Kamikaze - Bludgeon Sessions // Hard Electro Bass Podcast

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    • Kamikaze - Bludgeon Sessions // Hard Electro Bass Podcast

      Finally got settled in my new place. Moving cross country is a bitch. I'm gonna be doing a weekly (if not more often) podcast of old and new electro bass tunes. Any comments, suggestions, or requests are welcome.
      :cylon: Enjoy! :cylon:

      Kamikaze - Bludgeon Sessions Ver. 1

      A.B.H. - My Style Shall Stand
      G.I.T.M. - Back To The City
      DJ Darkness - Don't Switch
      BFX - Electronik Milk
      Kounterakt - Electronic
      Jackal - This Is The Sound of Underground
      DJ Voodoo & D.O.C. Nasty - Nasty Voodoo Spell
      Hydraulix - Citi Roc
      G.I.T.M. vs A.T.F. - Cut 2 The Club 5000
      J-Double - Internal Overload
      Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak (Funkstar Deluxe Remix)
      Funklab - I Am Electro (Malicious Mike Remix)
      Rob Real - I Am Machine
      Scratch D vs H-Bomb - Freakin
      Exzakt & Uprock - Dope Fiend
      Super Geniu$ - Gangsta Mentality
      Phonotronix - ULF
      In appreciation of 'Zombieland'...a suprise