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    • JUNE 7 2012

      kinda a rough play list but you'll find the track your looking for. was a fun show sorry for the delay posting its been a hectic couple weeks, I'll have a couple more up shortly. I played a ton of vinyl in this mix so i tried to mark all digital only releases on the track list so the vinyl heads know. as always thanks 4 tuneing in.
      Play List:
      Scape One - Submolecularnanotechrhythmicprinciples 12"
      Defekt - Our Future
      Silicon Scally -
      Scape One - A2 - Elements Of Diffusion
      Morphology - (Sync 24 Remix)
      Heuristic Audio - Wisla
      MANASYt -?– WIRELUSt LP 12"
      Alex Norinh - untitled - Reign Of Control 12"
      The Exaltics - B1 - Calculate
      Deemphasis - We Are
      Faceless Mind - Glasriket EP B1 - Visions Fade Away
      Defekt - Time Slip
      Sero - Interception System (S.I.S. Remix By DJ Overdose)
      Diamondback Kid - U.F.O. (Thomas Kress Remix) - MP3
      DVS NME - Magnetar (Mr P Remix) - MP3
      Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind (Electrosoul)
      Silicon Scally - Chrome Introduction
      DVS NME - Redisigned - Mp3
      Korrupted Brothers - North Bass
      Dagobert - Bass Invasion
      Debonaire & Exzakt - Ignition... Full Thrust
      Freak Force Crew - Gimme That Bass (Original Version)
      AS1 - I suffer
      Beagle - Fornax
      Cha-os - Emergency (Bassing Guild Rework)

      JUNE 21 2012



      Play List:
      Deemphasis - Rebirth
      Hardfloor - 5th Ward
      R21 - TX
      Mekka - Traveling Beyond
      CRC - Traveller
      Preston Flex - Cold Love
      The Consumer - Dissociaty Identity
      Eedio - Breakage
      Solar Chrome - Nebula
      Neonicle - Serenade of Cemeteries
      Silicon Scally - Dark Matter
      Audio Riot - Heaven Bound
      Dr Schmidt - Lessons In Logic (Circuit Breaker)
      Faceless Mind - Ocen Movers
      Netzwerk Florida - Earth Wind Fire
      Silicon Scally - Magnified
      Espion - Witches
      Dez Williams - Oper8
      The Exaltics - Different Places
      Beagle - Fornax
      DJ Xed - Crobot Muzik Remix
      Robert Cosmic - Secret Files
      Metacomplex - Polymer Matrix
      Scape One - Plastic Lunch
      ADJ - Hand of Mysteries
      Fleck ESC - Corrupted
      Koova - Errosion
      DBS - Robotmachine (Hardfloor RMX)
      Lowfish - Burn The Lights Out
    • dasgetier;64542 wrote:

      Thank you very much for your podcast. Always fresh. When I was listening to your show on my mobile phone, i was happy to discover the tracklist. Now I keep wondering how you did that and failed to google it. Can you tell me?

      Hey das, thanks 4 tuning in glad your enjoying the podcast and its really great to hear somebody appreciates the embedded tracklists. You’re the first person who has mentioned this since I started doing it a while back. This is something I started doing for I-Pod listeners, its great to hear that it works on phones too.

      I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do this, After I convert the recording of my shows into the mp3 files I open them up in my I-Tunes Library when you right click on the track you will see an option to GET INFO, this is were you can edit your files meta data & that’s how I embed my show logo & play lists into the mp3 file. For the track lists I paste it in the section that says LYRICS & that’s how you can read it on iPods & phones. If you don’t have I-Tunes, you can also do this in the basic windows media player, depending on what version you have. In my version while your playing the track you can right click on the file name on the right side of the screen, this will give you a bunch of options, click the one that says ADVANCED TAG EDITOR & again you can post tracklists into the LYRICS section & add graphics & info you desire. I think you can also do this in WinAmp although I have never tried it.
    • July 12 2012

      In this weeks NuBreed Radio we look into Binalog Productions new compilation Advanced Funk Vol. 2, This is a full digital album out now. Also looking at Boris Dividers The Source Album pressed on vinyl with a stunning sci-fi gatefold sleeve and the beat rocket series from planet Rhome with Max Durante. All of which are out now. Unfortunately I never ended up fitting a track from Beat Rocket Vol 5 in the mix, we’ll play more next week. All the tracks in this episode relate to these releases in some way weather its through the artist or label. All the tracks I wanted to play were all different speeds so mixed them in the best I could & the track list came out a little different than I was planning. Any tracks I missed will be played in the next couple weeks so stayed tuned.


      Full Play List:
      Urban Jedi - Cybernetic Organisms
      Diamondback Kid - UFO
      Boris Divider - City Drome
      Frank Serious - Under The Sea
      Lektroid - Parametric Shift
      Diamondback Kid feat. Leeroy - Apocalypse
      Alavux - Natasha's Funk
      Romplex - Check The System
      The Hidden Persuader - Channel Ident
      Pip Williams - 100 Suns
      Pip Williams - SubZero
      Max Durante - Next
      Max Durante - Beat 4 Foot Work
      Boris Divider - I Was
      Boris Divider - Electronics 3 (Miami Style)
      Ctrl Alt Del - Night Vision
      The Hidden Persuader - Super Computer
      Boris Divider - Street Walker
      Max Durante - Day By Day
      DJ Xed - Definition
      K1 Theme (Max Durante's Re-Construcion Mix)
      DJ Xed feat K1 - Bass your Fears
      Skyborg - Still Got Bass
      DJ Gio MC-505 - Cosmic Cruncher
      LektroiD - Energy Tech
      Lektroid - Modular
      Lektroid - Solar Storm
      Binalog Freq - Transmission (Bodypoppers United)
      Prototype - Stimme Der Energie (Binalog's Advanced Remix)
      Boris Divider - Shutdown The System
      Morphogenetic - The Secret war
    • http://soundcloud.com/skeme/nubreed-august16
      Sam Lowry - Mutant Amphibian
      Fleck ESC - Earth Monitoring
      ADJ - a1 - The Raw
      DJ Gio MC-505 - Papierfabrik
      Dibu-Z - Autopilot
      Craig Mac - Neuro
      Scape One - Electricity
      Silicon Scally - Entron
      Silicon Scally - Gosub
      Versalife - Electronic Suspect
      Analogue Audio Association - Sofatune
      Unborn - The Man cant know the Future
      Om Unit - Prawn Cocktail
      Negocius Man - Virus Detectado
      808 Squad - Do what you got to do
      Bass Junkie - Jammin' The Box
      R21 - Mind of a Machine
      Dynamix II - Bass generator (Jiggawatts mix)
      Dynamix II - Ignition
      World Wide Funk (D2 remix)
      Ghosts In The Machine - Find your Place in Hyperspace
      Exis of Earth - Robotman
      Skyborg - MF Bass
      Michael Forshaw - DR008
      Ed Devane - Giant Bassmantix
      IBID - Prolix
      Spookhouse - Walnut Whipper
      Audio Riot - Disco Slut
      Snog - Crash Crash (Speed Baby Remix)
    • August 30 2012

      play list:

      Shadowbunny - Lucid
      Max Durante - Midnight (feat. Key)
      Ben Milestein - Bubble Bath
      214 - Live Animals
      Info_Cifon - Espaler
      Silicon Scally - Down Time
      System Insurgent - Wolves (DVS NME remix)
      Fleck ESC - Me own Kit
      Dj Deckstrous - Medooza
      Grow (GROWtesque) - Yum Yum Bum
      Info_Cifon - Scoptophillia
      Dr. Lindh - Pocahontas Rainforest
      Electrodefender - My Way
      Gendroid - Starboy
      Dj Deckstrous ft. Skyborg - This kind of Music Dont Stop
      Koova - Mars 500
      DJ Overdose - Whoever You Are
      Prototype - Robot Control
      Thomas Kress - Shake Your Body Baby
      Luke Eargoggle - Magic Everywere

      Dr. Lindh - Professor Laphroaigh
      Galaxian - Strap On
      Hadamard - The King / I aint Having That
      Synapse - Loophole
      Faceless Mind - Wreck of a Voyage
      Espion - Architektur
      King Ginseng - X1 Speed of Sound
      Galaxian - Auto run
      AS1 - Speaker Sex
      Mazzula - Suczzsezzz
      The Exaltics - Dont Ask Me Why
      Oort Cloud - Robot 666
      Paul Blackford - The Tower of Babel (UK Bass Mix)
      Synapse - Jedi Nights
      Paul Blackford - Multiplex
    • september 13 2012

      full play list:
      Dr. Lindh - Pocahontas Rainforest
      Luke Eargoggle - Electro Musik
      Audio Riot - Heaven Bound
      The Consumer - Radiology Reference
      Luke Eargoggle - 6
      Info_Cifon - NuCm4-Nud2
      Gosub - Within Your Space
      Korrupted Brothers - First Round
      Heuristic Audio - Engraved Anger
      Eon - Spice (DJ Wreck's Bass Flow Remix)
      Drum Factory - And The Beat Goes..
      Gammachild - Necronomicon
      Syntonics - Work Dat Body (Drumatix Six Remix)
      Pip Williams - Multi Cellular
      Skynet - Ill Wobble Break
      Hadamard - One Track Mind
      Gosub - Fuck Satan
      Cybernet Systems - Circuitry
      Nomadic - Alphaphix (Alpha 606 Guanabana Mix)
      Vitamin E - Bass Hop Be Bop
      DJ Nazz & Ernani Maldonado - Berimbau
      DJ Controlled Weirdness vs The Dexorcist - Attack Of The...
      Awol - Sleep Walking
      As1 - Silent Target
      Binalog Freq. - Elements (Prototype remix)
      Prototype - Introboter
      Jauzas The Shining - Strange Particle (Electroberlin remix)
      Fleck ESC - Electric Burrito
      Dj Deckstrous - Hands pon your Heart
      Metacomplex - Polymer Matrix
      The Outsider - Biroid
    • *New Episodes 4 October*

      NuBreed Radio
      Live on globalfunkradio.com
      10PM EST. (US) Thursdays
      Episode: October 4 2012


      Summary: this week we dropped a heavy dose of the The Electro Compendium. I recommend you check out anti-social-network.bandcamp.com/ you can download this 116 track zip pack completely free. I don’t think I have to say much to get you to download this. Its bound to have some of your favorite electro artists, on top of others I was glad to see tracks from Volsoc, Michael Forshaw, & Wee DJ’s, Bass Kittens featured, I haven’t seen much of them in the electro scene for some time. Also I played through a couple tracks off Diamondback Recordings, The Elements EP & replayed a couple from the latest Info_Cifon EP that we been playing during the past couple weeks. As always thanks for tuning in I hope to see some of the soundcloud listeners in the chat someday. I have a podcast from last week uploaded tomorrow. :)
      Full Play List:
      Volsoc - Sound Check (Tony's Theme)
      Deemphasis - My World
      Info_Cifon - Entering Centeral Microprocessor
      The Exaltics - 2905
      Digitizer - Transformator
      Fleck ESC - Exposure
      DJ Deckstrous - Hands Pon Your Heart
      The Hidden Persuader - Super Computer
      Sir Real - The Acrid Clause
      Orson Bramley - Las Vegas
      Radioactiveman Vs Dexorcist - 10 Years
      Scape One - After The Rain
      Plant 43 - Wounding Words
      Casimir Punk - Fire fly
      Craig Mak - Mumm!
      Diamondback Kid - Earthbound
      Michael Forshaw - Y'iiidiot
      Michael Forshaw - The Melbourne Shuffle
      Code Rising - By Your Command
      Info_Cifon - NuCm4-Nud2
      Diamondback Kid fet. Leeroy - Apocalypse
      The Ghost That Walks - Nightdrive Detroit
      Kalson - Purgatory Knowledge
      Dynamix 2 - Ignition (Code Rising remix)
      Fleck ESC - Switch On Switch Off
      Deemphasis - Resist
      Bot 23 - Acid BBQ

      NuBreed Radio
      Episode: Episode: October 11 2012


      full playlist:
      Korrupted Brothers - Electromamos
      Silicon Scally - Triggered
      Matt Whitehead - Lunashock
      Darxid - Higher In The Sky
      Dark Vektor - Cepheus
      DJ Gio-MC 505 - Cosmic Cruncher (Downrocks remix)
      Dark Vektor - Basscelona / City of Bass
      Fleck ESC - Lazer
      Alpha 606 - Guajiro
      Morphology - Information Paradox
      Umewelt - The Zeta Reticuli Incident
      MCU - Escape
      ADJ - Ghetto Life
      Clatterbox - Synthetic Lifeform
      Kik Cryounik - Theory
      Boris Divider - Street Walker
      Pip Williams - Lost Souls
      5% Nation of Casiotone - Lo Tech Divider
      Lowfish - 8op
      Dark Vektor - Inteligencia Colectiva (Blotnik Brothers Rmx)
      Point B - Petrol Bomb the Fuckers (Remix)
      Diamindback kid - Earthbound
      Illektrolab - Internal Software
      Justin Maxwell - Join
      Bolz Bolz - Do What You Do
      Diamondback Kid - Coma

    • +February 07 2013 Feat. Paz Honda+

      NuBreed Radio Live Feb 7 2013


      Full Playlist:
      GFR Intro
      Paz Honda Operational Range Mix 4 NuBreed Radio Feb 7 2013
      ALL VINYL suckas! ;)

      Diamond Version - Empowering Change
      Magnum - All Over Me
      Addison Groove - Dumbshit
      Duplex - Below the Photic Zone
      Koova - Excess 2
      Hungry Soul - Afterlife Resort
      Morphology - Evaporation Residue
      Albert Van Abbe - Von Neumann Machine[V2]
      DJ Stingray - cryptic
      ElcoBotz feat. D.J. Salva 808 - Feel the Energy
      Bintus - Advanced Fuel
      Time Light Curve - Acidlab
      Koova - Shift Register (@ 45RPM)
      DJ Skeme Live Mix 4 NuBreed Radio Feb 7 2013
      DJ Mirage & Reeno - GFR Cut
      Korrupted Brothers - Space Worm (RCRRemix)
      Info_Cifon - Put Me Inside a Box
      Tactical Systems (Scape One) - Heterodyne
      Signal Type - In Abyss
      Thatboytim - Maintain
      DVS NME - Redesigned
      Ascension Électronique - So Dark The Con Of Man
      Dez Williams - Oper8
      The Hidden Persuader - People Of Earth
      DVS NME - Pneumatica (The Hidden Persuader RMX)
      Korrupted Brothers - Ebreath
      Scape One - Altered Carbon
      Tactical Systems - Cell Octocoupler
      Boris Divider - The Last Resistance

    • March 21 2013

      I decided to resurrect an old mix series I started back in 09’ In this weeks show we kick things off with “Chill Sessions Vol.3”, this is the original recording of the mix with an extended ending, I will post the final mix in the mix section of this forum later on. I finish up the show live with some new releases by Ascension Électronique, Mike Ash, Ohverclock, The Hidden Persuader, Diamondback Kid, & more including some mash up remixes from Will Web. As always show is free to play, download, & enjoy!

      click picture to download

      Full Playlist:
      Casimir Punk - Pull The Plug
      Skyborg - Frankenstein (are you ready)
      Dibu-Z - Electric Affairs
      Giuseppe Mereu - Reason
      PL_anet - Frequency
      Ben Milstein - Patience
      Crotaphytus - Dont Look Behind - Cycle of Life
      Bitstream - Nest
      I-F - The Man With the Stick
      Pixelated Vision - Twilight Hours
      I-F - The Search
      Jeff Pils - Montiert
      Ascension Électronique - Harmonic Defiance
      Mike Ash - Cosmic Structure
      Ohverclock - Follow No One (R21's Sci-Fi n Robotz)
      Nick Wicked - MP3 V.I.P
      Projekt Mada - Go Freak Go, Go Lick Lick Quick
      Awol - Obey The Computer
      Radiohead - Idioteque (Will Web Remix 136)
      Diplomat - Andromeda (Mirage remix)
      The Hidden Persuader - We Are Computer
      Sol_Dat - Counter Clockworld
      Diamondback Kid - Computer Robot Digital Binary
      Ohverclock - Follow Know One
      Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (The Freakazoids Rerub)
      Code Rising - By Your Command
      Ghostland Observatory - Kick Clap Speaker (Will Web's Zero One Mix)
      Tactical Systems - Hexagrid

    • April 04 2013

      NuBreed Radio Episode: April 4th 2013 DOWNLOAD


      Full Play List:
      Ascension Électronique - Chaos Out Of Order
      Rabitza - Parallel Lines (Live)
      MANASYt - Scornfinger
      Roadking (UNN) - Electrofon
      Bitstream - Step Retracing
      Umwelt - Memoire Du Futur
      Ohverclock - Follow No One (R21's Beatz N Noize remix)
      Mike Ash - Escape Velocity (skyborg remix)
      DJ Deckstrous - This Kind of Music Dont Stop (Skyborgs 2013 remix)
      Middle Men - Space Quest
      Middle Men - Defeat The Object
      Middle Men - Voices From The Void
      Will Web - Somebody Oni Used To Know Mashup Remix
      Bass Kittens - Silent Running
      Illektrolab - 3. Overdrive
      Mike Ash - Escape Velocity
      Clone Theory - Ground Assault
      Radarsat-1 - Underground City
      As1 - Megaton
      Shann-x - In The Shadows
      AS1 - These Dirty Streets
      Alpha 606 - Samborg
      Kan3da - Swan Machine
      I-F - Playstation #2
      Alpha 606 & Sync 24 - Warped Juice
      Morphology - Escape Velocity
      214 - The Curves Neck
      Info_Cifon - Scoptophillia
      Ed Devane - Giant Bassmantix
    • April 18 2013

      NuBreed Radio Episode: April 18 2013 DOWNLOAD


      play list:
      Sam Lowry - Uncle Scam
      Dez Williams - The Long Distance Runner
      Faceless Mind - Timeless Message
      The Exaltics - Relentless
      Scape One - Auto Focus
      Deemphasis - Immersion
      ESS - Trigger my Sequencer
      The Consumer - Solve The System
      ESS - Recall
      ELECTROmonter-Cosmonautic [chill-out edit]
      Pip Williams - Man Vs. Machine
      Projekt Mada - Amphetamine Addiction
      Replicante Norman - Tub D' Assaig
      Silicon Scally - Auton
      Velocs - Beam Transform
      Plant 43 - Tidal Locking
      Operator - Dont Diss Miss
      Imatran Voima - Commando
      Whodini - Big Mouth (DJ Skye Remix)
      Beta-X-50 - Program Robotic
      Dynamik Bass System - Evolution
      Paul Hardcastle - Loitering With Intent
      V.G.O. - Against The System
      Professor X - Statix
      Gangway Invasion - Do The Dip
      19th Fleet - Star Raid (Kik Cryounik Remix)
      Bass Junkie - Dance (Show No Shame Mix)
      Electrodefender - My Way
      Supreme.Ja & Debonaire - Battle Droid (Bonus Beatz)


      Great show this week we start things off with a mix I prepared of some of my personal favorite tunes from GANGWAY INVASION including some tracks of there latest full length album SUNRISE , SUNSET available now at ITunes, Amazon, CDBaby, & More. Gangway Invasion is a funky hip hop group between GFR’s own funkyman Reeno & MC JLA. There music is alot of fun & I enjoyed making the mix. Next I prepared a short 3 track playlist from Dominance Records, this features the Battle of the Year Soundtracks & the Electro Funk Resistance albums. Finally we finish up the night spinning some electro live featuring tracks from Binalog Frequencys latest album Scattering Point also out now. As always the show is free to play, download & Enjoy. :)

      &rt; Gangway Invasion Mix
      Gangway Lament
      Sunrise Sunset
      Solid Gold
      Do The Dip
      Jeep Freaks
      Duh Duh..
      Elevator Muzik
      Club Banger
      Welcome To Planet 808
      Reeno Ft. Syntonics - Whisper in the Night
      Check It
      Strange World
      Stand Up Comedian

      Urban Delight feat. The Catch - 25 Years (Battle Of The Year 2003 Soundtrack - Dominance Records)
      Mr. Confuse - When I Hear Music (Battle Of The Year 2008 Soundtrack - Dominance Records)
      Sygaire & Defcon feat. Capitol A - The Latest (Dominance Electricity's Electrofunk Resistance LP)

      Binalog Frequency - Alienate
      Silicon Scally - Micron
      R21 - Planet of the Robots
      The Outsider - Red Star
      Luke Eargoggle - Sweeping Towers
      Fleck ESC - X-tro
      The Freek Ma - Bladerunner (DVS NME Remix)
      Umwelt - Delinkant
      Mystic Letter K - Dust
      Preston Flex - Control
      Defekt - Dimension Glider
      Point B - King Cirrus
      Binalog Frequency - Radioactive
      Binalog Frequency - Planetary Rockin Systems Remix
      Diamondback Kid - Frontier (The Men Who Knew Too Much Remix)