September 2010 newsletter...

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    • September 2010 newsletter...

      Hi everyone,

      This month Detroit is in effect with a fabulous mix from the mastermind behind M.A.P Records and one of the city's funkiest Techno Bass duos. Prepare for a ride through the streets of "tha D" as DJ Maaco gets behind the wheels of steel and works his magic, bringing you timeless classics from artists like Erotek, Electric Soul, Channel One, as well as various releases from Detroit In Effect.

      The artist highlight this month goes to one of the founders of Crobot Muzik, N-ter! For the past 11 years, Bojan Jascur aka N-ter, has been ravaging dancefloors and sound systems across the globe with his incredibly majestic, soulful, and hard hitting Electro/Techno styles. Releasing the first Croatian album of this genre on the indie label ''Egoboo Bits" in 1999, he would eventually sign to legendary labels like Drivecom, Puzzlebox Records and even Twilight 76 some years later; beginning what has become a versatile and quite large discography of digital, vinyl, and CD releases.

      The record review is for the latest installment on Transient Force featuring none other than Detroit's most legendary duo, Aux 88, and their new 12" cut "Electro Slaves". 2010 has proven to be one of the best years so far since the resurgence of new school Electro, and Aux 88's new EP is here to serenade to the thing that keeps us coming back for more...the music! Available to order now from the Transient Force website,

      Just to update you everyone on a little bit of news: We are working on launching the site's own label and the first EP is finished and soon to be mastered! The first release will be "Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back", and will feature not only the original on 12" vinyl, but will also have remixes by DJ Di'jital, Sbles3plex, and DJ Xed. Stay tuned for more info on this release!

      Enjoy the updates!

      The Team