all, another great show, as we prepare for this week's upcoming Jam-On July 4th Jamboree!!!


      Podcast is now available at: feeds2.feedburner.com/jam-onthegroove
    • Saturday, July 4th, 5pm EST (10pm GMT)

      Jam-On The Groove presents our:


      This week will be a 6 hour, 3 podcast funk bash!!! The joint will be PACKED with Jam-On members and fam! The booze, the beer, the bud, the BBQ and the booty shakin' will be in abundance!!! YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS ONE!!!

      The first hour will feature DJ Dogtrane rockin' classic breaks in his inimitable fashion! Perhaps some classic mic rockin' from Al T, Dr. Freeze and Cozmo D (if they get zooted enough). Guaranteed to get the evening started off right!

      The second hour will feature Cozmo D with a strictly floor bangin' set of Electro designed to rock your body right! The focus this week will be on the beats!

      The third hour will feature a guest appearance by original Jam-On DJ Dr. Freeze as he keeps your body rockin' with a set of dark, deep and funky House!

      The fourth hour features Cozmo again as he returns with a dope set of booty shakin' Breakbeat!

      Finally, the fifth and sixth hours will feature all of the assembled Jam-On DJs in the house (those who can still stand) playing classic Brooklyn blockparty and houseparty beats, breaks and grooves! This may prove to be the best part of the night as it will be mix for mix and beat for beat! Cozmo D, DJ Dogtrane, Dr. Freeze, Al T, and DJ Kane will all be rockin' the set!

      And come and join us in the chatroom!

      Here is the link to Global Funk Radio: globalfunkradio.com/

      Here is the link to the broadcast stream: globalfunkradio.com/listen.m3u

      Here is the link to the podcast: feeds2.feedburner.com/jam-onthegroove


      Most of the Jam-On Productions members, family and friends were on hand for a 4th Of July BBQ and Bash at the homestead, and man did we jam! We set out to do a 6 hour, 3 podcast show and ended up nearly doing 7 hours, without a single boring minute! This HAS to go down as our best show to date!

      PART 1:

      DJ Dogtrane set off the show and the first hour with a set of classic breaks! He rocked most of the staples for an hour and sounded so good that the rest of us wouldn't let him quit. We then realized that he had not played "Just Begun" and we refused to let him off the set until he dug it up. He did just that and added "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose" for good measure. Dr. Freeze and Al T joined me on the mic. A great start to the evening!

      I followed that with a set of hard hitting, butt shaking, floor rockin' Nu Electro. Had a couple of glitches, as I was already deep into my bottle of The Glenlivet (something that will become more and more apparent as the night goes on). Still, the likes of Signal Type, Volsoc, Dr. Schmidt, Dark Vector and The Middle Men kept the beat deep, dark, electronic and funky!

      PART 2:

      Hour 3 (1/2) featured original Jam-On DJ Dr. Freeze laying down a smooth and funky set of some groovin' House music! Choice cuts and classic jams interwoven seamlessly gave a sweet taste of what our Brooklyn House parties were like in the late '80s and early '90s.

      I came behind that with a rockin' set of Breakbeat! I was quite inebriated by this time so I'm not quite sure how I managed, but I dug down deep somehow and managed not to make too much of a fool of myself. Don't know if I can quite say the same thing about Part 3...

      PART 3:

      The last 2 hours and change are definitely the highlight of the show! By this time just about everybody in the house was good and sloshed, except for Dogtrane who was not drinking. So, instead us all getting on the set as originally planned, we turned over all of the DJ duties to Dogtrane who of course did not disappoint! The rest of our drunken mob then manned the two mics and made memories! Unfortunately in some segments the mics were too low (as I was by this point much too intoxicated to properly monitor such things), but the fun is definitely well in evidence. Dogtrane's completely off the cuff set is non-stop dopeness with classic Disco, House, Funk, Breaks and even some Rock. I throw some drunken ancient rhymes in which I promptly screw up, but Al T and even my oldest son Moseefus and nephew Maccabee grace the mic with their presence and freestyles. By the end of the night the studio is packed with drunken revelers, many of whom take turns pronouncing their glee on the mic, while Dogtrane never misses a beat all night!

      A CLASSIC show that will be hard to ever top!

      Here is the link to the podcast: feeds2.feedburner.com/jam-onthegroove
    • Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, July 18th 2009

      Sorry for the late posting this week, lots of things are happening...


      After taking off a week for our annual Jam-On excursion to Coney Island Pier, Dogtrane and I returned with an episode to sort of mark where the show has gone so far.

      Being that we are the show on Global Funk Radio that plays the most 4/4 dance music, Dogtrane decided to give us a 4 on the floor jaunt. First taking us through some choice classic Disco and then venturing into a nice mix of funky House music. He then finished up with an exclusive House mashed-up remix of Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun". Fun, funky set!

      For my half I celebrated the arrival of the Street Sounds Nu Electro Chart to its new home at GFR, by compiling and playing a Top 11 list of our personal favorites of all the Nu Electro that we have played since our opening show this past April. I talked plenty of hooey of course. I've included a track listing in the order they were played, from 11th to 1st.

      Signal Type - "In Abyss"
      Karl Finlow - "Magnolia"
      Sace 2 - "Stereophonic Sound"
      Das Omikron - "Anolog Computation"
      DJ Xed - "Sferik"
      Newcleus - "Programmed 4 L.O.V.E."
      Microthol - "Fragile"
      Dr. Schmidt - "The Engines Of God"
      Dark Vektor - "Wires"
      The Middle Men - "Unseen Beings"
      Biepang - "Neon Parallels"

      With the Street Sounds chart now coming to GFR I have decided to make my portion of the show's dedication to Electro permanent. Not to say that I won't be playing other music from time to time, but I believe that the scene right now really needs my commitment!


      Here is the link to the podcast: feeds2.feedburner.com/jam-onthegroove