August 2009 Record Review | Dark Vektor - Wires E.P.

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    • August 2009 Record Review | Dark Vektor - Wires E.P.

      Dark Vektor is truly an inspiring musician, never replicating, just moving forward. If you followed his releases on Djax Up Beats, FBI Recordings, and Votox Records under his other moniker "Sbles3plex", then you know his productions are unmatched.

      Powerful dancefloor beats, thought provoking strings, soul grabbing loops and vocoders that are very unique and profound. Always putting a message in his music, Dark Vektor speaks to all of us through this universal language we call music, whether its in English, Spanish, or Catalonian ( his native language ).

      Also a Techno producer, Ivan Arnau is very influenced by AUX 88 and the Detroit Techno Bass Sound. Evident in all of his productions, Ivan has helped evolve the sound of Techno Bass by continuing to fuse Electro Funk, Techno, and...Read More

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