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      Bass 'n' Buzz

      tuesday 11th may 2010

      Orbital special

      the show was due to be 4 hours long but ran over a little
      heres the full tracklist

      1. chime
      2. nothing left (tsunami one remix)
      3. way out
      4. spare parts express
      5. one perfect sunrise (stereo 8 remix)
      6. forever
      7. satan
      8. expo 2000 (orbital remix) - kraftwerk
      9. bath time
      10. omen (the chariot)
      11. the girl with the sun in her head
      12. which way now? - long range (phil hartnolls band after orbital split)
      13. beached (long version) - orbital with angelo badlamenti
      14. impact (usa version)
      15. acid pants
      16. belfast
      17. halycon
      18. lush 3.1
      19. the box
      20. lc1
      21. nothing else matters - paul hartnoll
      22. beelzebeat
      23. please forgive me - david gray feat orbital
      24. you lot
      25. doctor ?
      26. science friction
      27. patchwork guilt - paul hartnoll
      28. kinetic (orbital remix) - golden girls
      29. sunday
      30. remind
      31. shadows
      32. monorail
      33. walk now
      34. chime (beltrams program 2 remix)
      35. illuminate (orbital 12" remix) feat david gray
      36. the naked and the dead
      37. are we here? (oral mix by rabbit in the moon)
      38. speedfreak (mobys mutation)
      39. the saint

      Bass 'n' Buzz

      tuesday 18th may 2010

      looking for the perfect beat - afrika bambaataa
      play that beat mr dj - globe and whizz kid
      flow with the new style - t-la rock
      we control the dice - mantronix
      its automatic - freestyle
      the prophecy 1 - mc chill
      home boys (dub) - man parrish
      chateau vie (castle life) - hashim
      techno scratch - knights of the turntables
      clear - cybotron
      entron - silicon scally
      sample and hold - kansas city prophets
      sedona - dynamix II
      nu electro vol 1 - diplomats mastermix
      nu electro vol 2 - dj mirages mastermix
      on condition (the condition) - tipper
      windowlicker - aphex twin
      immunize - pendulum feat liam howlett
      narayan - the prodigy
      aggro - paul hartnoll

      this weeks show featured a guest mix from PROTO 70 from madrid, spain. it was a collection of trax that have influenced them over their lives,

      Bass 'n' Buzz

      tuesday 1st june 2010

      played a cpl trax but pc crashed so these are trax on podcast

      playgirl - ladytron

      guest mix by Proto 70

      Intro/Tokyo - Lost In Translation OST
      Cellophane - Music Colours (part 3)
      Human Puppets - Misery on Sunday
      Adult - Shake Your Head
      A Number of Names - Shari Vari (original mix)
      Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind
      Charlie - Spacer Woman
      Porn Darsteller - Embarquement Immediat
      Front 242 - U Men (LP Mix)
      D.A.F - Der Räuber und Der Prinz
      Yello - Boctich
      Grauzone - Eisbär
      Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Niños del Parque
      Days of Sorrow - Travel
      Null and Void - All the Old Humans
      Kuruki - Such a Liar
      Yazoo - Don't Go
      Depeche Mode - Photographic
      Psyche - Unveiling the Secret (interfunk mix)
      Visage - Motivation
      M. Mayer - Love Stronger than Pride
    • well after 2 weeks away with pc problems bass 'n' buzz returned with new trax from the chemical brothers new album ''further''…zz.tue.22nd.june.2010.mp3

      Bass 'n' Buzz

      tuesday 22nd june 2010

      escape velocity - the chemical brothers
      rebel - secret desire
      nimbus - 808 state
      wonders of the deep - the chemical brothers
      on - aphex twin
      way out - ellen alien
      human race - bolz bolz
      wake up (bolz bolz electro remix) - kit builders
      horse power - the chemical brothers
      sometimes - les rythmn digitales
      intimate - crystal castles
      another breakfast with you - ladytron
      the girl and the robot - royksopp
      swoon - the chemical brothers
      head - death in vegas
      kool roc bass - lo fidelity allstars
      dissolve - the chemical brothers
      smack my bitch up - the prodigy
      sabotage (deekline and wizard remix) - ils
      in yo face - j break and urban j
      Bass 'n' Buzz
      tuesday 29th june 2010

      music - syncbeat
      raiders of the lost groove - the empyre
      its just an 808 - bad boy orchestra
      my hands are quicker than the eye - byron davis
      transformer - craig g
      def fresh crew - roxanne and biz markie
      the bridge - mc shan
      brooklyns in the house - cutmaster dc
      so damn tough - prime time
      imperial scratch - boys next door
      its blue - ultimate II and speedy j
      at a jam - tray bag mc
      i desire - salt n pepa
      goin way back - just ice
      knights of the turntables - dynamic duo feat shaquan
      stick up kid - the b-boys
      here comes that beat - pumpkin and the profile allstars
      a few minutes more - fresh 3 mc's
      rhyming rampage - mc player
      the godfather - spoonie g
      concrete schoolyard - jurassic 5
      i wanna get high - cypress hill
      the porno king - funkdoobiest
      uh c'mon yeah - funkdoobiest
      liquid swords - genius/gza
    • bass 'n' buzz 6th july 2010
      Bass 'n' Buzz
      tuesday 6th july 2010

      stonelove - diana ross and the supremes
      love is like a (heatwave) - martha reeves and the vandellas
      sliced tomatos - just brothers
      20-75 - willie mitchell
      8th wonder - the sugarhill gang
      the mexican - alan shacklock
      lazer sheep dip funk - lo fi allstars
      2 turntables and a crate of skint - bassbin twins
      n-funk - napt
      f.u.n.k. - general midi
      fallen funk - a dominant species
      your the type - the magnetmen
      boing (specimin a remix) - journeyman and barcode
      mass distraction - breakfastaz
      hyper fighting - the brainkiller
      east - bombdogs
      the harder they come - suspect device
      seek and destroy (monk v's the track mack remix) - jackal and hyde
      search and destroy - christopher kah
      electro boy - kiko and gino
      eraser - rob real

      Bass 'n' Buzz

      13th july 2010

      west coast poplock - ronnie hudson and the street people
      dog talk - k9 korp
      pump me up - grandmaster melle mell
      funk you up - the sequence
      nunk (new wave funk) - warp 9
      funky soul makossa - niarobie feat the awesome foursome
      get loose - aleem

      guest mix from Belfast's Knee Deep resident DJ. Andy Leatham

      1 - Peace Maker by Rosko
      2 - Pygar's Persecutio/The Black Queen's Beads by Bob Crewe
      3 - Naked Ape Theme from the Naked Ape OST
      4 - Love Like A Man by Helmuth Brandenburg
      5 - Superstition by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77
      6 - Oh That's Nice by Pete Rodriguez
      7 - Sweet Songs by Jujus
      8 - 2001 taken from an Ultimate Breaks & Beats Comp with no specific credit to whoever Funked it up
      9 - Big Brown Drums by The Drum Set
      10 - No.1 No.1 by Guajira Van
      11 - Meri Aakhon Mein by Sapan Jagmohan
      12 - Sister James by Nino Tempo And The 5th Avenue Sax Band
      13 - Nitty Gritty by Skeewiff
      14 - Sound Of Silence by Carmen McCrae
      15 - I Can Feel Your Love by Felice Taylor
      16 - Turning My Heartbeat Up by the MVPs
      17 - I Don't Need No Doctor by Ray Charles
      18 - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys by The Equals
      19 - Soul Power '74 by Maceo Parker
      20 - Light My Fire by Shirley Bassey

      Bass 'n' Buzz
      tuesday 20th july 2010

      kung - g104
      let ya body funk - bowser
      a crate of b.d.p. - bassbin twins
      drop tha boom/dont stop - the freestylers
      the rockdown - wildstyle bob nimble
      dirt (slayer mix) - death in vegas
      five minutes of funk (icey's 12" magic) - whodini v's dj icey
      do tha turtle - cut n paste
      re-electro#1 - wildstyle bob nimble
      we rock hard - the freestylers and the soul sonic force
      frantic situation - afrika bambaataa and the soul sonic force
      dedication - the fearless 4
      the dmx will rock (master mix) - davy dmx
      feel my bass - dj matrix
      planetary deterioration - ozone layer
      on ice - si begg
      bahamut - dobrag
      808 (elektonik religion remix) - dark mode
      maple street - computron
      questions (dj xed remix) - n ter

      Bass 'n' Buzz
      27th july 2010

      death by dub - the hypnotist
      dream sequence - codine
      zeroxed - zero zero
      annhilate (mental nrg mix) - dj freshtrax
      break and enter - the prodigy
      new style - freewheelin franklin
      nightmares in a dj'd brain - nham zone
      something for your soul (reazonic remix) - marshall burnz
      moist (koma and bones remix) - meat katie and dylan rhymes
      button monkey (dbj's spank the monkey remix) - koma and bones
      probe - dj baby anne
      mad scientist - aux 88
      the light 3000 - schneider tm
      nu years day - rob real
      positive - marino 69
      unique morning - unique and prototype
      program 2 - d'arcangelo
      an orwellian dream - morphogenetic
      nine - RAC
      enter the dragon - elektrosmog

      Bass 'n' Buzz
      3rd august 2010

      computer wars - began began
      bass invader - hexstatic
      techno city - cybotron
      808 beats - the unknown dj
      your so fine (greatest hits edit)- egyptian lover
      these are my beats - rodney o
      b.s. - the world class wreckin cru
      scratchin 100 speakers - daniel sofer feat dr. dre
      planet boogie - cut and paste
      cut it nice - cut and paste
      dig your own hole - the chemical brothers
      quoth - aphex twin
      b line from hell - g double e
      never been to belgium - manix
      music reach 1,2,3,4, - the prodigy
      under the influence - stu j
      psycho - mc2000
      red pill - scratch d v's h bomb
      solar flares - merlin
      severe trauma - dexorcist
      b boy on da rocks - uncouth youth

      Bass 'n' Buzz 10th aug 2010

      pleasure boys (bootleg remix) - visage
      feel the bass - dynamix II
      blue capsule - bitstream
      cuckoo - afx
      down in the park - gary numan
      you - darxid
      never fall again - transparent sounds
      new h - elektrosmog
      hd46375 - lunar
      bioerasure - will web
      alien radio - keith tucker
      future - model 500
      c'mon baby - electric soul
      ion - selway
      phonic maze - octagon man
      machine v's man - resident alien
      hermaphrodite invader - phil keiran
      ultrasonic warhead - diplomat and skunkenstein
      basscelona (diplomat remix) - dark vector
      syntopia - tec roc
      Bass 'n' Buzz 17/8/2010

      tonights show featured the first play of Rob Reals new dubstep fuzion ep

      the sound(acid remix) - reese and santonio
      voodoo ray - a guy called gerald
      l.f.o. - l.f.o.
      cubes - modular expansion unit
      the tape - frank de wulf presents the b-sides
      papua new guinea (qube remix) - future sound of london
      sub bass experience - beltram
      the seven stars - quazar
      unknown - source
      monospace - adsx presents dsl
      wave angel (mr raucous mix) - eon
      downward glance - bandulu
      hostile applets pt 1 - the operator
      netzwerk florida - netzwerk florida
      open your mind - the freakazoids
      janitorial bandsaw - oliver dodd
      subsonic soundscape - shiver
      invisible force - industrial bass machine
      electrostep - rob real (exclusive playing from new dubstep fuzion ep)
      uranium - radioactive man
      sweet return - rob real (exclusive playing from new dubstep fuzion ep)
    • bass 'n' buzz 24/8/2010…zz.tue.24th.aug.2010..mp3

      Bass 'n' Buzz 24/8/2010

      way in my brain - sl2
      cooking up ya brain - 4 hero
      oh wow what a rush - the hedgehog affair
      take me away - m.a.n.i.c.
      your love - the prodigy
      feel real good - manix
      dub war - dance conspiracy
      sl ectro - sl2
      lesson ee - dj wildthing
      those days are gone (80s mix) - reach da reapa
      the usual suspekts - suspekt
      the badman is robbin - hijack
      lyrics of fury - eric b and rakim
      breath control - boogie down productions
      cosmic blast - captain rock
      freakin it - scratch d v's h bomb
      smack the force up - the prodigy v's elite force
      phat planet - leftfield
      prepare to merge - decal
      2 close 4 comfort - dez williams
      utopian etude - scape one
      prescription - skanfrom
      strings on the hill - pill herrin

      Bass 'n' Buzz 7/9/2010

      i got soul (bass mix) - atonic
      doubt (darkmode remix) - delphic
      race of robots - fastliner
      travelling to the stars - n fecto
      extraterrestrial discjockey - urban jedi
      aliens - spectrums data forces
      inhale and exhale - prototype
      welcome to the future - lektroid feat xidus pain
      my reality - elektrosher
      dont stop the beat - anthony rother

      ** guest mix from Belfasts Chris 'Nez' Nesbitt **

      sem - area 5
      koova - mr 2.5
      kritical audio - spandex
      kero - electroagainz
      sillicon scally - auton
      sync 24 - mario's mushroom
      monolith - tron
      miles tilman - spirex
      hrdvsion - claustraneonia
      bitstream - monolith
      subeena - analyse
      vetrix - molecular (dis)integration
      bass kitten - robotique
      luke vibert - square footage
      chris moss acid - trophy theme
      matt chester - kick it - dj3000 remix
      mr fogg - stung - ital tek remix
      anodyne - close your eyes - autechre remix

      many thanx to chris for this excellent mix.

      podcast downloaders i forgot to press record in the first hour but remembered just before the anthony rother track so the mix is included in the podcast but the opening trax from show arent. sorry. but the show is still worth downloading for the mix.

      Bass 'n' Buzz 14/9/2010

      those days are gone - reach da reapa
      dance and party (la la la la) - captain rock
      just another day - mr p and the gunslinger
      streetsounds nu electro vol 3 mastermix - dj mirage
      solar pulse - cryogenetic
      youve been messing with your head - the artificial arm
      ozone layer - pip williams
      eurostar - si futures
      innocence - darkmode
      voice activated - dopplereffekt
      final frontier - underground resistance
      klockwerk oranj - uprock
      you (reworked) - darxid
      atom smasher - kronos device
      android attack - rogue frequency
      z.w.a.m. - dexter
      hadron - rogue frequency
      terra - e.v.a.c.
      the illusion of freewill - dez williams
      nightbus to nowhere - radioactive man
      extraterrestrial discjockey - urban jedi
      envelope power - bolz bolz

      next weeks show features an exclusive guest mix from bolz bolz

      Bass 'n' Buzz 21/9/2010
      in the pocket - luke slater
      sum ton tin - luke slater
      electrify - dj xed
      rok bottom - wreck
      andreaen sand dunes - drexciya
      take control - aj beatz
      entron - silicon scally
      suicide commando - hell
      98k live pt2 - mike dred
      electronic - dynamic bass system
      symmetron? - sem
      watch out - marco bailey and redhead
      wake up (bolz bolz electro version) - kit builders

      ** special guest mix by Bolz Bolz**

      No. Title Artist Label
      1 Lift going up! - Bolz Bolz Satamile rec.042
      2 Heat seeker - Even Steven Z-Bob 002
      3 The Ultimate - Bolz Bolz Satamile rec.004
      4 Mr.Blunt - Dexter Clone Rec.022
      5 Wrong Time - The Sentinel Southern Outpost 010
      6 Bitstream - The Bionic Hand of DJ Pylon 001
      7 Superman - I-F Viewlexx V12
      8 Complex Date - Dynarec Delsin rec. 46dsr
      9 Here Come Volsoc - Volsoc Worldelectric 019
      10 Volt Watt Ampere… - Bolz Bolz Satamile rec. 042
      11 Flow - Freezy Freeky Satamile rec. 010
      12 New Race - Boris Devider Satamile rec. 029
      13 Hydrogen Bomb - Volum Delikat rec. 004
      14 Data Error - Bolz Bolz Worldelectric 021
      15 Simple Machines - Scape One Worldelectric 013
      16 Green Screen - Computer Rockers Breakin rec. 036
      17 Driver - Machine Funk Specialists Rotters Golf Club 004

      this weeks show featured a guest mix from pip williams, heres the full tracklist and download link, enjoy, and many many thanks to pip for doing the mix.

      Peace Of Mind - Claro Intelecto
      Lost In Our Ways - Gosub
      Proteus - Silicon Scally
      Machine World - Anthony Rother
      Pip Williams - Bonus Beats
      Synthesia - Koova
      Regreso Con Tralla - DJ Overdose
      Form Function - Mariel Ito
      Unknown - White Label
      Gene Structure - Anthony Rother
      Bad Sector II - DMX Krew
      LFO - LFO
      Oretha - E.R.P
      The Saturiun System - Lost Trax
      Cold Pressure - Pip Williams (exclusive)
      Uranium - Radioactive Man
      Fairy - Glass Domain
      Empty Head - Subway
      Stokers Motor - 7-Hurtz
      Hijos Del E - DJ Overdose Y Mr. Pauli
      Future Past - Pip Williams
      Origin Unknown - Spytek
      Data Sneakers - Luke Eargoggle
      Burn From The Inside - Decal
      Compuphonic Mutations - Volsoc
      Pitch Control - Chromatix
      Lonely Planet - Pollen
      Rewind - Cylob

      bass 'n' buzz 5/10/2010
      the number song - dj shadow
      here we go now - dj kool meets the crooklyn clan
      lower level - the freestylers
      oo la la - the wiseguys
      westway - the dub pistols
      doin jobs 4 tha mob - pigforce
      busy child (uberzone remix) - crystal method
      the test - the chemical brothers
      enter the monk (freq nasty remix) - monk and canatella
      funky as.... - high prime
      cold sweat - takomo
      put the needle to the record (lee coombes v's drumattic twins remix) - the criminal element orchestra
      blind (urban j remix) - j break
      destroy him my robots - anthony rother
      what we sell - comtron
      fingerbib - aphex twin
      spatial lobe - monsters from i.d.
      superscum - decal
      track 1 side 1 - zeta reticular
      move a tro - chromatix

      Bass 'n' Buzz 12/10/2010

      bass 'n' buzz - charlie says
      charlie parker - zero zero
      total confusion - a homeboy a hippie and a funky dread
      we come to rock - freska allstars
      those days are gone (80s mix) - reach da reapa
      untitled - hardnoise
      portrait of a masterpiece - the d.o.c.
      wordz of wizdom (death in the afternoon mix) - 3rd bass
      diesel power - the prodigy
      popcorn - caustic window
      electro soul satisfaction (sbassship remix) - mic murphy feat melle mell
      the private psychedelic reel - the chemical brothers

      **** Guest mix from LEEROY ******
      Reckless / Dave Storrs , Ice T & The Glove
      Unearthly / Selway
      The Planet / World Class Wrekin' Cru
      Below The Surface ( DBS remix ) / Kronos Device
      Lets Jam ( Inst.) / Unknow DJ
      Solar Flares / Merlyn
      Tour De France / Kraftwerk
      Stuka ( 2 lone swordsmen remix ) / Primal Scream
      My Mind / Motion Unit
      Al Naafiysh / Hashim
      The Bionic hand of Dj Daddy Long Legs Pt.1 / Bitstream
      Age Of love ( Jam & Spoon Remix ) / Age of Love
      Stakker Humanoid / Humanoid