Captain Rock interview

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    • Captain Rock interview

      With ex member of EE Mr Rob Evans :

      Captain Rock Interview 02 Sept 2009.

      Rob : Hey Ronnie…Good to hear from you how’s new York?
      Ron: Hey Rob, things are good, I got my new place in the Bronx and things are looking up!

      Rob: So tell me Ron, How did you get started in the Rap Game?
      Ron: Well I grew up with jeckyl & Hyde and also went to school with them, so that’s how I became their do when they first stared their game.

      Rob: How old were you around that time?
      Ron: Well I guess I was about 14 years old when I became their dj, they had another dj at the time a guy called Louie Lou. But they came over to me and I stayed with them for a while.

      Rob: So how did the Captain Rock Concept come along?
      Ron: Well Jeckyl & Hyde worked with the Aleems on a few projects and suggested that I should try for the part of this concept. The Aleems wanted to be one of the first groups to Manufacture an artist (much like todays pop artists)…They wanted a space theme to go along with the futuristic beats that were being made. I auditioned and got the part.

      Rob: So Your First track was Cosmic Glide…How did it do?
      Ron: Cosmic Glide was done when I was about 16 yrs old, it sold a few copies but never made that much noise, the Aleems never really promoted it too well, although in Philly it took off and was quite a hit.

      Rob: Your 2nd track was The Return of Capt Rock, the UK had now heard your tunes via Streetsounds, and was a far syth lead track, how did that do?
      Ron: Yeah, That track was a big hit on the East Coast, we sold far more records, the public seemed to like this style of Rap, again Philly picked up on this and the track got loads of air play, we got a few gigs off this track.

      Rob: By this time you had your Cosmic Crew, who are the Members of the Cosmic Crew?
      Ron: Myself, Darryl D and the Human Beatbox..They been with me all the way!

      Rob: Your 3rd track was Capt Rock To the Future Shock…..!
      Ron: We sorta carried off from the return of Capt Rock, again it sold many units and again brought my name to the hip hop listners not only in America but also Europe too.

      Rob: By this time Streetsound were dropping all your latest tracks on their albums, selling over 95.000 copies in the UK alone… was only a matter of time before we saw you perform in the UK…..What was that like?
      Ron: Well Russell Simmonds got us lots of gigs in the USA so we were well versed in performing, but had never performed abroad. Ive worked with artists like RUN DMC, Whodini, etc etc all the big players at the time, but to perform at UK FRESH 86 was an experience. I remember being told that I was playing the evening gig, so that day at breakfast I remember some guys running into the restraunt shouting “Hey Ronnie, Ronnie, you gotta play the afternoon gig”…..hey I love to perform on stage so was so happy to play two gigs!

      Rob: You had Russel Simmonds (def Jam fame) working for you?
      Ron: Russel spent some time managing us, but it was a tug of war between the Aleems and him, I was contracted under the Aleems for music, but free for the gigs, and Russell was great in booking loads for us.

      Rob: So have you performed anywhere else around the world?
      Ron: Nope just All Over America, Canada and UK

      Rob: So apart from the tracks that we know about in the UK, did you ever record anyother tracks or work with anyone else on a few tunes?
      Ron: The Aleems kinda lost interest in the Capt Rock Concept after “Bongo Beats”. Cash had dried up for them and they were looking to fold things up, I did a track called “The Adventures of Capt Rock/Work It” But the Aleems had simply ran outta cash and shelved this track…it was a cool track aswell.
      (Note I have spoken to Tundra-ra Aleem, they still have the track licensed via West Kenya Music)…but wont release it!!!!!)

      Rob: So when the aleems stopped Capt Rock, what did you do?
      Ron: Well I went back to college and got my degree, I stayed out of the rap game after that….I never really looked back.

      Rob: So what do you do now?
      Ron: Well I work for NY parks and Recreation, Im a director of recreation. I also referee college and high school basketball.

      Rob: So how do you feel about today Rappers and the state of Hip Hop today?
      Ron: Today Rap has changed so much, all you hear about is cussing, and basically rappers do send out a bad message to kids….Its not like it used to be.

      Rob:How do you feel about all the old school artists like (Egyptian Lover, McChill etc making a comeback?
      Ron: Well these guys pioneered electro funk and provided todays rappers with the tools they needed to get where they are today.

      Rob: Do you have any regrets about working as Capt Rock?
      Ron: Only that I never knew much about the industry, what I know now, I wished I knew then, the Aleems took a lot of money from me, I kinda got ripped off!

      Rob: So what next for Capt Rock, I hear a few tunes are on the cards!!
      Ron: Yeah…Me and Darryl D and Richie Rich (humanbeatbox) are in the studio working on a few tracks…….

      Rob: Cool, and do these tracks carry the Capt Rock sound of intergalactic funk?
      Ron: Yeah, back to the old days, captain rock…still rocks!!

      Rob: Cool, I know Morgan Khan is looking to hear a few tracks, so I guess we’ll be seeing you again on the new StreetSounds Compilations in the near future?
      Ron: Rob…my friend, when the tracks are finished, you’ll be the first to hear them..Promise!!!
      Live from TTO studios
    • Capt Rock is still working on some tracks with his original cosmic crew. Cosmic blast was indeed written by the man himself. I think it was Willy Will that wrote "You Stink & Bongo Beats"...And a collaboration bvetween The Aleems & Jeckyl & Hyde on the tracls "Cosmic Glide, Ret of Capt Rock and Future Shock.!