Klaar Syntrax s60 3rd symbian 9.1{music composer }

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    • Klaar Syntrax s60 3rd symbian 9.1{music composer }

      Klaar Syntrax s60 3rd symbian 9.1{music composer }

      Join the mobile music revolution

      Meet our product Syntrax. It has all the modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package!

      Never again will you be bored in the train, never again will you whistle that tune and be not able to write it down. Mobile composing is here!


      Upto 8 stereo audio channels simultaneously (previously only 6)
      Playback of samples with bi-directional looping support
      Realtime sound synthesis with 15 sound generation effects
      Realtime effects like filters, morphs and echoes
      A built in small sample editor
      A full featured sequencer
      Dynamic playback options (songspeed, groove, muting etc..)
      Realtime instrument parameter changing
      Full library of preset songs and sounds for you to start working with
      User adjustable sound quality for slower devices
      MIDI compatibility
      Syntrax is also available for PocketPC and other smartphones!

      There is also a free PC version available from The developers site allowing you to hear and export the songs to .wav format. This PC version is identical to the mobile version, and even comes with a mobile device skin.

      The free version offers no limitations other than the disabling of the save functionality. If you register for free, this limitation is removed!Start composing now!

      Tested on N95-1


      If contested Djzleite stays true to Miami Bass spirit ...