VA - TRAME (MinimalRome) - Alpha 606, Sam Lowry, Analogous Doom, TeslaSonic +

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    • VA - TRAME (MinimalRome) - Alpha 606, Sam Lowry, Analogous Doom, TeslaSonic +

      Out Now:
      VV.AA. - Trame
      Cat. MR015

      Fourteen cuts of ambient/drones, italohorror and sci-fi sickness stuffed in a scented folder.
      The perfect soundtrack of your favourite mind movie.

      An ultralimited (99 copies) CD-R, individually stamped and hand-printed, folded in a unique odorama carton digipack + 2 inserts.
      Write to to reserve your copy.
      12,5 euro, shipping worldwide included.

      [...] His vision was spherical, as though a single retina
      lined the inner surface of a globe that contained all things,
      if all things could be counted [...]

      For their eyes only.

      Mastered by Andrea Merlini
      Artwork by tilde


      Tracklist :

      1. Analogous Doom – Virus Loaded
      2. Nacho Patrol – Bank Computer Theme
      3. Jauzas the Shining – Circle
      4. Kobol Electronics – A Violent Sea Storm Damaged the Wharf
      5. Andrea Benedetti – L’Oscuro Scrutare
      6. Alpha 606 – Particulas de Polvo
      7. Sam Lowry – Mars Canal
      8. Modular Experiment – Night Flight
      9. TeslaSonic – Night Drama
      10. Unit Black Flight – Tragedy on the 4th Floor
      11. Vagon Brei – Don’t Look Back
      12. C-34 – Lacerazione (excerpt)
      13. Monopoly – Autumn Leaves
      14. Heinrich Dressel – Tema Finale