The 1982 New Music Seminar DJ Battle.

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    • The 1982 New Music Seminar DJ Battle.

      Before the tricks on the 1's and 2's

      My man Troy L has hit us in the head with another from his collection. BIG BIG respect mi bredren!

      The 1982 New Music Seminar DJ Battle. That's right....I said 1982 & no that's not a typo. LoL. Charlie Chase, Jazzy Jay & Whiz Kid all get loose on the decks. The Cold Crush 4 (without Easy A.D.) run down a few rhymes at the end too.

      The battle starts with DJ Charlie Chase gettin loose on the decks. He starts his set with "Eye of the Tiger" & ends his set with disco. In between he is cuttin breaks.
      2nd on the wheels is Jazzy Jay with Red Alert as his assistant. Jazzy's 1st needle drop was....well...all I can say is that he is a man after my own heart (check his comments about the needles)... LoL. :wink:

      Here's the link:

      Props to my man Peace Won