Podcast Radar & radio channels

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  • Podcast Radar & radio channels

    In support of Electro radio stations and DJs, the ElectroEmpire.com website features links to two radio channels and an embedded Soundloud.com playlist. ElectroEmpire.com is not responsible for the content in these radio channels and the podcasts/mixes posted at Soundcloud.

    RADIO CHANNEL contact information:
    PODCAST RADAR information:
    The Soundcloud player widget at the bottom of ElectroEmpire.com is embedded from Soundcloud.com. The featured music mixes in it are legally uploaded by various international DJs to, hosted and monitored by Soundcloud.com (USA). If any illegal uploads are featured, please inform us immediately, and we will remove the illegal content from the player.

    For contacing the DJs featured in the Podcast Radar, right-click on the individual entries and see information provided at their Soundcloud profiles.
    Direct URL of the Podcast Radar playlist at Soundcloud.com: soundcloud.com/electro-empire/…ctro-empire-podcast-radar