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      The year 1982 says everything. Martial law in Poland, Planet Rock in NY arises. The same year and month when this electrofunk anthem was composed, in the polish city - Szczecin - in the army hospital Przemek Kuduk aka Electromonter aka Robodrum is born. First music fascination is "Bad" from Michael Jackson's album which he replays endlessly. In the early 90"s, young kid seeks musical pleasure with Technotronic, Cmc Music Factory, Snap, 2 Unlimited, Army Of Lovers, Eurythmics, Vanilla Ice, Kriss Kross hits. Half of the 90's is also a change of musical intrests when he pays attention to polish rap scene and the hip hop culture. It exerted huge influence on him. First baggy jeans, electric boogie and rhymestering.
      After first solo rap acts in 98-99 he becomes member of hip-hop band Style Domain. After few concerts and changes he comes to a conclusion that there is something else that interests him in music most. Although his adventure with rap last till 2003, at the turn of century Przemek discoveres electro-funk - starting from making up for lost time with films such as Wild Style, Beat Street, Breakin, Electro Shock and ending on the official and indyvidual anointing by grandmaster Afrika Bambaataa. Even though Przemek started to construct his first electro bits since 2001, not until the meeting with Bambaata when he found favour with him and making of music became an ideal that is worth of sin. Next steps of his career were to buy 2 decks plus mixer and trying out himself in dj'ing. Electromonter aka Robodrum is trying to mix breakbeat with electro bass which he can expand in Szczecin's clubs (Alter Ego, Mezzoforte, Crossed). His producer achievements is over a dozen tracks. For Robodrum the most important is quality not quantity, which is reflected in little amount of his publications. The effect of his producer work is The Message album, publicated in polish label Elektropunkz Recordz. Interests? 808 bass, robots, past, present, armageddon!


    • November 2009 Record Review | Robodrum - Message:


      The Eastern European label Elektropunkz is back with their 23rd installment called "Message", by Poland's Robodrum. 8 killer tracks released on digital format full of hard boomin' beats, deep, warm pads and strings, and mind bending sounds that will tantalize your every neuron.

      Robodrum got inspired to get into this music by early '80s songs like Michael Jackson's "Bad", as well as early Hip Hop pioneers like Afrika Bambataa ( whom the artist had the pleasure to meet and get a blessing from ). In the '90s, it was Technotronic, C+C Music Factory, and Kriss Kross. Today, he brings us probably some of...Read More