80's compilations for sale

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    • 80's compilations for sale

      Got all this comps for sale if any interested, all orig and in exc cond

      b.boy posse boogie down prod.,g-force,….. sutra 1988
      The best of the new rappers ultimate force, crush force,….. rap star 1986
      The best of sun town sun town 1988
      The best of techno hop techno hop 1987
      b. girls live & kicking b.boy 1987
      break connection funky 4 +1,treacherous3,spoonie G.. mercury 1983
      break-master - feat. the new york city breakers ………………………………….. K- tel presents 1984
      christmas rap run-dmc, dana dane, spyder-d,…. Profile 1987
      the complete story of roxanne. The album compleat 1985
      fast money star maker 1986
      Gift rapping - the select best select 1986
      Man & his music boogie down prod. – remix by the .. b.boy 1988
      Nyc crazy fresh jams capt. Rock, aleem, sparky dee…. nia 1985
      N.Y. – philly rap connection word up 1987
      New york vs L.A. beats street sound 1985
      Nwa & the posse macola 1987
      Posse all- stars, rap classics ice-T, grand master melle mel, …. posse 1988
      Power jam’ 85 tommy boy 1985
      Rap graffiti b-side, fab 5 freddy, futura 2000,… charly 1985
      Rhyme syndicate comin’ through WB 1988
      Roxanne shanté - def-mix vol. #1 pop art 1985
      Roxanne shanté vs. sparkee dee - round 1 spin 1985
      smokin' beats smokin’ 1986
      Slammin’ jams tuff city 1988
      Smokin’ raps smokin’ 1988
      Spyder d. presents battle of the raps next plateau 1985
      Street beats - best of sugarhill sugarhill 1984
      - vol. 2 1984
      street sounds U.K. electro various artists street sound 1984
      The posse - chapter 2 macola 1988
      Tommy boy greatest hits tommy boy 1985
      Uptown is kickin’ it mca 1986