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    • May 11th,
      Show Summary:
      Warming up for saturday. Bumpin tracks this week from, upcoming Vitamin E - Drop the Box out May 28th. New Solartron/Subcircuit records(better files now) Last but not least Chavcow. Along with as many tracks as i could mix n mash in 2hrs including, DJ Overdose, illektrolab, Drum Factory, Anthony Rother, Mystery Man, Dark Vektor, Morphogenetic, Blotnik Brothers, & much more.
      Xerodefx - Fatal Brain Reaction
      Wee DJs - League - Gassoline
      ADJ - Electric - Touchin' Bass
      Hydraulix - Stressboxxx - Monotone
      Vitamin E - Iceburg - OnDaMike Productions
      DJ Overdose - The Beat - Monotone
      Drum Factory - And The Beat Goes - Over-X-Posure
      illektrolab - Dirty Robot
      Alpha 606 - The Way Of The Machine - Dopamine Records
      Anthony Rother - Dont Stop The Beat
      Radarsat-1 - Ascending Synthesis - Bass 4 Bots
      Netzwerk Florida Earth.Wind.Fire - Monotone
      Debonaire - Rock Planet
      J-Break* & Lethal Agent - Drop It
      Solartron - Destroy The Planet - Subcircuit
      Illektrolab - Real Pimp - Satamile
      Chavcow - Ignition
      Chavcow - Dice Tripping
      Mystery Man - Elektro Fog - Over-X-Posure
      uuummmm...cant remember (edit).
      Dark Vektor vs Morphogenetic - Music Of The Spheres
      Blotnik Brothers - Electro Manifesto (Beats On Demand)
      Boris Divider - Metropolis of Darkness
      Detroit In Effect - Keep Hanging
      2CB - Birds, Bikes & Techno
      Johnny Dangerously - Bassed Up
      C Theory - Exotoxin
      Illektrolab - Robot Theory
      Volsoc - Compuphonic Intelligence
    • May 15, Covering Jam On The Groove
      Show Summary:
      I decided to cover this week for Cozmo D & Dogtrane(May 15th). Well I think I Jammed The Groove quite well! A couple highlight tracks this show I would like to point out. One being the forthcoming Vitamin E track Drop the Box out May 28th. Played a new Chavcow track called Dice Tripping. He's a new artist who has kind of a oldschoolish groovy sound with like a hint of a beach boys kind of vibe. but in a great way. It was a great show kicking it off with Blims remix of Anthony Rothers Classic Redlight District, later playing the original version. Also dropped some tracks off the new debonaire cd, Prototype & illektrolabs android ep. Thanks to Cozmo & Dogtrane for letting me play during their time & a big thanks to everybody tuned & in the chat. dont wanna miss this one. :cylon: :blaster:

      Anthony Rother - Redlight District (B.L.I.M.'s 'Pro' Mix)
      Luke Eargoggle - The Way Of The Master
      Chavcow - Dice Tripping
      Dynamik Bass System - The Mighty Machine
      DJ XED - Crobot Muzik
      DJ Overdose - You Can't Beat
      Novamen - So Fantastic
      R21 - Trans Europe Express (Bass Station Mix)
      Vitamin E - Iceburg
      Kalson - Power Overwhelming
      Illektrolab - Android Humanoid
      Silicon Scally - Loading
      Anthony Rother - Redlight District
      Exzakt - Second Wave (Uprokk Rmx)
      Binalog Freq - Transmission (Twisted instrumental version)
      Manasyt - Tetragrammaton
      Debonaire - Bitch Get Off My Myspace
      Dynamix II - Bass Generator (1.21 Jiggawatts Mix)
      Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights
      Intelligent Concept - Bass Mechanic
      Mandroid - Instigated Monopolization
      Cha-os Vs. Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (07 Mix)
      Debonaire - Iphone In My Pocket
      Tricky D - Take It To The Max (The Dexorcist Retro Drop Throwdown)
      Sound Chasers - Sonar
      download @ globalfunkradio.com/shows/SKEM…ing_Jam_On_The_Groove.mp3
    • Skeme GFR Back Issues, New Feed

      May 20th
      Show Summary:
      So by now you are all familiar with the mighty Global Surveyor 3 album & Sol Dat’s remix of Paul Blackford’s Quasar track. This week I planed to play the original & all the remixes. Unfortunately due to the Cd skipping I only fit in 3 (Sol Dat, EDMX, Dexorcist) Right in the middle of the mix too, for what ever reason I don’t know since the CD played fine the following day. I didn’t edit anything out of the podcast, since this is a live show id like to keep it that way 4 the podcasters skips & all. So besides that it was over all a good show & I fit in everything else planned. Quick highlights worth mentioning, played new tracks from the Exaltics, Debonaire & a couple off DJ Xed’s Crobot Crew remixes EP out now. Along with a couple of my personal favs off the street sounds chart Clatterbox & Cryogenetic feat. Syntonics. Thanks 4 tuning .

      Debonaire - Bitch Get Off My Myspace
      Paul Blackford - Quasar (Sol_Dat Remix)
      Paul Blackford - Quasar (EDMX Remix)
      Drum Factory - In The Middle
      Dj Xed - Crobot Muzik (N-ter's Giorgio Made Me Do It Remix)
      Dj Fixx - Everyday
      Computor Rockers - How We Used To Rock
      Mystery Man - Activate

      Short clips of folowing tracks due to cd skiping.
      Paul Blackford - Quasar
      Paul Blackford - Quasar (The IOAC Remix)

      & we back ;D
      Sync 24 - Chosen Module
      Ippon Redux (WaveFirm RMX)
      Exaltics - Free Fall
      MANASYt - elevenhoursnorth
      Paul Blackford - Quasar (Dexorcist Remix)
      Sync 24 - We Rock Non-Stop
      DJ Xed - Crobot Muzik (2010 Remix)
      Moon Disco - Communication To None
      Clatterbox - Argonaut
      Manasyt - realms of vacuum
      Cryogenetic _ In the Next Life feat. Syntonics
      Dr. Schmidt - Lessons In Logic
      Robodrum - The Message
      Espion - Petrol Bomb The Fuckers (Point B Remix)
      Aux 88 - Rated AUX (DJ Xed Crobot Mix)
      Exzakt - Citi Of Bass
      Silicon Scally - toneworks

      downlaod @ feeds.feedburner.com/skeme
    • June 3, 2010
      Show Summary:
      This week played a couple Crobot Crew remixes & some street sounds chart new entries. Plus much much more.
      Direct Download
      Debonaire - Debonaire's Voodoo Show Intro
      DJ Fixx - Electrofried
      DJ Xed - Crobot Muzik (2010 Remix)
      Silicon Scally - Encapsulate
      Anthony Rother - Destroy Him My Robots
      Luke Eargoggle - Rookie Rokad
      Automat - Hardware - SCSI-AV
      Umwelt - Outlaw World
      Illektrolab - Robot Wars
      Morphogenetic - Reprogram Reality
      C-System - Poison
      Drum factory - Look (Part One)
      Bass Junkie - Computer Future
      Lowfish - Torsion
      DJ Xed - Crobot Muzik (Sero's Egyptian Remix)
      Sero - Megamaid - X0X Records
      Sync24 - Its A Soft Slip
      Xerodefx - Diverse Life
      Rob Real - Nu Year's Day - Street Sounds Chart
      Supreme.ja - Terminalcity
      Dark Vektor - Plan E - Street Sounds Chart
      Gosub - Folding Time
      Datafreq - Scene Machine
      Luke Eargoggle - The Mystery Of Me
      Dynarec - Yellow Trigger
      Silicon Scally - Protocol
      Prototype - SONIC WALL POWER
    • Covering Jam On The Groove Pt.2

      Show Summary:June 5
      So this was sort of a spur of the moment set covering for Cozmo D & Dj Dogtrane - Jam On The Groove June 5th 2010.
      Kan3da- Out Put Vector
      Cha-os Vs. Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (07 Mix)
      Alavux - Generation 1980 (George Tsakiris' Bootycall version)
      Arabian Prince - Innovator (DBS Remix)
      Kalson - Like You
      Dorothy's Magic Bag - 2Bit 4Bit 8Bit
      Electronic Confession - Timemorphs
      Silicon Scally - Gosub
      Blastromen - Computer Simulator
      Blastromen - Blasteroids
      Kobol Electronics - Code 10
      Luke Eargoggle - I Belong To The Past
      Anthony Rother - Dont Stop The Beat
      Radarsat-1 - Ascending Synthesis
      Rob Real - Nu Year's Day
      Vitamin E - Iceburg
      Chavcow - Android suicide
      Koova - Mars 500
      Debonaire - Freaks In The Bedroom
      Computor Rockers - Computor Shock
      Illektrolab - Move the Crowd
      Justin Scott - Street Beat
      download @ Link
    • Show Summary:June 10
      3 Hour show. Kicking it off this week with a short dominance electricity set followed by some mandroid. Next throwing in some tracks form the street sounds chart & some tracks from a local rapper named DeeZ. Finally finishing up with a new track from Robodrum which is just completely insane one hell of a track, your gonna have to hear it to believe it! Cya next week.


      Kalson - Invaded
      Imatran Voima - Commando (Sbassship Remix)
      TRV - Unlimited power
      Dagobert - Fly 2 Night
      Sbassship - Solaris - Dominance Electricity
      Dynamik Bass System - She's Gotta Have It
      Dagobert - Cydonia Region Jam
      Mandroid - Population Overdrive
      Mandroid - Elektrik Kokaine
      Mandroid - Ikon Symbol
      Mandroid - Retrospect
      Imatran Voima - On Speed
      Invisible Rockers Crew - Spacecraft
      I-f - Theme From PACK
      Clatterbox - Lab Dancer
      Point B - King Cirrus
      UKV - Sori - Street Sounds Chart
      Lowfish - 8 Op
      Exaltics - Exaltics Theme
      Boris Divider - Shutdown The System
      The Dexorcist - Severe Trauma - Street Sounds Chart
      Middle Men - Pulsar
      DeeZ - I'm So Cold
      DeeZ - How To Fly
      Intelligent Concept - Cuttin' It Up
      Keen K - 8 Puls Beat
      Transparent Sound - Hell Bent (Espion Remix)
      Microthol - Binary Systems
      Artificial Arm - Go Back In Time
      Zoja - Rise Of Man
      Bass Kittens - Another Day (Vol Mix)
      Dr Schmidt - Flesh
      Mariel Ito - My Modulation
      DJ R21 - Data Stream
      Moon Disco - Communication To None
      Invisible Rockers Crew - Dark Detector
      Morphogenetic - The Driven
      Morphogenetic - The Time Is Now
      Dark Vektor vs. Morphogenetic - Music Of The Spheres
      Robodrum- retrolectroboteknoise 3.0 )((New))
      Paul Blackford - The Hijacked Ep
      DeeZ - It's A Wrap
      Rss: feeds.feedburner.com/skeme
    • June 17 2010
      Robodrum - retrolectroboteknoise 3.0
      RAC - Double Jointed
      Anthony Rother-Gene Structure
      Resident Alien - Radio Killer
      Dj Sean Timothy - Gravity.Bleed
      Novamen - THC 2
      DBS - Invasion Of Mars - soundcloud.com/dynamik-bass-system
      EDMX - Prevailing Winds
      Equitant - Elemente (Espion Remix) - Street Sounds Chart
      Will Web - Damnation
      Dwellz Rawkz - I Am Reason - devinedisorderrecords.info
      Unknown D.J. - Basstronic
      Spectrums Data Forces - Telemaco (Systemic_remix)
      Basstronic (Bonus Beats)
      Telemaco (Systemic_remix) - Street Sounds Chart
      Ghosts In The Machine - Merciless Killing Machines
      The Artificial Arm - Armtronic Action
      T.E.S.T. & Excel - No Disgrace In The Bass
      Digitizer - Computer Controlled (Electro Machine)
      Faceless Mind - Timeless message
      Digitizer - Machine Men - soundcloud.com/digitizer
      Koova - Mars 500
      Dynarec - demographic solution (mix2)
      Gosub - Folding Time
      Alavux - Generation 1980 (Binalog's Funkin' In Space remix)
      Lowfish - Ripped
      Mick Chillage - Vaporized - Street Sounds Chart
      Urban Textures - Voltaic
      Binalog Freq - Accelerator

      Rss feeds.feedburner.com/skeme
    • New Feed, with Advanced Funk vol.1 & Poltron

      Show Summary:
      I have a killer set for you this week!!! I played some tracks off the Drexcya's Neptunes Lair Album which was recently repressed & as always some tracks off the street sounds chart. As well as a very special track off the Advanced Funk Vol. 1 album called Future LoFi by Eleztrik Body, which is coming soon from Binalog Productions, 2x12". Finishing off with a Sneak Peak of the Poltron album. Poltron is a group of artists from Poland Including Robodrum. Enjoy.
      GFR Intro
      Dwellz Rawkz - DEVINE BY DEZINE
      Umwelt - Secret Of A Black World Part 2
      Umwelt - Biological Entity
      Mystery man - E-Voice (End 99)
      Volsoc - Shout Outs
      ADJ - The Raw
      Hadamard - Take Me Away
      Drexciya - Bottom Feeders
      Equitant - Elemente (Espion Remix)
      Kosmozo - The Plan
      Paul Blackford - Quasar (SmashBack Remix)
      Frankie Carbone - What's Right Is Right
      Marino 69 - Positive - Street Sounds Chart
      Exaltics - No Time To Spend
      Exaltics - Different Places
      Lektroid - Solar Storm
      Binalog Freq. - Accelerator (dub)
      Decal - Burn From The Inside (Si Begg Remix)
      Spectrums Data Forces - Telemaco (Systemic remix)
      Resident Alien - Multi-Effects
      Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes
      Eleztrik Body - Future LoFi - Advanced Funk Vol.1
      Bass Junkie - Infiltrator (12" Long Version)
      Sync 24 - We Rock Non-Stop
      Debonaire - Micro Drumulator
      Poltron Sneak Peak
    • Update: July 1st.

      So this week I played a great Darxid track from Advanced Funk along with Future Low Fi again, Rob Real vs. Illektriss which is out now. And also a Pathic track I just got thanks to LB.IP for IDin the record to me. Podcast will be up by Monday. Make shure to tune in Saturday for Leeroys show since Friday is canceled this week.

      Next week More Advanced Funk. A track by Dj Xed which I just listened to & its quite "Electrifying" & maybe another i'll keep a surprise & some new Devine Disorder Digi tracks. & also the Gammachild track I wanted to play tonight but didnt get a chance to fit it in & what ever else might pop up during the week.

      Also Id like to explain why the podcasts dont get up until Mondays. its because the uploads are super slow & I Usually upload part of it & resume it later. I am going to look into a way I can store my files Elsewhere eventually. Also pretty soon I should be up on the podcast Radar here at EE. Iv talked to Matthias about this already I just been dilly dallying Making a logo to use & a computer virus I had a couple weeks ago set everything behind But I have a bunch of logos I can use I just have to figure out how to add words to one of them. Which im doing this week. My podcast seems to be doing pretty well so far lots of hits, Big Thanks 2 everybody tuning in.

      Also Iv been tossing around various names to use for the show & think I finally have one im sticking with. (NuBreed) And thats how its spelled with the parentheses. what this means basically is 1st I’m a New DJ, 2nd United states times is a whole new time zone for GFR, 3rd I play alot of new Artists, & finally I think this year is the beginning of a New era for electro music.
    • Thanks again Gamma. Yea things are definitely cooking. I got alot more plans than Iv mentioned. But yea I will always be thinking of ideas to improve the show. The podcast is doing great the Live show is kinda dead. I guess we do get about as many tunes as the regular weekday shows but not alot of people in the chat, a couple here & there. I did a couple earlier shows which the chat was packed. so i'll post in here if im covering 4 anybody. The US time thing is kinda working against us. Think we have to target the Florida Audience which is a tough nut to crack I think. So next step is promoting alot harder with out spamming people. Thats what most people do, but I think theres alot more legit or creative ways to promo, it might take longer but I think in the end the results will be alot more beneficial. Gamma im going to send u a flyer soon if you’re still down to post on your page. Right now we kinda finishing off the first step which is letting people know the show exists. 2nd step is giving them a reason to show up. Get that ball rolling. Also Big Thanks to Morphogenetic, Technobass.net Is now hosting my podcast on the homepage player. Which reminds me this months technobass.net Feature Mix will be by my main man Lb.Ip throwing down some wicked tunes I know that much. check that out.

      haha & this guy here knows how to break he'll do that shit all day all night 24/7. :headspin:
    • July 01 2010
      Show Summary:
      This week playing some older tracks from the street sounds chart as well as pulling out some of the dusty records I haven’t touched in a while. Alsp New track from Rob real & Illektriss - Bittersweet out now & another from the upcoming advanced funk vol 1 album being released as a double 12" album as well as digital formats. enjoy>
      Bolz Bolz - Chance
      exaltics - the truth
      Drexcyia - Andreaen Sand Dunes
      ADJ & Pathic - Highdiver
      Chavcow - Keep on Dreaming
      Silicon Scally
      Darxid - Bits & Bytes (Supremeja_remix)
      Supreme ja. - Darkside
      Rob Real vs Illektriss - Bittersweet
      Illektrolab - Into Space
      In Out (Jackal's Balrog Roller Mix)
      maggozulu too - mix it up
      DBS - Autobass
      The Jonzun Crew - Pak Man
      Sound Chasers - Records To Wreck
      Freestyle - Invade the party
      Debonaire* & Exzakt - Final Ignition
      LektroiD - Modular
      Dark Vektor - Wires
      Blastromen - Escaping dont compute
      Dagobert & Direct Control - Red Giant Stars
      Darxid - Eternity - Advanced Funk vol.1
      Eleztrik Body - Future LoFi - Advanced Funk vol.1