DLR-005 Siege of Detroit EP - featuring DJ Xed and Sougon

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    • DLR-005 Siege of Detroit EP - featuring DJ Xed and Sougon

      Detroit teams up with Crobotville to bring the world another dose of their analog electro goodness. DJ Xed and Sougon together on this four track EP bring out the big guns with all new tunes in the old school style. This release is the first of many future releases on DLR that will be vinyl only and limited pressing. We want to get our records out to the DJ's that are still playing the 12" records, staying true to the art form. More information on this release will be available soon with links to the song clips.
    • Hey Ivan, here's more info bro!

      DLR-005 is set for release!!!

      Here's the info on the latest release from DLR. This EP is set to come out in June 2009, so keep an eye out for the new release. Also this is a vinyl only release and a limited 100 pressing. So if you want it, you better grab a copy up quick.
      Our distro's are DownTown161 and FIT.

      Title: Siege of Detroit E.P.
      Release/Matrix Numner: DLR-005
      Release Date: June 2009
      Artists: Sougon, DJ Xed
      Media: 12" vinyl, digital (mp3)
      Genre: Electro

      Track Listing:
      A1: Digital Fury - written and produced by: Sougon
      A2: My Mind Wonders - written and produced by: DJ Xed
      B1: Remote Control - written and produced by: DJ Xed
      B2: Neutrailize - written and produced by: Sougon

      Detroit meets Crobotville in the latest release on DLR. Together DJ Xed and Sougon deliver up the new sounds straight from the heart of the Motor City. "Siege of Detroit EP" showcases four uniquely distinct electro tracks that represent the innovation, creativity and musical talent DLR has to offer. Ingeniusly fusing the analog sounds of the past with their own unique rythem and leads, this EP finally offers the DJ something futuristic that the masses will dance too.