The Electro-Lyrics Thread

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    • GROW;46485 wrote:

      Some lyrics to two of my songs with the word vagina in them...
      i felt this thread needed some vagina:) ;D

      Electronik Milk :cylon:

      Will you survive
      nuclear science
      come face to face
      with robot vaginas
      buttons, silk, electronic milk
      party on a spaceship
      packed to the hilt

      Below Heaven :cylon:

      Let me take you down
      below heaven
      let me show you were this world is headin

      Sounds modulate
      we copulate
      Peter guards the gate
      while we meet our fate
      vaginas dilate
      and overpopulate
      cant compensate
      the worlds filled with hate

      Yes sirrrrrrr
    • LektroiD "Modular"

      bipolar current runs into the resistance inhibitor,
      tantalum capacitor and the diode regulator
      feeding the inductor vactrol opto-isolator
      gating the transistor and pushing the envelope generator

      control voltage maintained with the 100k resistor
      effected oscillator audio to the phase modulator
      attenuverting mixer CV to the diode ladder filter
      obscure loops generated by the matrix sequencer

      we're going modular...

      No DSP chip controlling or any such insurgency
      the breakdancing waveforms here are always a certainty
      time and time again as the the current runs into the circuitry
      analogue delay systems create the illusion of polyphony

      control voltage then fed into the resonant frequency
      signal path and gates are all controlled with zero latency
      multi-layered effects create holistical tenacity
      pushing voltage to the speakers creates this reality

      we're going modular...
    • Dynamik Bass System - Don't Stop Compute:
      (Thanks once again T. !) 8-)

      SVC Vocoder Parts:

      don’t stop compute when we start up our system
      release my energy – pure power controlled rhythm
      I’m gonna keep on rockin’ through the night
      shake it baby 'cause you feel so right

      activate my circuit – motivate your soul
      keep on rockin’ till I loose control
      please girl – I want to rock you higher
      push the right button when I set you under fire

      I see your world from the other side
      control a starship system on the interstellar glide
      we came from outer space to set you free
      one million terabyte dominate my memory

      my microchip – computer brain
      controls my body feeling like a funk-robotmachine
      the system is awake - what I said is not a fake
      please don’t stop compute when your body start to shake


      Watch out for the next Boom!