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    • and here it is

      Bass & Buzz Birthday Mix

      Reckless / Dave Storrs , Ice T & The Glove
      Unearthly / Selway
      The Planet / World Class Wrekin' Cru
      Below The Surface ( DBS remix ) / Kronos Device
      Lets Jam ( Inst.) / Unknow DJ
      Solar Flares / Merlyn
      Tour De France / Kraftwerk
      Stuka ( 2 lone swordsmen remix ) / Primal Scream
      My Mind / Motion Unit
      Al Naafiysh / Hashim
      The Bionic hand of Dj Daddy Long Legs Pt.1 / Bitstream
      Age Of love ( Jam & Spoon Remix ) / Age of Love
      Stakker Humanoid / Humanoid
    • bass 'n' buzz 19/10/2010…uzz.tue.19th.oct.2010.mp3
      Bass 'n' Buzz 19/10/2010

      desert storm - orbital
      weather experience - the prodigy
      dusted - leftfield
      setting sun - the chemical brothers
      whos money - hardknox
      polynomia c - aphex twin
      down - dz
      cockney thug - rusko
      ghost town - suspicious stench
      sweet return - rob real
      system check (g dubz remix) - brockie and ed solo
      its bigger than - political v's dead prez
      shaolin - bar 9
      unknown - spor
      vendetta - dub alley
      push it - blitz
      needleintuit - volsoc
      number nine - lionrock
      oh! shucks - bad street boy
      we are your future - dynamix II

      this weeks show featured 2 mixes, 1 from plump dj's and the other from dj daddy long legs (formerly of electro duo Bitstream)

      Bass 'n' Buzz 2/11/2010
      plump dj's mix
      hook you up - disco assassins
      lock up - zero b
      a2z - apache breakdown
      thousand miles - dj icey
      plump yer butt - plump dj's
      monster - bushwacka
      my definition (lee combes' old skool acid dub) - dj technique
      loose caboose - electroliners
      big groovy f*cker - plump dj's
      nine ways (plump dj's remix) - jds
      neuro - braniac
      now is the time - the freestylers
      take it easy (plump dj's remix) - mint royale
      stakker humanoid (plump dj's 2001 retouch) - humanoid

      dj daddy long legs mix
      shake - sonar 123
      chip e - sensuos house
      urban tribe - her
      bogger - mineral
      datassette - aviatrix
      mike dunn - personal problem
      west philips - sucker for a pretty face
      pinch - croydon house
      james woon - nite air - ramadanman refix
      four tet - moth
      nuel - aquaplano
      george kranz - din daa daa
      mr fingers - what is house
      2 kilos - the dream
      the scientist - The bee
      break the limits - vibe tribe
      bitstream - Monolith (unreleased version)

      steve conor was part of electro duo Bitstream with his brother, they stopped recording in 2008, but steve is now recording under the name of Adapta and is doing mixes as dj daddy long legs, many thanx to steve for letting me play the mix.
      Bass ‘n’ Buzz 9/11/2010
      mc space – mc shan
      me myself and i - de la soul
      because i got it like that (remix) - jungle brothers
      parkside 52 - schoolly d
      richochet - ice t
      hey hey (can u relate) - dj mink
      serve tea, then murder - hardnoise
      forward - blade
      25 gun salute - gunshot
      delerium 8010 - reach da reapa
      chemissinyadiss (natural born chillers remix) - silvah bullet
      girl/boy - aphex twin
      brainstorm - moving fusion
      scanners - ram trilogy
      in absentia (overseers eat my lemmy reposession) - glamorous hooligan
      im sick - medicine

      *****CHAVCOW SHOWCASE****
      remember the dove days
      sounds of south yorkshire
      the exorcist

      diagram 2 - d'arcangelo
      secret scientist - mandroid

      Bass ‘n’ Buzz 16/11/2010

      Not serious – the Mackenzie
      Energy flash – beltram
      Mentasm (beltram remix) – second phase
      Senses – destroyer
      Stratosphere – trigger
      Lock up – zero b
      Everywhere I go – isotonik
      Close your eyes (remix 1) – acen
      Bombscare – 2 bad mice
      Let me see ya move (remix) – visa
      The way of the future (cool off mix) – heavyweight
      Keep the fires burning – the house crew
      Hold me in your arms – cloud nine

      Pip Williams guest mix tracklist

      Nebula II - Seance (Rmx)
      Kick Squad - Soundclash (DJ Mix)
      Kick Squad - Soundclash (Scientific Mix)
      Megadrive - Pure Intention
      Project 1 - Ruffneck
      Altern8 - Frequency
      Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous
      Tic Tac Toe remixes
      Urban Shakedown - Some Justice
      Rhythm Quest - Closer To Your Dreams
      Windy Milla - white
      Tronik House - Up Tempo
      Hypnotist - house is mine
      Bass ‘n’ Buzz 23/11/2010

      Silver screen shower scene – felix da housecat
      Stock exchange – the hacker feat miss kitten
      Frank Sinatra – the hacker feat miss kitten
      Celestica – crystal castles
      Portraits of an invisible man – orson bramley (from his new album Inverted Snobbery)
      Beached – orbital
      Inverted snobbery – orson bramley (from his new album Inverted Snobbery)
      Leave this earth – new edge
      Lost little angels – orson bramley (from his new album Inverted Snobbery)
      Gritty glamour – transparent sounds
      Tron legacy (end credits) – daft punk (from the Tron Legacy soundtrack)
      Stand up – the prodigy
      Dog and bone – orson bramley (from his new album Inverted Snobbery)
      Communication breakdown – hexstatic
      End of line – daft punk (from the Tron Legacy soundtrack)
      Derezza – daft punk (from the Tron Legacy soundtrack)
      Twister – tipper
      Disc wars – daft punk (from the Tron Legacy soundtrack)
      19 (25th anniversary remix) – paul hardcastle (from the (BOTY)battle of the year 2010 soundtrack)
      Rock the world – beat crush crew (from the BOTY 2010 soundtrack)
      Harder and higher (remix)– dagobert (from BOTY 2008 soundtrack)
      Something to dance to – style elements (from BOTY
      B boy war 3 – dj Pablo (from BOTY

      BOTY 2010 MP3 album now available from:

    • unfortunately my pc froze with only 5 mins to go and i have not been able to recover the recording so ive put the original link for the mix so you can download it.

      Bass 'n' Buzz 30/11/2010

      trax played on the show for those tuned in
      thats what i get - nine inch nails
      down in it - nine inch nails
      kinda i want to - nine inch nails
      sin - nine inch nails
      played these trax to coincide with the release of the 2010 remastered version of 'pretty hate machine''

      lost our marbles - utter nutters

      acid mix from jerome hill
      ''1987 - 2010''


      Adrenalin M.O.D. -Track This [1988]
      Party Boy - The Twighlight Zone [1988]
      Laurent X - Machines [1988]
      Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid [1990]
      Charles B - lack of Love [1988]
      Rodney Bakerr - Flashback [1994]
      MC. Juice - Juiceapella [1989]
      Adrenalin M.O.D. - Ecstacy [1988]
      Technodelia - Technodelia [1989]
      Phuture - Acid Tracks [1987]
      Kool Rock Steady - I'll make you dance [1988]
      Matt Whitehead - Lets Dance [2010] ***
      Jared Wilson - Paris Massacre [2010]
      Gesloten Cirkel - Swedish Woman [2009]
      Basic Soul Unit - Jak'd Freq (Made Up Sound remix) [2010]
      Ceephax Acid Crew - Radiotin EP [1998]
      Jared Wilson - Office Analogue [2009]
      Moody Boys - Funky Zulu you're so fresh [1990]
      Basic penetration - Penetration [1990]
      Outrage - Too much Energy [1991]
      Extacy Club - Jesus loves the acid [1988]
      Fuse - Substance Abuse [1991]
      Fuse - FU2 [1991]
      Bam Bam - Give it to me [1988]
      Essit Musique - Essit Musique [1994]
      Jared Wilson - Ghetto Blaster [2009]
      Underground Resistance - Seawolf [1992]
      Freddy Fresh - Punched Out [1996]
      Wee Pappa Girl Rapers - Heat it up (Saunderson remix) [1988]
      Public Energy - Three-o-three [1992]
      LD Jam Inc. - Uptown Dub [1989]
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      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)
      Bass ‘n’ Buzz 7/12/2010
      Beat street breakdown – grandmaster melle mell and the furious five
      Renegades of funk – afrika bambaataa and the soulsonic force
      One for the treble – davy dmx
      Feel the bass (rap version) – dynamix II
      Siberian nights – twilight 22
      Clear – cybotron
      Project 5 – synergy
      Al naafiysh (the soul) – hashim
      Once in a lifetime – wolfsheim

      Special playing of leeroys 3 favorite alltime trax for his 40th birthday
      Fade to grey – visage
      Never let me down – depeche mode
      Subsonic soundscape – shiver
      Happy 40th birthday bro.

      Sterilization – dopplereffekt
      Wanderlust – bjork
      Idioteche – radiohead
      Vulture – patrick wolf
      Untitled – aphex twin (from the melodies from mars album)
      Wish I was here – freeland
      Acolyte – Delphic
      Deathstar – cut le rock feat fangs
      Bentleys gonna sort you out – Bentley rhythm ace
      Boomin back at ya (aliens at my b-line mix) – freq nasty
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      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)
      Bass 'n' Buzz 14/12/2010
      push the button - newcleus
      needle to the groove - mantronix
      home of hip hop - the
      coast to coast - word of mouth feat dj cheese
      this cuts got flavor - latee
      at a jam - tray bag mc
      son of a preacher man - suspekt
      electro soul satisfaction - mic murphy feat melle mell
      time traveller - rob real

      guest mix from DJ TU-KI Irelands 4 time DMC mixing champion
      the mix is made up from mash ups of well known trax. done by tu-ki and has over 160 trax, the tracklist is below.

      stop and ready
      thrash and freddy
      one for the ike
      rams on fire
      inspection dirt
      drop massive
      mc filthy nasty
      ooh is it
      hippy shit
      dolby trax
      bass be good to me
      non stop spinning
      girls i like
      funk stance
      is it magic
      dead joe
      set the party off
      damn acid
      soul slick
      dance me
      daa machine
      awesome activity
      boom for me
      get back and dance
      yellow juicy music
      planet stop
      house the fuck out of me
      love drums
      miami rascal
      22 get up's
      euroh funky
      and the beat goes nasty
      do you wanna spot
      steppin home

      more info on DJ TU-KI can be found on the following sites!/pages/Tu-ki/215096092742
      many thanks to tu-ki for letting me play the mix.
      Bass 'n' Buzz blog/podcast link, come follow me @
      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)

      Bass 'n' Buzz 21/12/2010

      sort code - tipper
      .215061 - afx
      unknown track **
      vessels in distress - model 500
      unknown track **
      on condition (the condition) - tipper
      unknown track **
      unknown track **
      lc2 - orbital
      ** these are trax from a cd and i lost tracklist but i will try and locate them

      dj mix from dj cutshit from croatia. featuring beavis and butthead
      this mix was sent to me years ago and with no track list if anyone has this mix and has a tracklist please let me know or list it below, im trying to recontact the person so if i get it ill add it at a later date, or if anyone can id the trax please list them below, i know a few and will list them.
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      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)

      Bass 'n' Buzz 4/1/2011
      in your memory (slik mix) - depeche mode
      tepted - chavcow
      subculture - new order
      evil kineval - human
      evolution - cc evolution
      tissue replacement - grow
      dark times - dexorcist
      novazoid - selway
      we are back - l.f.o.

      trauma mix from dj wilx

      Acidwolf - Acid Church
      DJ zinc - Ghost Train Lee Mortimer Remix
      Dynamik Bass System - Side By Side
      Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Wilx snoop Re-edit)
      Anthony Rother - Simulationszeitalter
      Modeselektor - Die Tekknoprostitutionsmaschine
      Sqaurepusher - My Red Hot Car
      DJ_Funk - Weed_in_My_Life
      Pan-Pot – Confronted
      Adonis – no way back
      Angel Alanis - Do You Like The Way You Feel When You Shake
      DJ Funk mix
      John Thomas – Module
      The Black Dog - Train By The Autobahn Robert Hoods DJ Remix
      Joel Mull – Passing Through
      Sync 24 – Resynth
      Ed Chamberlain - Dave_Vent Remix
      Excision, Datsik – Calypso ( Wilx’s si-begg Bleeps Re-edit )
      Dj Urban – You Work It
      Paul Ritch – Carrrrramba (monkey mix )
      Leftfield - Double Flash
      Untold - Just For You
      Inigo Kennedy – Filaments
      Snake Pass – Sqaurepusher
      Hardfloor - The Life We Choose (E.R.P. Remix)
      B.Calloway - Direct Maniac
      Fix – Flash
      DJ Slugo - If Ya
      Datassette - Minus Fourteen
      Wisp - Keeper Of The Hills

      sorry about the 1st 20 mins of the podcast volume as i had to mess about with the settings and thanx to andrew for letting me play the mix
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      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)
    •…uzz.tue.11th.january.2011. mp3
      Bass 'n' Buzz 14/1/2011

      let the music play - shannon
      release yourself
      funky breakdown - awesome foursome
      rock the house in japan - dst
      opsta now - royal ron
      gucci time - schoolly d
      body rock - ice t
      the terminator - kid frost
      we come to rock - the imperial brothers
      get off my tip - masterdon commitee
      guess who? -doug e fresh
      megablast - bomb the bass
      golden brown - kaleef
      midnight in a perfect world - dj shadow
      body movin - the beastie boys
      dusted - leftfield
      westway - the dub pistols
      firestarter (empirion remix) - the prodigy
      maple street - computron
      808 (electronik religion remix) - darkmode
      tron legacy (end titles) - daft punk
      Bass 'n' Buzz blog/podcast link, come follow me @
      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)
      Bass 'n' Buzz 25/01/2011
      system - force legato
      fear (the mindkiller) - eon
      el ef oh! - l.f.o.
      hold the bunker (bass junkie remix) - bargecharge
      -*9 - l.f.o.
      this is law - decal
      little computer people (karl bartos remix) - little computer people
      innerstate - the advent
      tied up - l.f.o.

      Scand promo mix by cultivated electronics Innume

      Urban Electro/Synaps QZ401/DJAX
      Sample: Meat Beat Manifesto (DHS Remix)/Original Control/Play it Again SamRecords
      Sample: Audiowerk/Illuminating Souls/
      : Mas 2008/Atari Controlled/Twilight 76
      Ornament A/Love & Hate/Elektrolux
      Chromatix/Pitch Control/World Electric
      Sample: The Advent/City Limits/Internal Records
      Mr Velcro Fastener/Assasins/Which Scenario?
      Sample: Gosub/Exposure 83/Isophlux
      Sample: Anthony Rother/Don’t Stop the Beat (Robotics)/PSI49net
      Simulant/Access Future Audio/Scopex
      DJ Panix/Another Battle/Panic Trax
      Aural Float/New Frontiers (Audiowerk Mix)/Electrolux
      Sample: Bass Junkie/Return of the O.V.C. (Vocodapella)/Breakin Records
      Chaotic State/Cubic Rube/Touching Bass
      Transits of Tone/Battle Zone/Panic Trax
      Deflektorz/Deflektor/Black Label
      Dynarec/Yellow Trigger/Southern Outpost
      Mat 101/Level 1/Balance
      DJ K1/Plastic People (Microthol Mix)/Puzzlebox Records
      The Hacker/Dans La Salle Des Machines/Data Punk
      Cybertron/Clear (Remix)/ZYX Music
      Troubleshooter/Spacemissn One/Modern Love
      Hardfloor/The Trill Acid Theme (ERP Remix)/Hardfloor
      Nexus/Technoid/Plink Plonk
      Wild Planet/Octave/430 West
      Sample:Single Cell Orchestra/Deadvent 7/Reflective Records
      Two Lone Swordsmen/Black Commandments (Silicon Scally Mix)/Warp
      Simulant/Out of Ether/Scopex
      Bolz Bolz/Envelope Power/World Electric
      The Advent/OnlyPower/Electrix
      Sample: Dopplereffect/Speak & Spell/International DJ Gigilo
      The Advent/Electric Jazz/Internal Records
      Gescom/Motor 2/Source Records
      Sample: Single Cell Orchestra/Dead Vent 7/Reflective Records
      The Advent/Mad Dog/Internal Records
      Sample: Mat 101/Goodbye Mom/Balance
      L.F.O./Tied Up/Warp

      further details of scand can be found at links below
      Following up August's excellent Scand party at Gramaphone with Silicon Scally and DMX Krew, Cultivated Electronics returns for another installment of Electro goodness with it's first party of 2011.

      Andrea Paker (Touchin' Bass)

      Extended DJ set from Scand regular and Touchin' Bass label head.

      Dynarec - Live (Puzzle Box/Nature/Delsin)

      Scand debut for this consistent French producer who will be delivering a stomping Electro/Techno live set.

      With Support from Scand residents-

      Sync 24 & Innume (Cultivated Electronics/Touchin' Bass)

      agent2 (Rebel Intelligence)

      @ Gramaphone

      60-62 Commercial St, Shoreditch, E1 6LT

      10.00 - 03.30 - Friday January 28th 2011

      £10 Entry on Door

      Advance Tickets £8 -

      Info -
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      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)
    • Re: BASS 'N' BUZZ
      Reply #112 - Today at 09:49:12…buzz.tue.1st.feb.2011.mp3

      Bass 'n' Buzz 1/2/2011
      far out (breaks re-dub) - sons of a loop da loop era
      straight up house - underground posse
      the bee - the scientist
      its just a feeling - terrorize
      confusious - eddie voyager
      do it - interface
      the dream people - rhythm quest
      c.o.d. rider - nebula II
      what evil lurkes - the prodigy
      break - turntable terror
      moonstompin - undercover movement
      narcomaniac - generarot
      catch the break - eddie voyager

      ** dj mike dred guest mix**
      sorry theres no tracklist for this mix as it was recorded in 1998 for a radio station in paris but was never sent so this is the first radio airplay of this mix. many thanks to mike for letting me play this mix please feel free to download it as its never been available for download either until now, sorry for talking and the jingles but it was part of the deal and it doesnt spoil what is an excellent mix.
      Bass 'n' Buzz blog/podcast link, come follow me @
      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)

      Bass 'n' Buzz 8/2/2011
      Held II Ransom Records Showcase

      warforce - a2c
      express yourself - eddie voyager
      empire (neurokrem remix) - pip williams

      Held II Ransom Showcase Mix
      mixed by LEEROY
      Track List

      Range Rollers / Get ill
      Eddie Voyager / Tune ur Bass ( SF mix )
      Lt Warf / The Power
      Eddie Voyager / Dibby Dibby Sound
      Eddie Voyager / Crucify Me
      Eddie Voyager / Confusious
      Range Rollers / Get ill (Eddie Voyager mix )
      Eddie Voyager / No Butts
      Lt Warf / Far out ( Breaks ReDub )
      Eddie Voyager / Let it be alright ( GB Remix )
      Strange Rollers / Bloodshot Eyes
      Eddie Voyager / Style Wars
      Eddie Voyager / Catch The Break
      Strange Rollers /Keep It Rockin'
      Eddie Voyager / Let it be allright
      Eddie Voyager / Freeeee
      Richie K / Full Of Energy
      Richie K / Tension
      Eddie Voyager / Tune Ur Bass ( HB Remix )
      Eddie Voyager / Ive seen the Future
      Eddie Voyager / Command Ur Soul
      Strange Rollers / Yes Yall
      Richie K / Vampire Bat
      Eddie Voyager / Holding on for life
      Eddie Voyager / Let it be allright ( SR Remix )
      Exodus / Lt Warf Vs Bob Marley
      Manix / Hardcore Junglism ( Eddie Voyager Remix )
      Eddie Voyager / Rum an Rasin
      Eddie Voyager / Voodoo XTC

      thanx to Leeroy for doing this mix and thanx to Eddie Voyager for sending me the trax and allowing me to use them,
      info about the Held II Ransom Lable can be found here
      Bass 'n' Buzz blog/podcast link, come follow me @
      Bass 'n' Buzz
      Tuesdays live from 7pm til 9pm (gmt)