Blastromen radio INTERVIEW + english transcript + new track preview ...LISTEN!!

    • Blastromen radio INTERVIEW + english transcript + new track preview ...LISTEN!!

      The BLASTROMEN live radio INTERVIEW special in the
      Kokki Kolmenollakolmonen show on Bassoradio 102.8 MHz (4. September 2010)
      is now available for streaming at:

      English translation transcript available here:

      Show tracklist:
      -Jori Hulkkonen "Mello Dick Track" (F Communications 1996)
      -Kraftwerk "Die Roboter" (Kling Klang 1978)
      -Studio (Anthony Rother) "In The Studio" (Psi49Net 2002)
      -Blastromen "Human Beyond" (Human Beyond LP, Dominance 2010)
      -Blastromen "Le Nucleaire Civile" (intro) (Robot Agression EP, X0X Records 2004 / Human Beyond LP (CD only))
      -Blastromen "Sexy Droid" (Robot Agression EP, X0X Records 2004)
      -Blastromen "Escaping Don't Compute" (Blasteroids EP, X0X Records 2008)
      -Blastromen "Battlenet" (Human Beyond LP, Dominance 2010)
      -Blastromen "Computer Simulator" (Human Beyond LP, Dominance 2010)
      -Blastromen "Follow The Command" (Human Beyond LP, Dominance 2010)
      -Blastromen "Human 2.0" (Human Beyond LP, Dominance 2010)
      -Blastromen "Space Trader" (Robot Agression EP, X0X Rec 2004 / Human Beyond (CD only), Dominance)
      -Blastromen "Robot Agression" (Robot Agression EP, X0X Records 2004)
      -Blastromen "Sky City 1000" (Human Beyond LP, Dominance 2010)
      -Blastromen "Infiltrator Unit" (unreleased - teaser)
      -Industrial Bass Machine "Enter The Matrix" (Joey Boy Records 1998)
      -LFO "Freak" (Warp 2003)
      -Tangerine Dream "Le Parc" (Jive Electro 1985)

      [img3][/img3] Blastromen "Human Beyond"!
      New album on Dominance Electricity:
    • Cool interview,

      Always great to hear from the artists themselves. I really think these guys are pushing the electro boundaries at the moment, very cool music. Can't wait to rock this whole release, gonna be a sci-fi party!

      Well done Dominance & Blastro ;)
      "I need your clothes, your boots, & your synthesizer" :cylon: