Enfant Terrible label night 12 april Brussel

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    • Enfant Terrible label night 12 april Brussel

      Enfant Terrible night in Bruxelles april 2008


      -:Code (s) (B)
      (released on Kommando 6 compilation, now part of the Enfant Terrible family)

      -Nosztalgia Direktíva (Hun)
      (known under a different allias from Invasion Planete records)

      -Wermut (G)
      (only concert for 2008!!)

      -Agent Side Grinder (Sw)
      (most promising new minimal/post-punk band)


      dj's M (Enfant Terrible) + Sofia E.R. & Laszlo P.S. (Wermut)



      :Code(s) produces elektro and industrial sounds with hints of early EBM. The result is raw electonic music in between early Front 242 (‘Geography’ period) and Le Syndicat Electronique (‘Philosophie’ style). The performance by :Code(s) features music and film.

      :Code(s) on the web: myspace.com/subjectiscodes

      Nosztalgia Direktíva from Hungary previously released under a different alias on the defunct French label Invasion Planète. The music is moody, industrial influenced minimal elektro in the best Third Wave style.

      Nosztalgia Direktíva on the web: khk.hu/

      Wermut started as a post-industrial/neo-folk act and evolved into a minimal band with post-industrial influences from to time. At times Wermut serves you minimal elektro dance tunes but at the next moment you can trip away on neo krautrock.
      So, you never know what to expect from this duo except that they produce original and quality music. Post-apocalyptic-minimal-elektro at its best!

      Wermut on the web: eys.online.fr/wermut

      Agent Side Grinder plays authentic minimal electronics like it was done in late 70’s and early 80’s. The band records and performs only with analogue synths, rhythm box and tape-loops. Their sound is raw and unpolished and in the tradition of pioneers like Suicide, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire.

      Agent Side Grinder on the web: myspace.com/agentsidegrinder

      Dj M. is the head of Enfant Terrible. What you can expect in his dj sets is anything from (minimal) elektro and Neue Deutsche Welle to obscure new wave and from old style EBM and new beat to neo folk and noise. Sometimes dance tunes, sometimes music to drink to. enfant-terrible.nl

      Dj’s Laszlo P.S. & Sofia E.R. are better known as the musicians behind Wermut. Sometimes they are also dj’s, as for example at parties in Berlin. They put on any record that pleases them and you can dance to, from old style industrial to obscure italo. Enjoy! eys.online.fr/wermut