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    • -------{{STATIC-LOCK}}-------

      I call this mix...{{STATIC-LOCK}}...because it was originally recorded from a tape deck on a boombox I have at home... The boombox has one of those wire antennas, and sometimes picks up a lot of static if it's not placed right...Obviously it wasn't, because it picked up a lot of static. The lock part is because the pitch on the turntables they had in the studio at the time were all shot-up, so it was hard at first to get the hang of it and lock the beat...hence the name {{STATIC-LOCK}}. I then transferred the tape recording onto a cd, using my Mbox2 Mini. The set was 2 hours, and the show is called The Electric Kingdom, premiers every Thursday, 7-9pm, from the WVUM radio station at UM (University of Miami). It was done using 100% vinyl, and an Allen & Heath mixer.

      I had been hesitant to post this mix, because of the bad recording factors...Some of it has A LOT of static, but I decided to share anyways.

      Enjoy, and pass it on !!

      Good things take time, and bad things waste it.