Cryotron (Rob Real + Anthony Nuzzo) "Obey My Master 2.0" release (THE FULL DETAILS)

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    • Cryotron (Rob Real + Anthony Nuzzo) "Obey My Master 2.0" release (THE FULL DETAILS)

      Back in 2003-04, Nu Illusion Music (Rob Real's own record label)
      released on vinyl "Destroy Zion/Tranzformer Wars". The songs
      qucikly gained popularity, but then disappeared into obscurity when
      the vinyl ran out and was not repressed.


      In 2006 Bass Frequency Productions released the vinyls "Electro
      Endeavors vol. 1 & 2", two stunning compilations with some great
      electro talent (including Exzakt, Rob Real, Cryotron, Boris Divider,
      Supreme Ja, Kounterakt, and more). Cryotron's "Obey My Master"
      appeared on the first volume, and "Obliteration" appeared on the
      latter. These songs also quickly gained popularity.

      [IMG:] [IMG:]

      2009. After taking a long break from Cryotron to focus on their
      solo careers, Rob Real and Anthony Nuzzo are back at work,
      beginning with the revamp and re-release of the old classics.

      "Obey My Master 2.0" is a collection of new and improved versions
      of Obey My Master and Obliteration, as well as the four original cuts
      from the Destroy Zion record from Nu Illusion Music in 2003-04.

      Track listing:

      1. Obey My Master - Rob Real 2.0 Upgrade
      2. Obliteration - Rob Real 2.0 Upgrade
      3. Destroy Zion (2003 Original)
      4. Tranzformer Wars (2003 Original)
      5. Destroy Zion (Rob Real 2003 remix)
      6. Tranzformer Wars (Anthony Nuzzo 2003 remix)

      You can buy this release now at
      and all the other download sites.