west ham thread

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    • You never do lie down against us, you have Leeds syndrome, Man Utd come to town and you play out of your skin. I watched the match at home and i was closer to the ball than Carroll when he attacked De Gea, we have not put in a decent performance since Nani got sent off, looks like we're gonna crawl over the finish line.

      Play like for the remaining games and you'll be more than safe.
    • Offside goal ?

      Makes up for Carrolls exocet assault on De Gea which was obviously a red card.

      A good game, both teams going at it ............ why do you always play out of your skin against Man Utd yet other times can be complete bollocks ? If you played like that for 36 other games of the season you could do something, maybe.

      A draw was a fair result.
      Live from TTO studios
    • well if the man utd game was a champagne performance then yesterday was more like the hangover

      we won 2-0 but in parts it was probably the worst home performance of the season with misplaced passes and unforced errors all round the pitch

      but wigan came as a shock i was expecting a really hard fought performance from them given their league position and need for 3 points but they didn't have the fight in them

      they managed i think one chance on target in the first half which jussi stopped by sitting on the ball

      second half they forced a few saves but this was as much about west ham being poor as wigan raising their game

      anyhow 42 points now and surely safe with i think 4 games to go - sam deserves his new contract
    • last game of the season yesterday afternoon traditionally a chance to catch up with mates and celebrate the season - well worth doing this year as we finished tenth in our first season in the top flight

      We started brightly and were quickly on top of the game against a reading side who were already relegated some of the movement and passing was excellent and we were fairly quickly 2 nil up

      the first goal was a terrible mistake after a mix up by the newly selected so called england goalie

      the second goal for me was great to watch starting on the left there were some lovely touches and bits of skill before the ball was played across the area and knocked back for vaz te to score with a driving shot

      at half time we were sitting pretty but it all changed straight from the whistle in the second half

      first reading made two substitutions bringing on le fondre in particular who seemed to change the game also west ham's players left their heads in the changing room and decided to go on holiday with 45 minutes of the season still to play it was quickly 2-2 and the crowd were annoyed

      what surprised me most is that i didn't see sam pacing the technical area all wound up and shouting while they were playing like amateurs.

      normal service was resumed when nolan popped up for a second and then his hattrick and we run in 4-2 winners

      lastly the crowd singing for carroll to stay was a great touch he'd been highly effective in the first half both in the air and on the ground - i'm hoping we can do the deal to keep him