Pinned 10 best oldschool electro songs

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    • always difficult to pick out some tunes (there are out sooooo many jams), top 10 for "today" (can change everyday):

      1. based on beats - kings of the rhyme
      2. d love - cold cash money
      3. junior gee - the truth
      4. square genie - aids
      5. spyder d - big apple rappin
      6. began began - stay in touch
      7. def force - descriptions of the heart
      8. hip hop crew - nasty beat
      9. mc mds - ill eagle
      10. m4 sers - crack is wack
    • i couldn't pick 10, so i picked a few more and blended them with more recent ones which resulted in this list:


      Frankie Bones - On The Beat Now
      Cybotron - Clear
      Freestylers - Drop The Boom (Remix of Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock)
      DJ Shadow - Right Thing (Tokio Ghetto Tech Remix)
      Kraftwerk - Numbers (Wicked Mix)
      Sharaz - Cinder Blocks (Old School Anthem)
      Paul Oakenfold vs. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Swordfish Mix)
      Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express
      Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock (Original Vocal Version)
      Egyptian Lover- Sintropolis
      Frankie Bones - Bass Rock Beats
      Herbie Hancock - Rockit
      Kraftwerk - Metall Auf Metall
      DMX Krew - Dance to the Beat
      DMX Krew - DMX Funk (Rock Mix)
      Model 500 - Future
      Kraftwerk - Tour de France
      Frankie Bones - Dance To The Music
      Egyptian Lover - Keep It Hot
      Frankie Bones - Little Latin Voices
      The Art Of Noise - Beat Box
      Sven Väth - Schubdüse (Anthony Rother Mix)
      DJ Boo - Rock And Roll Part 2 (Raise The Roof)
      Afrika Bambaataa - Bambaataa's Theme (Assault On Precinct 13)
      Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tjak
      Freestyle Project - Music Don't Stop

      and this mix:…chool-elektro-breakin-mix

      instant boogaloo over here :)
    • My list of 10 best songs of electro.

      1-Afrika Bambaataa feat. The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock

      2- Kraftwerk - Numbers

      3- Hashim - Al Naafyish (The Soul)

      4- Freestyle - It's Automatic

      5- Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest

      6- Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power

      7- Imperial Brothers - We Come To Rock

      8- Egyptian Lover - I Want Cha

      9- Cybotron - Cosmic Cars

      10-The Unknown DJ - Basstronic
    • personal top 20

      tuff to decide, and not really in a particular order, but:

      1; THE EGYPTIAN LOVER 'Voices'
      2; THE ARABIAN PRINCE 'Take you home girl'
      3; UNKNOWN AND THREE D 'Beatronic'
      4; KRAFTWERK 'It's more fun to compute'
      5; HASHIM 'We're rocking the planet'
      6; WORLD CLASS WRECKIN' CRU 'Planet'
      7; SYNERGY 'project 5'
      8; JONZUN CREW 'Space is the place'
      9; NEWCLEUS 'Computor Age'
      10; CYBOTRON 'Clear'
      11; CLI-N-TEL '2030'
      12; KOSMIC LIGHT FORCE 'Mysterious waves'
      13; AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & SOULSONIC FORCE 'Looking for the perfect beat'
      16; SUGARSTYLE '909-The beat is mine'
      17; PAUL HARDCASTLE 'Soundchaser' (12"version)
      18; UNCLE JAMM'S ARMY 'What's your sign?'
      19; JAMIE JUPITOR 'Computer Power'
      20; TWILIGHT 22 'Siberian Nights'
      21; BROTHERS SUPREME 'We can't be held back'
      22; MAN PARRISH 'Boogie Down (Bronx)'

      of course i only name the ones, i'm owning myself...there is sooo much more dope stuff, some artists, like egypt 4 instance, have so many really dope jams it's really hard 2 decide! also i only named the real olschool ones, 90's and 2000's had also a lot to offer, but it's so many of them it would be ridiculous to give 'em a chart position...
    • My top 10 will be devoted to Electro-Rap, my preferred style within Electro:

      Ervin German - Beef Box (4-Sight) (1984)

      The Brothers Supreme - We Can't Be Held Back (Rappers Rapp) (1986)

      MC Flex & FBI Crew - Rockin' It (Posse) (1984)

      Man Parrish & Freeze Force - Boogie Down Bronx (1984)

      Cosmic Jam - We're Jamming (Boy) (1988)

      Magnificent Three & Fearless Master - Crush (CCL) (1984)

      Sugar Style - Quadro Phonic (On The Spot) (1988)

      Frost - Battle Beat (Triangle) (1985)

      Family Factor - Summer Break (Tashamba) (1985)

      Imperial Brothers - We Come To Rock (Cutting) (1984)
    • 1- Fantasy 3 - It's your rock
      2 - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet rock
      3 - Jonzun Crew - Pack man
      4 - Reggie Griffin & Tecnofunk - Mirda rock
      5 - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
      6 - Reflexx - Let's krantz
      7 - Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop
      8 - Captain Rock - Cosmic glide
      9 - Herbie Hancock - Rock it
      10 - West Street Mob - Sing a simple song
    • Not my top 10 all time favs, but just 10 very cool electro/funk/rap tunes I have listened lately.

      Cosmic Population, The - Modulation
      Davis And Davis - The Professor (on) Center Stage
      Gift Of Dreams - Mandroid
      GLC MIMS - Computer Head
      Incredible Rock City Band, The - Invasion Of The Rock-O-Mites
      Next Generation - The Rhythm Moves The Women
      Scratch Zone Symphony With M.C. Clock - So Smooth
      W.O.S. - Tale Of The Talking Drum
      Baby Fresh & Baby "K"* - Spoiled Rotten
      M.I.D. - Cold Getting Down
    • So many great tracks out there guys and so many memories, thanks.

      Here's a thought, you know all those classic moments that even today make your spine tingle or give you the urge to buy a piece of lino? Wouldn't it be great to have all those pieces mixed in a mad 80's style, something akin to what I used to hear during the 80's in Sheffield (Limit club) and Nottingham?

      Any takers out there?
    • Damn, there are way too many fantastic electro (rap) jams out there, but i tried to put all my faves in one list (it was a tough decision to me -lol-).

      (not in any alphabetical order)

      Kraftwerk - It's More Fun To Compute
      Kraftwerk - Numbers
      Model 500 - No Ufos
      Cybotron - Clear
      Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Looking For A Perfect Beat (Instr.)
      Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt
      Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge
      Paul Hardcastle - Soundchaser
      Paul Hardcastle - 19
      Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest (Sax Version)
      Arabian Prince - It Ain't Tough (Instr.)
      Klein & M.B.O. - Dirty Talk
      Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk (Instr.)

      Electro Rap:
      World Class Wreckin' Cru - The Planet
      World Class Wreckin' Cru - The Surgery
      Marty G And The CT Posse - Rhyme With The Beat (One Nation Under A Groove) <-- the long cut with the instr. playin' within the last 3 minutes
      Diamond 2 Crew - The Prophecy
      The Brothers Supreme - We Can't Be Held Back
      Imperial Brothers - We Came To Rock
      Ice T - Reckless
      Ervin "M.C Chief" German & Sexy Lady - Beef Box
      Antron - Earthquake (the og version from '86)
      Father MC - My Beat
      BMW - Rock The House
      Solo Sound - We're Chilly
      Mantronix - Bassline
      Newcleus - Jam On It
      Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
      Man Parrish Feat. Freeze Force - Boogie Down BX
      Def - The Invisible DJ
      Lyf - Wrestling (instr.)
    • Hi folks,it was long time ago i was inside the forum. But its fun to see that my thread is still alive. That means people never get tired or old electro ,like me=)

      I remember i like Boogie Down Bronx and Fix it in a mix with Pretty Tony alot in the 80's

      and many many more ofcorce,we had only 1 or 2 good record shops in stockholm to buy electro at that time.

    • Verycheri - 69 Cancer Sign -Zakia 1983
      Jonzun Crew - Space Is The Place -Tommy Boy 1983
      Magnificent Three & Fearless Master - Crush -CCL 1983
      Noel Williams & The Extra Funk Factory - Fantasy -Konduko 1984
      Family Factor - Sumemr Break -Tashamba 1985
      Star Studded Strutters - Neckwork -Eron 1983
      MC Flex & The FBI Crew- Rockin It -Posse 1984
      X-Visitors - Hokey Pokey -Dancing Bear 1983
      4-Play - Olympic Rap -Westrock 1984
      The Future - Nuclear Holocaust -Mirage 1984
      VSF - Velocity Speed and Force -DYF 1988
      Kid Frost - Terminator Electrobeat 1985
      Royal Velour & Double O - Rock The House -Fresh Cut 1986 (Dance mix!!)
      Sorcerey-Woo Baby -Triangle 1985
      Mr. P & The Star Skate Crew - Rollerskate Rap -Merrick 1985
      MC Chief & Sexy Lady - Beef Box -4-Sight 1984
      Zig-Zag - Circuit Breaker -Zig-Zag 1984
      The Empyre-Raiders Of The Lost Groove -Jamron 1984
      Perfect Timin' - Chase The Rock -TSOT 1984
      Unknown Force - Females -Macola 1986
      Matrix - Its Time To Rock -Jam City 1988
      Miker G & Mr- Holiday -LA Against NY -Hip Hop 1986
      Mega-Byte-Chasin' The Rock -Street People 1985
      Double Dose - We Got The Beat -Prime Choice 1985
      Audio Tech - Im Your Audio Tech -Express 1986
      Man Parrish Feat. Freeze Force - Boogie Down -Sugarscoop 1984
      Miami Squad & The Devestating MC's - Vice Vice Vice -Real Vice 1985
      Magic Mike Crew - Magic Mike Theme -Rappers Rapp 1983
      Arabian Prince & The Sheiks - Take You Home Girl/Innovator -Rapsur 1985
      The Case - Rough Cut -Torch 1985
      Synergy - Prohject 5 -Time Trax 1983
      Freestyle - Fly Freestyle -MSI 1984
      The Invinceables - Kong In The City Of Doom -Success 1984

      and so much more...
    • My Top 10 All-time songs (in no particular order)

      Here it goes....

      1) Awesome Foursome - Funky Soul Makossa (Free Beats)
      2) Cybotron - Cosmic Cars/Clear/R-9
      3) AB/SSF - Planet Rock (Bonus Beats/Vocal/Instrumental/Addams Family Mix); Looking For The Perfect Beat
      4) Hashim - Al Naayfish (The Soul) Sides A/B
      5) Soft Touch - Crime Of Passion
      6) Willesden Dodgers/Jive Rhythm Trax - 122 BPM
      7) Junie Morrison - Stick It In
      8-) Star Studded Strutters - Neck Work
      9) Comateens - Pictures On A String
      10) Ozone Layer - Planetarium Deterioration
      11) Mirda Rock - Reggie Griffin/Technofunk
      12) Freestyle - The Party's Just Begun/It's Automatic/Don't Stop the Rock/Jam the Box/Fix it in the mix
      13) Pretty Tony - Get Some/Will We Ever Learn
      14) Jaime Jupitor - Computer Power
      15) Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt/Girls/Livin On the Nile 12' Version/You're So Fine
      16) H.C. Smooth - Let's Rock Non-Stop
      17) Newcleus - Jam On It/Computer Age/Jam On Revenge





      Hope this helps..... :cylon:
    • The Russell Brothers"The Party Scene"(Portrait)1983
      High Fidelity Three"B Boys Breakdance"(Cutting)1984
      Hassan & 7-11"Cold Rock Stuff"(Easy Street)1985
      The Caution Crew"Westside Storie"(Galleon)1983
      Super Coper & Clarence Breakers"This Is The Way You Do The Break Dance"(Clarence Music)1984
      Arthur Baker"Breaker's Revenge"(Atlantic)1984
      Jazzy Jay"Def Jam"(Def Jam)1985
      Strafe"Set It Off"(Jus Born)1984
      Captain Rapp"Bad Times(I Can't Stand It)"(Saturn)1983
      D.J. Born Supreme Allah"Two,Three,Break"(Vintertainment)1985
    • No particular order,

      KRAFTWERK ALL!!!!!!!!

      - Bose - Rock the world

      - Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock

      - Newcleus - Computer Age

      - Torch Song - Prepare to energize

      - Der Mer - Fall out

      - 2 Live Crew - That that dick

      - Cyboton - Clear

      - Man Parrish - Hip Hop BeBop

      - Hashim - Nayfish

      - Soulsonic force - Looking for the perfect beat

      - Mc Ade - Bass Rock Express

      Aolot of the west coast elecro was nice also, 100 Speakers, Revelation etc. Theres so much more Ive missed... not all 80.s but whatever


      B.O.S.E. - Rock the World

      Der Mer - Fall Out (Rap)

      Kraftwerk-Numbers/Computer world

      Kraftwerk: Tour de France 1983