FreeBass Podcast 6/29 <Listen Into the Future>

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    • FreeBass Podcast 6/29 <Listen Into the Future>

      sorta taking the show in a new direction, frankly have not been in the state of mind to do much mixing, so rather than f up a good tune wif an impatient shotty mix, i'll let the tunes speak for themselves, and they speak in low frequencies :)

      this podcast highlights some forthcoming or just released tracks, as well as, some hard hitting earlier 21st century Electro and my fav Newcleus tune "i'm not a Robot". Enjoy!

      Dark Vektor - Wires <Def Con Project rmx> not to be released
      N(E)M - NE/Mike
      Dynamik Bass Systems - Get With it <extended mix>
      Zwett Light Komando - Born and Raised
      Middle Men - Unseen Beings <Battle Trax unreleased>
      Claro Intelecto - Peace of Mind
      Newcleus - Computer Age 2 <unreleased>
      Octagon Man - Teasing the Tale of Dragon
      Blastromen - Human 2.0 <unreleased>
      Volsoc - Compuphonic Intelligence
      Mandroid - New World Order <FBI unreleased>
      Jimi the Genius - <gootta go find it :)>
      Dynamik Bass System - Mighty Machin Mega Mix
      Newcleus - I'm Not Robot
      Slip 187 - I'm in Miami Bitch <EA download>
      Eon - Absorbed


      thanks for the ears!

      ps. if you are a producer of Electro and would like your tracks played on Global Funk Radio, hit me up on the pm. ;)