west ham thread

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    • yeah jcl's early 90's comes to mind when 92-93 season getting 10k 12k at the boleyn north and south bank empty dark days they were but there was more spirit and atmosphere what there is now

      so anyway olympic stadium or not?
      i for one am dead against it, the move is only about money
      have a lot of memorys at the boleyn expand on whats there build a new east stand over the road and over a tunnel so the busses can get through
      i want 4 stands fuck these lifeless bowl type grounds off
    • gee for every magical day or especially night game at upton park I can name you an equally bad one

      yes i've got happy memeories mostly from standing on the north bank but those days are gone

      If they can sort out the olympic stadium so it gives a good atmosphere and view for supporters then we have to go for it

      upton park is a crap ground lets face it - 4 differently designed stands - little room for expansion in a crap area where we 'invade' a multi cultural community every fortnight that doesn't really want us there

      and on top of all that the pubs are pretty crap too

      the chances of us building over priory road and extending backwards i would have thought are minimal given the flats behind - unless we are going to take those out in a massive expansion and redevelopment

      Stratford with Stratford city's bars and restaurants and food outlets, superior transport and the chance to grow the club is the only way forward
    • gee;38926 wrote:

      so anyway olympic stadium or not?
      i for one am dead against it, the move is only about money
      have a lot of memorys at the boleyn expand on whats there build a new east stand over the road and over a tunnel so the busses can get through
      i want 4 stands fuck these lifeless bowl type grounds off

      I`m with you Gee mate,i hate all these new soulless grounds that are basically all the same design i.e. Boro,Derby,Sunderland,Man City ............ no atmosphere,stuck on an industrial estate with nothing around it.

      Goodison Park,Boleyn,White Hart Lane,Fulham proper football grounds.
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    • gee

      just checked the average attendance for league fixtures was somewhere between both of our estimates at 15900 bloody poor though


      we aren't talking about an industrial estate stadium development but one set in an olympic park with good design and a decent load of new city around it

      i'm in to stadiums and stadium design cos of my job - forget all those crap developments this would be totally different

      got to go now though got work to do - just waiting for the jaguar skills mix to finish im on 1996 at the mo
    • No spats the bowl option is defenetly a no go if you think the atmosphere is bad now then you wait and see what a bowl arena does i cant think of any bowl style arena that i thought "cor blimey guv aint they noisey"
      secondly spats its the boleyn ;) not upton park
      seriuosly mate its all about the money and you only have to look at the types that go now they all work in the city the average mans been priced out to the city worker who brings his kids and you think things can get better when we move ? no mate the clientel will go further down the pan
      i will prob still go but draw the tickets off rather than season tickets again, just aint what it used to be

      yes mate i remember going and still got programes in 1992 when the prem league started bristol city or could have been rovers there was only 12k watford and derby the same

      @ kaos
      yea mate i went boro last season in a cup game and the season before prob the worst support ive ever witnessed
      sunderland made some noise but only cause the noise was aimed at shaka hislop
      and man city was a night game this season if i was a city fan i would have been embarrased just go's to show money cant buy an atmosphere

      honestly spats we will get a nice spanking new stadium but there selling there souls to the devil and yeah i agree with ya loads of disarstrous afternoons and evenings at the boleyn but you gotta take the losses, part of what being west ham is about really making the most of what you got or playing for.
      trust me mate when your old and grey and your taking you kids or grandkids to the lifeless olympic ground you will be telling them if you think this is good then you would have loved it back at our proper ground.
      when the boleyns torn down and they build an asda or some development something will die inside
    • gee - got to be honest i've never seen a football stadium with a design like the olympic stadium but it could work I reckon if they configure it right - don't forget about 80% or something has a roof on it so we might get some noise ( shame it won't get a standing area that would generate some demand and an atmosphere)

      ok mate from now on its the boleyn although I do like the old fanzine title from on a mission - castle uptonne ! when dicks was playing and we kept winning (i can't remember the season or the division but i think it was a promotion year - my football memory is going now mate and when I moved i committed the cardinal sin of getting rid of all my programmes and old fanzines)

      in terms of pricing i agree with you 40 quid a match is ridiculous but i guess we're all fiending !

      the only actual hope is that in a 60 k stadium they might have scope or need to sell tickets at a range of decent prices - something tells me otherwise though

      I'm not a die hard supporter of change mate but i'm going into things with an open and positive mind and hope it turns out alright

      I remember the day I got the news bobby moore had died I was in scouseland but as chance would have it was going back to london that day - Arrived at euston was picked up by my dad who was giving me a lift home and i asked him if we could detour via the ground

      I saw the gates with the tributes and hammers milling around and was seriously choked - you're right mate when we leave something will die in all of us - but mate life has to go on and we need to progress
    • As i have said many times on here before,Football in this country is going to implode on itself shortly,it can`t carry on as it is ........... football clubs in millions and millions of pounds worth of debt,whilst still paying average footballers £50k a week,these clubs,in the whole,are totally reliant on Sky money,yet still spend way over budget and who ultimately pays for it? the fans.

      £40 to watch a game of football is disgusting and in some cases that is at the lower end of the ticket price ............. my probable way next season is picking and choosing the games i want to go to due to the obscene cost involved and Sky fucking Sports hijacking K.O. times .......... 12.45 on a saturday,please tell me me how many great games you have seen with that kick off time? it seems as if the players don`t even like that k.o. time.
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    • i totally agree with you kaos - their wages are out of control

      the debts are out of control therefore the prices are out of control

      it'll cost me about 750 to renew my season ticket this year - but like i said i'm fiending again - i am hooked and thats off the back of an abysmal season

      but the day out , a few beers with mates the chats with likeminded football supporters wherever their from and the match its part of me -

      I did the whole dodgy scaninavian pub channels thing for a few years while i stayed away but its just not the same

      one day though sky is going to stop increasing its bids and then the football world will need to get a grip on reality
    • also from what i hear if it rains the roof doesnt cover several rows from the whole circumference
      i'll be very surprised if spats gets behind it now, just redevelope what we got replace a very dated east stand and build over priory road looking simular to aston villa's trinity road stand that will take us nearing 50 k

      how did that jazzy jeff and fresh prince song go ? something about "everything that glitters aint always gold"

      or if they dont want to redevelope relocate to a site like the parcel force site down the road at least it will be in the original location of where the club was first found, i know those gas cylinders are listed and the chemicals in the earth will need to be cleared up but its not impossible
    • gee you're dead right that kumb article has now got me very worried - they better have a bloody good design solution that works or your right its back to the drawing board

      the parcel force site is a potential issue because of the big buncefield fire a few years ago

      the HSE revised their area of safety round gas installations as a result meaning that if we put a stadium there it could well be in the protected zone

      however its not cut and dried - the oval appealled against a hse direction not to buid a new stand and won

      the other thing is that sometime after 2014 they expect those gas works to be decommissioned meaning it could then be a goer

      but a new stadium there would no doubt be bloody expensive

      as i said i don't think building over priory rd is a goer unless you demolish the flats behind
    • at last spats see's the light ;D
      still think the only reason they want to move to the OS is for money purposes not in the best interest at all
      yea with you mate the only solution is build over priory rd or move to another site like the parcel force
      not sure about having to know them flats down look at em from priory road on google maps think we could get away with it remember also mate the east stands not as close as it used to be so a new east stand can also be a lot closer to the pitch