Pinned 10 best oldschool electro songs

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    • 1. Bambaataa - Looking for the Perfect Beat (Instrumental)
      2. Unknown Dj & Three D - Beatronic
      3. Imperial Brothers - We come to Rock (Dub)
      4. Two Sisters - Scratch This
      5. Nairobi - Makossa Jam (Instrumental)
      6. COD - In the Bottle
      7. Two Sisters - B-Boys Beware (Dub)
      8. Guru - Who You Stealin' From (Dub)
      9. Tina B- Honey to a Bee (Dub)
      10. Hashim - Al-Naafiysh

    • I think Boogie down Bronx, with Man Parrish is superior all others,also "Beatronic" and the "Breakdancer" with the Boogie Boys. Despite them i have this 10.another 10 from first.

      1. Davy dmx-One for the trouble
      2. Maurice starr-Eectric funky drummer
      3. Pretty Tony-Fix it in a mix
      4. Sanny x-Splash down(swedish dj in 80's cool mix)
      5. Tony Cook and the Party people (one of my favorites,so dope)
      6. Tony Baxter-Screaming
      7. La Dream Team-Rock Berry JAm
      8. Sidney-Let's Break
      9. Beatmaster-Lippsservice´(one of my all time favorites)
      10. The B-Boys-Rock the house
    • 1. King Kut - DJ Cheese & Word of Mouth
      2. Life on the Street - MC Crash
      3. The Party Scene - The Russell Brothers
      4. Buffalo Girls - Malcolm Maclaren
      5. Boogie Down Bronx - Man Parrish
      6. Jam on It - Newcleus
      7. Fast Life - Doctor Jeckyll and Mr Hyde
      8. One for the Treble - Davey DMX
      9. 2,3, Break - DJ Born Supreme Allah
      10. Bambaataa's Theme - Africa Bambaataa

      Are mine, all the orginal versions...
      ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...
    • in no particular order

      here's mine, though it's more miami bass than electro...

      VSF - Velocity Speed Force
      Der Mer - Fall Out
      D.E.F. & DJ Three D - Def Momentum
      MC Chief & Sexy Dancer - Beef Box
      DJ Magic Mike, Vicious Bass - Come on (rock freak)
      The 2 Live Crew - Get It Girl
      MC Shy D - Shy D Is Back (Fred Sanford)
      The Future - Nuclear Holocaust
      Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew - My Hands Are Quicker
      MC A.D.E. - Da Train
      Bass Patrol - Faking No Moves
      Segment 2 - Cold Pump that Body
      Dynamix II - Give the DJ A Break
    • in no particular order :

      unknown dj - let's jam
      egyptian lover - my house (on the nile)
      malcolm mc laren - world famous
      rusty p & the sure shot 3 - breakdown new york style
      key matic - breakin in space
      cod - in the bottle
      globe & whiz kid -play dat beat
      awesome foursome - monster beat
      chris "the glove" taylor - itchiban scratch
      kool rock steady - power move[fresh mix]
    • Hello all...can't find an introduction post so I guess this would be a good place to start..I'm 42 and live in west yorkshire..this puts me at the right age where old school electro is concerned.I remember Tim Westwood on pirate radio(LWR) playing Yello's Live at the roxy,people sending in their mixes(streets ahead),buying expensive imports(Divine Sounds was I think a £5),hearing Newcleus in the 6th form at school..and body popping at work on my lunch break..haha great times indeed..Normally I'm very forward thinking in my music tastes,really liking tech/minimal house,dj mixes etc..however I keep coming back to electro,and of course have got the shiny new NU Electro comp...I come down on the side of the beats and dj/scratching side of things,but can take or leave I guess I'm in the right place..Here's some stand out tunes that stick in my memory..all fairly obvious,some not technically electro I guess but here goes

      2..Byron Davies and the fresh krew..My hands...
      3..Jonzun Crew..Pack Jam
      4..C.O.D..In The Bottle
      5..Pretty Tony..Jam The Box
      6..Newtrament..London Bridge(Vocoder version)
      7..Divine Sounds..What People Do For Money
      8..Original Concept..Can You Feel It
      9..Man Parrish..Hip Hop Be Bop
      10..Chris "The Glove" Taylor..Reckless
      11..Jazzy Jay..Son Of Beat Street
      12..Arthur Baker..Breakers Revenge

      Is the Newtrament track..London Bridge,the vocoder version available on any cd release..I have the instrumental on cd but am struggling to find this version :( ?Thanks in advance for any info
    • My favs (no particular order)

      Newcleus - Computer Age (Push the button)
      Rusty P & SST - Breakdown (NY Style)
      Midnight Star - Electricity
      Dynamix II - Just give the DJ a break
      Jonzun Crew - Electro Boogie Encounter
      Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge
      AB & SSF - Looking for the perfect beat
      Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
      Shannon - Let the music play
      Davy DMX - One for the treble

      Can't afford to omit COD's "In the bottle" and Cybotron's "Clear, which probably are my all time favorites.

      DJ TyDoZ
      Electro Funk afficionado
    • Posts like yours help making EE incredible.
      Man, neva heard this song in my entire life until now.
      One should notice that living in a third world country in the 80's forced us to dig only limited releases. There was no access to import records and there was no internet.
      This song should be reissued, cause it's great!


      kaos;21458 wrote:

      Scandalous that no-one has mentioned the greatest Electro tune of all time :

      Synergy - Project 5

      DJ TyDoZ
      Electro Funk afficionado
    • Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
      Globe & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr.DJ
      Rapologists - The Hip Hop Beat
      Captain Rock - To The Future Shock
      Man Parrish - Man Made/Hip Hop Be Bop
      Key-Matic - Breakin In Space
      Freeez - IOU(Megamix)
      Arthur Baker - Breakers Revenge
      Freeez - Pop Goes My Love
      Grandmixer D.St - Crazy Cuts
      Shannon - Let The Music Play
      Newcleus - Jam On It
      Warp 9 - Light Years Away
      Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf

      Loads missing and not in order, but these were some of the life changing tunes for me...

      My second/third visit here, so saying hello as well!

      Edit; Release Yourself by Aleem, should of been in the list
    • this is a question you can't answer imo...great lists here of great electro tunes..if i list now Tunes from Africa Bambaataa, Newcleus, Warp 9, WCWC i just would double the posts before..

      so i will add:

      MC Fritz & The P-Rockers '87. one of the best imo.

      and another personal favourite of me: Star Studded Strutters-Neckwork '83...xtremley funky and vocoder
      aswell..this is what i call "Electro Funk"

      Extra Funk Factory-Fantasy -1984..killer

    • Planet Rock - Soul Sonic Force
      Electric Kingdom - Twilight 22
      Numbers - Kraftwerk
      Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Lover
      Al Na Fish - Hashim
      Computer Age (Push the Button) - Newcleus
      Don't Stop the Rock - Freestyle
      Murda Rock - Reggie Griffin
      Scorpio - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
      Computer Power - Jamie Jupiter