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    • March's show is little more than half Electro, followed by some Drum and Bass. Here's the track list

      Dark Vektor-POR LA DISCOTECA V3
      Marco Lazovic-Deception Point
      J Wiltshire - In Your Belly
      Carl Finlow-Boolean
      FLOOD-The Optimist
      Fleck E.S.C - Grandmas Cookies.
      Gary Gritness - Bent Cop Hustle
      Djedjotronic- 1 0 2
      Cygnus - Hallucinate data
      No Moon - Break Points
      Cygnus - Sheffield Bleep
      J Wiltshire-Wave Tablet
      Thee J_Johanz-Extraterrestrial Interventions
      Oliver Way - Dust Storm (Plaid remix)
      No Moon - They are Advancing
      Djedjotronic - Cruising
      Gary Gritness - Ambush on 149th St.
      Sheefy Macfly - Laser Git
      TEXTASY-Acid Eater
      Scratcha DVA x Gage-FLYTNURSE
      Metaside - Reanimation
      Om Unit and Kid Drama - Untitled
      Om Unit - Sleeping Dragon
      Taso x Fracture-Lose You
      CM4 - Hover
      Om Unit - Shack Up
      CM4 - Super Tiger
      CM4 - Hillside
      Om Unit and Kid Drama
      Alaska and Seba - Back From Eternity
      Klute - Make a stand
      dejavu-cacodemon sf
      DJ Chap_-_Let_Me_Love You
      Diesel Boy - Decent
      Unknown Artist - Wu Tan Sword Style

      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • April's show has some great tunes. Check it here

      Gary Gritness - Big Marcus Knows the Score
      E.M.U. - Structures 4
      Carl W. Scheele - Liquid Phlogiston
      Luxus Varta - Quark
      Rawtary - Morning Render
      NAIL - 1987
      Alpha 606 and Sync 24 - Lunar Passport
      Cody Commando - Kontrol
      Anthony Rother - Freaks
      ADT - Departure for Peace
      Alavux- Repetitor
      Binary System - On Your Mind
      Arcane Dialect - Moving Mirrors
      Gravedad Cinética -Electroluminescent (The Bandit Remix)
      Fitzroy_North - Animate
      Robert Cosmic - Sentimiento Underground
      Batch Sound - The Chase is On
      John Cellway - Stars in the Gutter
      DVS NME - Cloud Orbit
      CYBEREIGN - Right Herr
      Buzzkill - When the Smoke Clears
      Mr. Velcro Fastner - A Monster in Two Worlds
      David Pasajero - Out Of Mind
      Mandroid - Anti-Gravity Machines
      AMR - Minerate
      Newcleus - Technology (DJ Xed remix)
      scape one - mental inertia - 02 pentagrid converter
      Egyptian Lover and Q-Bert - Beyond the Galaxy
      Foundation - Bring it Back
      Robodrum - Army of Droids
      Overclock vs Code Rising - Trigraph
      Dub Species vs Ten Sui - The Dose
      Lektroid - Piano
      Kretz - Electronic Warriors
      Kurt Baggaley - Happy Frontiers

      Check out this post explaining the late appearance of tracklists on my show.…ind-hacked-my-dj-set.html

      Thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR!
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Here is the May show for FreeBass heard every 4th Thursday at 6 pm GMT/10 am PDT on

      John Selway - We Are Ready
      The Exaltics - In Time
      Magno Control - Minor Fraction
      214 - Break Before Dark
      Carl Finlow - Marauders
      Black Mass Plastics - Pandemic BMP
      Heuristic Audio - Death of a Star
      Marco Lazovic-Lost in Space
      DJ Di'jital - I Dream of Beats (Will Web's Zero One Interpretation) Unreleased Authorized Mix
      Dusko Janevski - 091
      No Moon - Where do we go From Here?
      Egyptian Lover - Future Tech
      Magnetic Bass Force - Search and Destroy
      Supremeja Letters (2007 Edit)
      Final Dream - The Future is Dark
      XTruder - Foreign Intelligence
      Innershades - Cold Front
      dark vector vs. kosmozo - els arbres no em deixen veure el bosc.mp3
      Transparent Sound - What_Is_Your_Name_Acidulant_Remix
      Nomatic - Delusion
      Bass Junkie - Surrender or be Destroyed
      Empty Orchestra - Nervous Smile (Original Mix)
      Joe Galdo - Keef
      MicroControlUnit - Dimension 1 (Artificial Humans vs Gigabots remix)
      Jackal and Hyde Sound of Underground Remaster
      Jackal and Hyde - Malfunction Ver 2.0
      MicroControlUnit - Save the World (MCU's Apocalypse mix)
      Dagobert vs Master Arp - Deep in Love
      Jonny O - Fantasy Girl
      Stevie B - Spring Love
      Lil Johanna - Take me in Your Arms Again
      Collage -i'll be loving you
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Junes show features a live performance, along with some of his new tunes, by Monti Rock "The Bass Dragon" + lot's new Electro and vinyl classics.

      Casimer Punk - Pull the Plug
      Pip Williams - Cold Pressure remix
      Luke Eargogle - everyone's Wizard
      Narcissist - Maz Baz
      Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
      Giusseppi Muerro - Difettoso
      lectromagitique - No Body
      Circuitry Man - deep Down
      Reptant - Lizard Theme
      R 21 - Time Travel
      Helliopause - Quantum
      Sbassship - Electricity
      Dan Carraway vs. Grow - Relevance
      Nail Revelation
      DerDieDas - Wuzungu
      The Dexorcist - Night Train EP
      Monti Rock - Euro Driving
      Monti Rock - Please Don't Go
      Monti Rock Live
      Debonaire - Bass Generator
      Bass Junki
      Exzakt - Speaker Breaker
      Dynamix II - Sedona
      Autobot 1000 - Electro
      Volsoc - Here Comes Volsoc
      Street Sounds Volume 2 Mega Mix
      Global Surveyor Phase II
      Kaison - Global Surveyor
      Breaks 12"
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • August show features some great Electro + a little more.

      Jesus Loves Acid - In my Image
      Dream Cycle - Told You
      Illafino - Dusty
      U96 + Wolfgang Flür - Zukunftsmusik
      Reptant - The Raid Master
      Transparent Sound - Lying Tongues
      DJ Boneyard - Antipodium
      Malstrum - Spasm
      Client 03 - Suspect Dispenser
      Doll - Overdub
      DVS NME - Monowhere
      Arsonist Recorder - Aqua
      Kid Ginseng - Luxurious feat. Wendy James (DJ 2Fresh Edit)
      drakkar noir - chromies
      Unknown - Do you Know
      Unknown - Dance For Me
      DVS NME - Tsundoku
      Client 03 - Prosperity Stream Divider
      An Kinem - Come Get Some
      Oberman Knox - Ratched_Cummian.mp3
      How to Levitate - Them
      Lee Kelly - Our Place in Time
      Sebastian Mullaert Have You Talk To The Ferryman
      Bochum Welt - Sentimental.mp3
      Oberman Knox - Quimteck_Outaorto
      Oliver York - treasured
      J Shadow - The Awakening
      BFTP - Off Us
      Mahakala-The Realms
      Violet - Fuck a Bully
      Skeleton Army - Catchy Skizums
      K 15 - Space and Time
      Carman Villain - I Trust You
      Swetson Klank - Street Dancing
      Channel Tres - Sexy Black
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Yo, here is Septs FreeBass on GFR podcast. 1st hour is pure Electro and then we branch out into some funky Electronic music, including some Jungle. Lot's of new and forthcoming music on this one.

      Photonz - AVALON
      96 Back - It is Bright Out
      Demphasis - My Empire
      Neil Landstrum - Hell is Other People )feat Si Begg)
      Weak Massive - Triangle
      DVS NME - Under Sea Kingdom
      R21 vs Grow - Broken Machines
      Rob Real - Eraser
      Turbine - die Macht! )Electric Beat Box remix)
      Dexter - Echo Park
      ZetaRaticula - A Common Motion Through Space
      Ohverclock - Above the Lie
      Cygnus - Her Majesty the Universe
      ATIX - Anybody in Town
      Gary Gritness - Fishnets and a Nine
      Batch Sound - The Chase is on
      Edo8 - Future Music
      Datacrashrobot_-_Apparat Expansion
      ADJ - Move Forward
      Elmono - The_Shermi_Paradox
      PSYCHO HOSHI - Ghost In The Shell
      DJ Oil Addis dj SD
      Kane - Gundon Night
      Crypticz - Chrysalis ft._Amy Kisnorbo
      Jay Wilksher - Hundred
      BIG MIZ - Dalm Right
      DeFekt - SEQ2
      Tom Flynn - Avenue A
      Cofax - Multi-purpose
      Sun Milton - Minerals
      FYI Chris - Special Names
      "There are no problems, only solutions".

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    • The Halloween DJ stops by for the October show. By the end of the show he's got blood and guts all over my gear and stabbed me a couple times.

      Sagittariun - A Long Black River
      Anna Wall and Corbi - DAT 1
      Geminid Ori - Gamma Normids
      Replicants - I Like the Way You Crunch
      Helleopause - Doppelspalt
      Nonzero - Dexx-Evol
      Client 03 - Interest Reset
      Egyptian Lover and Newcleus - The World Keeps Turning
      Nail - Revelation
      Zodiac Child - Tears
      James Shinra - At the End of the World
      96 Back - My Time Here
      Lake Haze - Molecule Processing
      Adison Groove - Red Eye
      Volruptus - Horkutol
      Anna Wall and Corbi - Dat 3
      EDND - While Sleeping
      Hooverian Blur - Montanita
      Void Complet - Find it in the Corner
      Cosmo Vitelli - GOTT Creatio Continua
      Nonzero - Inspector Alert
      BSN Posse - No Matter How Far
      Cofax - Mauve Tracksuit
      Mahakala - Tomahawk
      Es.tereo - Ultimas Breath
      Fantastic Man - Out of My World
      Julian Gomes - Control Feat._Jinadu
      Julian Gomes - Original Feat._B._Bravo
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Check out our December show with some great tunes by the worlds best Electro artists.

      Techmarine Bottom Feeders - The Vision (Radio Edit)
      Espion - _MKYf
      Beagle - Fornax

      James Shinra - Gritty

      Dagobert - On the Run (Sbassship Remix)

      Techmarine Bottom Feeders - We Can Not Help You (Exaltics Remix_)

      TV.OUT - Slippery Slope

      La Synthesis - Reprise

      Jesus Loves Acid - Higher Functioning Movements (Radioactive Man Remix)

      Pepe-Palinka Hammer (gayphextwin remix)

      AS1 - Shit Get's Lost

      Dibu-Z - Metamaterial

      London Modular - Glovebox (Assembler Code Remix)

      Robodrum - Lokomotywa

      Code Rising - Night Riders (Will Web Zero One Remix)

      The Bandit _ Spam

      Robodrum and Electro 8-Ball Mafia

      Pl-ANet - The Time Will come

      The Exaltics - Solar One

      Giuseppe Mereu - Intelligence Technology

      T._Jacques- - Less Boys

      Yoshanori Heyashi - Mr. Digital

      Dibu-Z - Back Up

      Subban - Access (Breaks Remix)

      Breaka and Guava Jupiter

      Urban Electro - Synaps QZ401

      Noumen - Spleen Tear

      Briine - Six of One

      Dead Man's Chest - Low Freq Soul

      DGOHN -

      dgoHn - Dolorous Dick ead

      Bluematter - Blankness

      Lewy - Aggar-

      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Some great new Electro on this show.

      Client 03 - Prosperity Stream Divider
      Senate - Carmin
      Orphus - Cyborg
      Techmarine Bottom Feeders - Squid Ink Posse
      Doll - Over Dub
      Alex Jan - CMD CMTR
      214 - Nocturnal Hikes
      Alex Jan - Inward Energy
      Orphus - Demage
      DV S NME - Means of Production
      96 Back - Knock Our (Jenso Intercept Remix)
      DJ Godfather - Work That M Fr
      DJ Godfather - High
      Man Parish - Man Made
      Matt Whitehead and NDA - Temple of the SET
      Techmarine Bottom Feeders - Quagmire of Confusion (Aux 88 Remix)
      Soviet Space Research Institute - Arpa Interceptor
      Kinlor an Franco Franco - Militante del Nient
      LBF - Graviton
      Anny Hall - Birdmar
      Brainraise and Quiet - Ataru Flip
      Mahacala - Blue
      Horse Power Productions - The Dr.
      Luke Vibert - Hot Fingers
      Tom Nobel - Flashlight
      James Burton - Every Bodies Talkn'
      "There are no problems, only solutions".