1991 Zulu Nation Anniversary.

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    • 1991 Zulu Nation Anniversary.

      Biz and KRS1 go off1

      228- 1991 Zulu Nation Anniversary. (Note: Ikey Cee is the host for Bambaataa. The place is packed. After Arthur 4X finishes his routine Bizmark comes on and the crowd goes berserk. All the boroughs including New Jersey represent. Bizmark kills it and out of know where KRS1 comes on and its chaos in the crowd. Cool V is cutting for both Biz and KRS1. Africa Islam, Grand Master Caz, Rock Steady Crew, Brand Nubian and many others are in the house. Grand Puba comes up next and now he is solo from Brand Nubian. He lets the crowd know something happen foul between him and his former group and then he gets on and does his thing. Good show.)60min.

      One of my favs!!! Biz & KRS absolutley KILL it!!!!!!!!

      BIG respect to Troy for puttin in mad work & being that "audio archeologist" that dug this one up!!


      Peace to my man Peace Won