two new releases on Enfant Terrible:Wermut 7"+comp

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    • two new releases on Enfant Terrible:Wermut 7"+comp

      Various Artists – Festival der Genialen Dissidenten (Enfant11)
      Wermut – Together / Away 7” (EnfantX)

      Out soon on Enfant Terrible will be two new records. Both these release are expected to be ready at the first Enfant Terrible label night on Saturday april 12 2008 in Bruxelles (at Magasin 4).

      The compilation Festival der Genialen Dissidenten can be considered as a sort of sequel to the highly acclaimed and long time sold out collector's piece and cult LP Electronic Renaissance (Enfant04). Especially realized for the Enfant Terrible label night is the 7" release by Wermut.

      With Festival der Genialen Dissidenten Enfant Terrible releases a new compilation with again only contemporary artists. On this record there are only projects that were not present on Electronic Renaissance. Next to that the variety of sounds and moods is broader as on the previous compilation. We are proud to present this new gathering of musicians who are all independent, open minded and full of passion about their work.

      The following artists are present on the compilation:
      Agent Side Grinder – known for their releases on Enfant Terrible
      Dolina – very promising new elektro band from France/Belgium
      Vincent K. – also known as RA-X, established and long time producer of electronic music
      Nosztalgia Direktíva – new alias of artist who previously released on Invasion Planete Records
      Adolf Filter – Swedish duo who create elektro and EBM influenced analogue tracks
      :Codes – Belgian act who released on a Kommando 6 compilation but is now working with Enfant Terrible
      Le Triangle De L’Androgyne – interesting new commer on Enfant Terrible with spacious electronica
      Pierre Normal – Belgian / French band who play poetic electronic music
      Yseult Descieux – playful and weird band from Belgium/France
      Jongbloed featuring Sofia E.R. – Enfant Terrible boss and Wermut member collaboration
      Coeurvert – twisted elektro chansons from Belgium

      For soundclips go here:

      Release date: early / mid April 2008
      Cat. nr: Enfant11
      Format: 12” LP plus 7” single, gatefold sleeve, limited to approximate 600 copies
      File under: elektro / new wave / EBM / industrial

      The 7" Wermut serves you two intense and melancholy songs. Both addictive, one for the dancefloor and both for listening at home in good companion. This is all you might expect from Wermut at their best!

      For soundclips go here:

      Release date: early / mid April 2008
      Cat. nr: EnfantX
      Format: 7” single, limited to approximate 300 copies
      File under: elektro / new wave

      Enfant Terrible label night: