New Track "Creatio Ex Materia"

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    • New Track "Creatio Ex Materia"

      Hi all,

      I know its been ages since I frequented this haven of bleep + boom, but I have my reasons [they are three fold].

      ...I've just finished a new track

      Creatio Ex Materia

      The version I've uploaded on myspace is like a radio edit size, the full on live version lasts a bit longer but you'll have to wait until I start giggin for that one..

      I've got a few more on the boil at the moment, so please check back over the next few weeks.

      Hope you like it, if you have the time to comment me please feel free, as always I appreciate your time in both reading this message and listening to my tune.

      Peace and Destruction, a life in perfect balance...

      Martin [Evolvah]

      PS - If you wanna know what the title means you'll have to google it, as it takes some explaining ;o)
      :cylon: Electro/Breakbeat/80's Hip Hop Freak! :cylon: