Monday Mental Meltdown

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    • This weeks Monday Mental Meltdown features tracks from the new release on Electro Avenue Records "Time" I will post the link to the site in the comments. Enjoy!

      Electro Ave Feat Kool Rock Ski - 1982
      Lion FX-Droid Slum 1984 (Extended Mix)
      Artificial - Arm - 1983
      Robert-Cosmic - 2000 Time To The Electro Be
      HEROBOTIC - Out of time 0000
      The Dj Producer - Unfathomable Depths - 1989
      Mr Velcro Fastener - 1992
      Dagobert - The first Parsec-3035
      The-System - System Overload DMX-KREW 2014
      Hadamard - Sexual peak - 2012
      Daniel Savio - Angel dust-1978
      Dibu-Z - 1986
      Dexorcist - 1988
      Downrocks - The New World-1893
      REENO - Night In 1975
      Thomas-Kress - Artificial Fame-1977
      Diplomat - New Wave 1981
      Electrodefender - Let´s Break
      Electrodefender - Astro Flight
      Scape one - Fermata
      Audio Sonic Crew - Nuclear Fallout (2011)
      Electrodefender - VX 90 Groove
      Decal - Electric City
      DJ Salva 808 & Mighty Rockers - Space Jam (Electro Funk)
      The Ghost That Walks - Resident Evil
      Audio Sonic Crew Feat. MC G-Nice - City Of Crime (NYC) 2001

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    • Debonaire Records

      Cee0nic - Jam Packed
      Maggotron - She's A Base 16
      Cee0nic - The Sound In Your Ear
      Freak Force Crew - We Got That Bass
      Debonaire - Maximum Intergalactic Bass
      Debonaire - My Town
      Debonaire - Don't Wanna Get Down (Redemption Beats)
      Debonaire - The DJ Killer
      Omega II - Sonic Boom
      Cee0nic - Unstoppable
      Debonaire - Master of the Quadrant
      Tricky D - Letters
      Freestyle - Invasion Beatz I
      Tricky D - Take It To The Max
      Cee0nic - I'm Bionic
      Supreme Ja & Debonaire - Battle Droid (Bonus Beatz)
      Dynamix II - Ignition (747 Mix)
      Debonaire - Micro Drumulator
      Cee0nic - Dynamic
      Kool Slic - Girls Get Ill
      Freak Force Crew - The Art Of Sampling
      Debonaire - OCD
      Freak Force Crew - Bass Is What You Want
      Debonaire - Down By Law

      Maggotron - Da Flo

    • Straight Outta Compton Intro
      N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton
      N.W.A - 100 Miles And Runnin'
      Group Therapy - East Coast West Coast Killas (Album Version)
      N.W.A - One Less Bitch
      Dr. Dre feat. Mack 10 & Ras Kass - Ghetto Fabulous
      N.W.A - Dope Man
      Dr Dre - A Nigga Witta Gun
      Straight Outta Compton Hotel Scene
      N.W.A - Just Don't Bite It
      N.W.A - She Swallowed It
      The D.O.C. - Comm. 2
      Straight Outta Compton It's Time Scene
      N.W.A - Compton's N The House (100% Diss)
      Eazy-E - 8 Ball (Remix)
      Ice Cube - Chrome & Paint
      Blackstreet Feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen - No Diggity [Explicit]
      The D.O.C. - Comm. Blues
      Jimmy Z feat. Dr. Dre - Funky Flute
      Tairrie B. feat Eazy-E - Anything You Want
      Eazy-E - The Boyz-N-The Hood
      Ice Cube - No Vaseline
      N.W.A - Prelude
      N.W.A - Niggaz 4 Life
      Ice Cube - Jackin' For Beats
      N.W.A - Sa Prize (Part 2)
      N.W.A - Fuck The Police
      N.W.A - Real Niggaz
      N.W.A - A Bitch Iz A Bitch
      N.W.A - I Ain't tha 1
      Michel'le - No More Lies
      Dr Dre - Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
      Eazy-E - It's On
      N.W.A - Gangsta Gangsta
      Eminem feat. Dr. Dre - Guilty Conscience
      Ice Cube - Dead Homiez
      N.W.A - The Dayz Of Wayback
      EazyE - Wut Would You Do
      Ice Cube - Who's The Mack
      MC Ren feat. Ice Cube - Comin' After You
      Ice Cube feat MC Ren - Hello
      Dr Dre & 2Pac - California Love
      Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz
      Mack 10 - West Side Slaughterhouse
      The D.O.C. - The Formula (Funky FM Mix)
      Dr Dre Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey - I Need A Doctor
      The D.O.C. - Grand Finalé

    • A selection of tracks from French label New Flesh

      Spectrums Data Forces - Redemption
      Dynarec - Moving Corridors
      Umwelt - Shacking The World
      Morphogenetic - Renegade Electro Corporation (Remix)
      Umwelt - Future Darkness
      DeFeKT - Destroy Your Planet
      Umwelt - Destination To Nf
      Absolute Fiction - Back To The Field
      Absolute Fiction - Genius Der Energy
      Umwelt - Control Your Machine
      Umwelt - The Left Hand Of Darkness
      Umwelt - Spiruline
      Umwelt - Connection To Nf
      Spectrums Data Forces - Urano Level 4
      Jauzas the Shining - Love Indecent
      Franck Kartell - Electro Music
      Umwelt - Future Darkness (2014 Vision)
      Univac - Soyuz
      Univac - OSC Music
      Umwelt - Human Hunters
      Univac - Direction Leipzig
      Umwelt - Mission Of Gravity

    • A selection of tracks by Dagobert and a promo mix of his new release on Dominance Electricity "Startopology"


      Der Mars
      Theme of Sure Shock
      Bionic Two
      Inharmonic Whispers
      White Planet (Activity Mix)
      Fly 2 Night
      Arrival of the Dust Devilz
      The Dogs Say
      Megatron 3000
      I Am Robot
      The Question (S.E.T.I.)
      Cydonia Region Jam
      On The Run
      Jump and Race 08
      Intro to Sonic Sound of Bass
      Sonic Sound of Bass
      LlOyD dA zOiD - Dagobert vs MasterArp (Startopology Promo Mix)

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    • Elektrobass, Nu Electro, Electro, Miami Bass

      AS1 - Superior Robots (Intro)
      Audiogenetics - Cymatix
      Weltwirtschaft - Amundsen Journey
      Blastromen - Transition Time
      Uni-Mate - Rumbo Al Abismo Exterior
      AS1 - Night Child
      AS1 - Robot Sex Freak
      M31570 - Let's Fuck
      Skyborg - Drumbeats
      Justin Scott - Streetbeat
      Knightz of Bass - KB 4
      Dark Vektor - Sat 1
      Darkside - Logical System
      Solar Chrome - This is Electro
      DJ Hash - Unknown Shape
      Gosub - Folding Time
      Egobomber - Fall of Planet Esoteria (Part 1)
      Artificial Arm - Go Back In Time
      DJ R21 - Data Stream
      Middle Men - Space Quest
      Blastromen - Computer Simulator
      Debonair & Darxid - Intercontinental Bass Express (Westbound)
      Magnetic Bass Force - A Powerful Source
      Sace 2 feat Quilate - El DJ Ya Esta Aqui
      Magnetic Bass Force - The Mighty Computer Power