oldschool records for sale

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    • oldschool records for sale

      Great stuff for sale (all original copies):

      Ice T-Killers/Body Rock (Electrobeat)
      D.W. and the Party Crew-Freaky Lover (Party Crew)
      Joy Vogel-Beat Box (TLO)
      Double D-Autobotic Body Rock (TLO)
      Ultimate III-Ultimate III Live (N.V.)
      Super Kids-The Tragedy (promo) (NIA)
      Jimmy Lewis and the L,A. Street Band-Street Freaks (Write On)
      J.D. Krush-Krush Style (Sound Makers)
      Ice T-The Coldest Rap (Saturn)
      Unknown Dj-Rhythm Rock Rapp (Saturn)
      CLI-N-TEL-2030 (Techno Hop)
      Bass Patrol-Rock This Planet album (pic.cover) (Joey Boy)
      Troy the Wonder Boy&Electric One Thousand-Boo Boo´s Break (promo) (Cobbler)
      Magnificent Three&Fearless Master-Crush (C.C.L.)
      Captain Rock-Cosmic Blast (NIA)
      Kid Frost-Terminator (first pressing) (Electro Beat)
      Kraftwerk-Computer World lp (WB)
      Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express lp (Capitol)
      Jamie Jupitor-Computer Power (pic.cover) (Egyptian Empire)

      Let me know if interested!!