Review: DMX KREW @ Rm237, Leeds.

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    • Review: DMX KREW @ Rm237, Leeds.

      One of the best nights out in Leeds has got to be Room 237. With Daz Quayle from scsi av and the Computer Controlled guys from Manchester as residents and a constantly interesting line up of guests from all quarters of the electronic music spectrum, this night really delivers.
      Last Friday (10th feb) was a particularly good one tho!

      DMX KREW in the house! delivering an MPC / 303 / CASIOTONE(!) live set. Most of Y'all know I'm a fan of Ed's and that's because the guy is one of the best producers and entertainers in the Electro / electronic music brit pack! Once again, Ed didn't fail to impress.

      I caught Ed in bogs jus before his set with his trusty 303 in it's case hangin like a handbag while he drained the lizard, which I wish I'd taken a pick of! (the situation, not his lizard!!!)....then, relieved, he entered the rather pokey little DJ booth in rm237's new home, The Wire, and he powered up and pressed GO!


      Effortlessly flowing from classic Breakin and rephlex releases, live version excursions, on the MPC droppin electro beats and monster bass, Ed rocked the crowd big time. Raising woops and cheers and infusing the dancefloor with energy. Like a true pro, the MPC wasn't enough tho and Ed, as ever, wanted to comes the 303!
      Adding pure acid flavour and merging electro beats and old school rave stylings, Ed took it to another level ans kept the vibe on the dancefloor high. With an ease and familiarity of his trade, The one man DMX KREW caused maximum damage with this rave / electro mash up. Bodies bobbin and bouncin all over the available space in The Wire to some of the most infectious electronic creations to come out of the UK, Ed was gona take it further...

      Out came the CASIOTONE!!!!

      This brought a large smile to my face as Ed picked out a pure tone riff on this dinky little 'synth'. Coupled with his vocals on the mic ( I still wana hear ya do "Eagle has landed" live, ED!!!) , tinkerings on classic kit and the power delivered by the MPC, Ed once again proved to me and everyone @ rm237 that he's by no means old hat.
      Towards the end of the set, which seemed never slower than 130 bpm, Ed took us into a more dubsteppy / rave mash up that just raised the roof. Sending the younger / student contingent mental.

      Another fine night had via the rm237 peeps and a nice new regular venue in The Wire. I hope to see more electro orientated acts down there in the cellar as well as the great support that the rather fine DJ abilities of Daz Quayle throws down (He's a bloody slick mixer is the lad!).

      Next up @ rm 237:
      MARCH 14 - WIRE, LEEDS