November 2010 newsletter...

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    • November 2010 newsletter...

      Hi everyone,

      Well, the year is almost over, but not without two more fabulous features! This time around, we have a Detroit native who goes by the name of Jase One. Jase One is a product of a born and raised Detroit Techno and Electro DJ. He grew up listening to Electronic Music in the underground scene of Detroit and quickly began Djing in 1998. Fitting right in with the Detroit scene, Jase One has a heavy Techno and Electro sound, but also mixes all types of genres. This month he has prepared a killer set featuring a fine collection of timeless Techno Bass classics, as well as a few Electro Funk hits to balance things out. Get his set now from the mixes/sets section!

      The artist highlight this months begins to look at one of the other sides of our music, this time exploring the Miami Bass era, and how it played an important role in the development of new school Electro/Techno sounds. We talk about one of the pioneers of intelligent Miami Bass, Techno Bass Crew, and why so many different artists like them chose to forgo the Booty Bass approach, and follow a different path in their music.

      The record review this time around is for one of the year's finest releases, the long awaited "Human Beyond" by Blastromen. To explain their music is nearly impossible. One is at a loss for words when listening to the amazing compositions, carefully programmed sequences, and suspenseful and powerful vocoders...check out the review and read more about the release!

      Please remember that if you would like to contribute feature sets, ad banners, or even just a link or two, feel free to send us a message or an email at:

      Until next time,

      The Team