Pinned 10 best oldschool electro songs

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    • 10 best oldschool electro songs

      It was long time ago i wrote in this forum,so i dont know what u usually talk about. And im from Sweden(Not USA or England) so i donno if you will respond to my thread. Becuse in Oldschool hiphop forum ,it was hard for me ,to get any replies. The reason i do this,is becuse i want tips from you about good oldschool tunes. Maybe i miss anyone. And i like if you comment on my 10 best.

      Hers is my 10 best,but in no order.

      1. Hashim-The soul
      2. Unknown dj and 3 d-Beatronic
      3. World class wrecking crew-Juice
      4. Herbie hancock-Rock it
      5. Newcleus-Computerage
      6. Warp 9-Nunk
      7. Mantronix and just ice-Put that record back on
      8. Boogie Boys-Breakdancer
      9. West street mob-Breakdance Electric Boogie
      10. Kraftwerk-Numbers
    • hey junge,
      welcome back! 8-)

      not a top 10... but 10 tracks/releases i really like...

      -Kosmic Light Force „Mysterious Waves“ (Nightbeat Records) 1985
      -Der Mer “Fall Out” (Tashamba) 1989
      -Hardrock Soul Movement „Double Def Fresh“ (Elite) 1986
      -The Alliance „It’s Time...“ LP (Freshline Records) 1989
      -Shantelle “Love Attack” (Pandisc Records) 1985
      -Sugar Style „Quadro-Phonic“ (On The Spot Records) 1988
      -The Future “Nuclear Holocaust” (Mirage Records) 1984
      -X-REF “Dream Six-O” (Metrovynil) 1984
      -Bass Patrol “Rock This Planet” LP (Joey Boy Records) 1988
      -Cosmic Jam „We Jammin“ (Boy Records) 1988

      ... :cylon:
    • some fresh 8-)

      1. (1987) H.C. Smooth - Let's Rock - Non Stop (Class Act)
      2. (1985) Uncle Jamm's Army - What's Your Sign (Freak Beat)
      3. (1985) Sugar Style - 909 (The Beat Is Mine) (On The Spot)
      4. (1985) Phantoms Of The Beat - Dance To My Beat (Test Pressing Triangle)
      5. (1985) D.W. And The Party Crew - Freaky Lover (Party Crew)
      6. (1985) Frost - Battle Beat (Triangle)
      7. (1984) Invinceables - Kong In The City Of Doom (Success)
      8. (1984) General Jo - Base Rock (Unreleased Version)
      9. (1984) John Davis & Too Much - Destination Earth (Metrovynil)
      10. (1984) MC Chief Feat. Sexy Lady - Beef Box (4 sight)
    • yo another swedish brother! i'm also swedish
      welcome back!
      my tops

      not in any particular order:¨

      freestyle - don't stop the rock
      omega II - sonic boom
      rock squad - facts of life (instrumental version)
      extra funk factory - fantasy
      dynamix II - bass generator
      hashim - the soul
      newcleus - automan (instrumental)
      davy dmx - the dmx will rock (rap version)
      kid frost - terminator
      world class wrecking crew - juice
      spyder d - smerphies dance (both rap and intrumental are top)
      many more probably but these are the ones that up in my head right now

      :cylon: :)
    • Real tuff t' choose so in no order at all and not goin too far back :D

      Man Parrish - Heatsroke
      Schooly D - PSK
      Byron Davis n the fresh force - My hands are quicker than the eye
      Aleem - Release yourself
      Newcleus - Computer age
      Arthur baker - Breakers revenge
      Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest
      Al Naafiysh - The soul
      Unknown DJ - 808 Beats
      Art of Noise - Close to the edge .ruff mix (beatbox)
    • No order, off the top of my head...

      Jonzun Crew - We Are The Jonzun Crew
      Unknown DJ + Cli-n-tel - 2030
      Man Parrish - Hip Hop BeBop Dont Stop
      Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
      Egyptian Lover - I Cry (Night After Night)
      Hashim - Al Naafish
      Dynamix II - Bass Generator
      Mantronix - Who Is It?
      Freestyle - The Partys Just Begun
      Uncle Jamms Army - Yes Yes Yes
      My beat goes BOOM
    • 10 is impossible.

      Top 15:

      1. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
      2. CD III - Success (Instrumental Dub)
      3. Fantasy Three - Biters In The City (Instrumental)
      4. Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock (Instrumental)
      5. Fearless Four - F4000
      6. Hashim - Al Naafiysh The Soul
      7. Hashim - We´re Rocking The Planet
      8. High Fidelity Three - B Boys Breakdance (Instrumental)
      9. Imperial Brothers - We Come To Dub
      10. Imperial Brothers - We Dub To Scratch
      11. Jazzy Jay - Def Jam
      12. Kid Nice - I Want You To Like It
      13. Planet Patrol - Play at Your Own Risk
      14. Strafe - Set It Off
      15. T La Rock - It's Yours

    • For me, in no particular order:

      Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock
      Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
      Byron Davis - My hands Are Quicker Than The Eye
      DEF/DJ Three D - DEF Momentum
      Family Quest - Outerspace Rap
      Junior Gee/Capital Boys - Check Us Out
      Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock
      DJ Born Supreme Allah - 2 3 Break
      Imperial Bros - We Come to Rock
      Broken Glass - Stye Of The Street
    • not really a top 10 but for sure tracks where i've spent gazillions of times for my listening pleasure :)

      1) Brothers Supreme - We Can't Be Held Back (my alltime favourite!)

      2) Fast Lane - Young Ladies (the so called "soft version" from the blue pressing)

      3) The Invinceables - Kong In The City Of Doom

      4) Freestyle - It's Automatic

      5) World Class Wreckin Crew - He's Bionic

      6) Diamond 2 Crew - The Prophecy

      7) Newcleus - Computer Age

      8-) The Third Degree - Bass It Baby

      9) Pure Pressure - (Rapbot) Don't Panic

      10) L.A. Dream Team - Rock Berry Jam
    • This tracks are good, I think ;)

      Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul), it's one of the best tracks in 80s :)
      Mc A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take
      International Music System - Vanity Rap
      Cybotron - Clear, cool beat with amazing sound, nice :)
      The Beat Club - Security
      Omega II - Sonic Boom
      Planet Patrol - Cheap Thrills, nice, positive track
      Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
      Kraftwerk - The Robots
      Kraftwerk - Die Roboter
      Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express

      and many others forgotten))
    • BEATRONIC. stands above all and is superior to all.
      FRESH MESS DUB. electro in its rawest form. that track will be underground for eternity...and beyond.
      TERMINATOR. what can you say about this? its a masterpeice.
      MANIPULATOR. the cover alone IS electro.

      to name another 6 is far to difficult. these 4 stand alone for their own individual reasons.
      you could add JAYBOCK THE CITY ACE,HASHIM,EGYPTIAN LOVER,VSF,THE GLOVE,NEWCLEUS the list is endless...however those 4 are timeless classics.
    • These are mine based off what I heard/owned at that time. Probably not the most highly regarded "electro" tunes in retrospect but they are the ones I played the hell out of when I was kid.

      In no particular order:

      1. Triple Threat Three - Scratch Motion 12in.
      2. Daniel Sofer - 100 Speakers 12in.
      3. The Wreckin Cru - Surgey 12in. & He's Bionic
      4. Sir Mix-A-Lot - I Just Love My Beat 12in.
      5. Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) 12in.
      6. Man Parrish - Boogie Down (Bronx) 12in.
      7. Newcleus - ALL
      8. Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock 12in.
      10. The Uknown DJ - 808 Beats & Let's Jam 12in.

      I will mention Pretty Tony as an honorable mention for my list!

      As you can probably tell, I have an affinity for west coast tunes. I grew up on the west coast so I admit, I am a little biased.