Dynamix II - electro megamix

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    • Dynamix II - electro megamix

      have been listening to this one again lately. i always felt this was one of new school's defining records - even if it has older songs on it: it came out at the time of the late 90s electro revival and - with some other records - seemed to mark the beginning of another era (soundwise).

      some observations:

      - i never realized how much old school hip hop they smuggled into their songs. i always put them into the pure (new school) electro category cause their sound is so clear and technoid. but just listen to all the samples on "just give the dj a break"!

      - i'm feeling a very deliberate kraftwerk reference ... almost a modernized version of kraftwerk (if that's possible). in their best moments, they master the combination of a sterile and futuristic, zippy-zappy electronic sound with a very restrained and subtle sense of melody.

      anyone care to agree or disagree? :)