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    • March's show is little more than half Electro, followed by some Drum and Bass. Here's the track list

      Dark Vektor-POR LA DISCOTECA V3
      Marco Lazovic-Deception Point
      J Wiltshire - In Your Belly
      Carl Finlow-Boolean
      FLOOD-The Optimist
      Fleck E.S.C - Grandmas Cookies.
      Gary Gritness - Bent Cop Hustle
      Djedjotronic- 1 0 2
      Cygnus - Hallucinate data
      No Moon - Break Points
      Cygnus - Sheffield Bleep
      J Wiltshire-Wave Tablet
      Thee J_Johanz-Extraterrestrial Interventions
      Oliver Way - Dust Storm (Plaid remix)
      No Moon - They are Advancing
      Djedjotronic - Cruising
      Gary Gritness - Ambush on 149th St.
      Sheefy Macfly - Laser Git
      TEXTASY-Acid Eater
      Scratcha DVA x Gage-FLYTNURSE
      Metaside - Reanimation
      Om Unit and Kid Drama - Untitled
      Om Unit - Sleeping Dragon
      Taso x Fracture-Lose You
      CM4 - Hover
      Om Unit - Shack Up
      CM4 - Super Tiger
      CM4 - Hillside
      Om Unit and Kid Drama
      Alaska and Seba - Back From Eternity
      Klute - Make a stand
      dejavu-cacodemon sf
      DJ Chap_-_Let_Me_Love You
      Diesel Boy - Decent
      Unknown Artist - Wu Tan Sword Style

      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • April's show has some great tunes. Check it here

      Gary Gritness - Big Marcus Knows the Score
      E.M.U. - Structures 4
      Carl W. Scheele - Liquid Phlogiston
      Luxus Varta - Quark
      Rawtary - Morning Render
      NAIL - 1987
      Alpha 606 and Sync 24 - Lunar Passport
      Cody Commando - Kontrol
      Anthony Rother - Freaks
      ADT - Departure for Peace
      Alavux- Repetitor
      Binary System - On Your Mind
      Arcane Dialect - Moving Mirrors
      Gravedad Cinética -Electroluminescent (The Bandit Remix)
      Fitzroy_North - Animate
      Robert Cosmic - Sentimiento Underground
      Batch Sound - The Chase is On
      John Cellway - Stars in the Gutter
      DVS NME - Cloud Orbit
      CYBEREIGN - Right Herr
      Buzzkill - When the Smoke Clears
      Mr. Velcro Fastner - A Monster in Two Worlds
      David Pasajero - Out Of Mind
      Mandroid - Anti-Gravity Machines
      AMR - Minerate
      Newcleus - Technology (DJ Xed remix)
      scape one - mental inertia - 02 pentagrid converter
      Egyptian Lover and Q-Bert - Beyond the Galaxy
      Foundation - Bring it Back
      Robodrum - Army of Droids
      Overclock vs Code Rising - Trigraph
      Dub Species vs Ten Sui - The Dose
      Lektroid - Piano
      Kretz - Electronic Warriors
      Kurt Baggaley - Happy Frontiers

      Check out this post explaining the late appearance of tracklists on my show.…ind-hacked-my-dj-set.html

      Thanks for tuning in and keep it locked to GFR!
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Here is the May show for FreeBass heard every 4th Thursday at 6 pm GMT/10 am PDT on

      John Selway - We Are Ready
      The Exaltics - In Time
      Magno Control - Minor Fraction
      214 - Break Before Dark
      Carl Finlow - Marauders
      Black Mass Plastics - Pandemic BMP
      Heuristic Audio - Death of a Star
      Marco Lazovic-Lost in Space
      DJ Di'jital - I Dream of Beats (Will Web's Zero One Interpretation) Unreleased Authorized Mix
      Dusko Janevski - 091
      No Moon - Where do we go From Here?
      Egyptian Lover - Future Tech
      Magnetic Bass Force - Search and Destroy
      Supremeja Letters (2007 Edit)
      Final Dream - The Future is Dark
      XTruder - Foreign Intelligence
      Innershades - Cold Front
      dark vector vs. kosmozo - els arbres no em deixen veure el bosc.mp3
      Transparent Sound - What_Is_Your_Name_Acidulant_Remix
      Nomatic - Delusion
      Bass Junkie - Surrender or be Destroyed
      Empty Orchestra - Nervous Smile (Original Mix)
      Joe Galdo - Keef
      MicroControlUnit - Dimension 1 (Artificial Humans vs Gigabots remix)
      Jackal and Hyde Sound of Underground Remaster
      Jackal and Hyde - Malfunction Ver 2.0
      MicroControlUnit - Save the World (MCU's Apocalypse mix)
      Dagobert vs Master Arp - Deep in Love
      Jonny O - Fantasy Girl
      Stevie B - Spring Love
      Lil Johanna - Take me in Your Arms Again
      Collage -i'll be loving you
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • Junes show features a live performance, along with some of his new tunes, by Monti Rock "The Bass Dragon" + lot's new Electro and vinyl classics.

      Casimer Punk - Pull the Plug
      Pip Williams - Cold Pressure remix
      Luke Eargogle - everyone's Wizard
      Narcissist - Maz Baz
      Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
      Giusseppi Muerro - Difettoso
      lectromagitique - No Body
      Circuitry Man - deep Down
      Reptant - Lizard Theme
      R 21 - Time Travel
      Helliopause - Quantum
      Sbassship - Electricity
      Dan Carraway vs. Grow - Relevance
      Nail Revelation
      DerDieDas - Wuzungu
      The Dexorcist - Night Train EP
      Monti Rock - Euro Driving
      Monti Rock - Please Don't Go
      Monti Rock Live
      Debonaire - Bass Generator
      Bass Junki
      Exzakt - Speaker Breaker
      Dynamix II - Sedona
      Autobot 1000 - Electro
      Volsoc - Here Comes Volsoc
      Street Sounds Volume 2 Mega Mix
      Global Surveyor Phase II
      Kaison - Global Surveyor
      Breaks 12"
      "There are no problems, only solutions".
    • August show features some great Electro + a little more.

      Jesus Loves Acid - In my Image
      Dream Cycle - Told You
      Illafino - Dusty
      U96 + Wolfgang Flür - Zukunftsmusik
      Reptant - The Raid Master
      Transparent Sound - Lying Tongues
      DJ Boneyard - Antipodium
      Malstrum - Spasm
      Client 03 - Suspect Dispenser
      Doll - Overdub
      DVS NME - Monowhere
      Arsonist Recorder - Aqua
      Kid Ginseng - Luxurious feat. Wendy James (DJ 2Fresh Edit)
      drakkar noir - chromies
      Unknown - Do you Know
      Unknown - Dance For Me
      DVS NME - Tsundoku
      Client 03 - Prosperity Stream Divider
      An Kinem - Come Get Some
      Oberman Knox - Ratched_Cummian.mp3
      How to Levitate - Them
      Lee Kelly - Our Place in Time
      Sebastian Mullaert Have You Talk To The Ferryman
      Bochum Welt - Sentimental.mp3
      Oberman Knox - Quimteck_Outaorto
      Oliver York - treasured
      J Shadow - The Awakening
      BFTP - Off Us
      Mahakala-The Realms
      Violet - Fuck a Bully
      Skeleton Army - Catchy Skizums
      K 15 - Space and Time
      Carman Villain - I Trust You
      Swetson Klank - Street Dancing
      Channel Tres - Sexy Black
      "There are no problems, only solutions".