25th March, Hitachi II

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    • 25th March, Hitachi II

      At this date, I will release an EP Future Predictor of my new alter ego Hitachi II with dark futuristic theme via i-Tunes.
      Tracklist is made of four original tracks:
      1. Future Predictor
      2. Nanochips
      3. Dark Star
      4. Interstellar Wars

      Inspired by Japanese pop culture and western electro genre mixed with game console sounds.
      Hitachi is name of the manufacturer of Japanese electronics as well as Dangan Ressha (Bullet-train) for Japanese highspeed railway Shinkansen. Sume conspiracy rumors are also saying that they are developing the nanochips for implanting them in people to monitor them in future.

      Also there are some new upcoming music projects involving Hitachi II. One is collabo with my past band Cosmic Crew and second will be symbiose of my electronic music with punk-rock group of my friend Brain Drain, reworking their whole album.

      Mobile suits are on the move and prepared for unleash.
      I'm returning after two years of pause to make a whole new creations after some creating and existencional crisis.

      Previews will be here soon!