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    • For the 353rd installent of @darkscienceelectro we welcome back @julia-pe-1 for her third appearance on the show. Arguably one of the most recognized figures in the Spanish Electro music circuit, this Intergalactic FM regular is no new comer to the scene. Her sessions have a strong Electro sound with brushstrokes of Techno Music as well as dark and gloomy atmospheres.

      Animistic Beliefs - Phycodurus Dragon
      Silicon Scally - Auton
      Sonar Bass - Welcome to Sonar Bass #4
      Morphology - Convince The Computer
      Plant 43 -Wounding Words
      The Exaltics- The Hunch
      Ectomorph- Skin
      Dj Technician - Never ever
      Aux 88 - Control Panels ( Dj Xed Crobot Crew Remix)
      RXmode -Decryptor
      Umwelt - ESA
      QChip - Pleasure Anxiety
      Annanan & Maroje T - I am
      Igors Vorobjovs - Befuddled
      Autechre - Skin up you're already dead

    • Victoria Lukas is a producer that has been active since the start of the millennium and has a few alias that fans of my show will instantly recognize. Inkamera, Vita, Weltgeist as well as an amazing project with Gerald Donald called Zerkalo. In addition to her releases on @last-known-trajectory , @frustratedfunk and @alekstark , she composes film scores that explore the colors of icy/hypnotic synthesis in the vein of Techno, Synthpop, New Wave and Industrial.

      More from her here:

      Brian Eno & Robert Fripp - Evening Star
      Victoria Lukas - In Absentia
      Victoria Lukas - Always Over
      VITA feat Pierre Bastien - Let’s Have No More Nights
      Jauzas the Shining & Victoria Lukas - Parasites
      Jauzas the Shining & Victoria Lukas - Follow Me
      INKAMERA - Empty Eyes
      INKAMERA - Potentia
      XOR GATE - Conic Sections

    • Our third guest on Dark Science Electro for this month's Women's History Month special series of mixes is @lokier - Hailing from Mexico originally, this Berlin-based DJ/producer has taken inspiration from the post-punk scene releasing remixes and EPs starting in 2014. Her sound in DJ sets and her own productions have been naturally evolving to more dark, Industrial Music and Electro music territory since moving to the German capital. She has shared the stage with the likes of I-F and many others.

      Interviews- Opera
      Lostsoundbytes- H Palace
      Leo James- Transit
      Andreas Gehm- Living That Life pt. II
      ADJ- Deeptro
      Maroje T- Bosnian Witch
      Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code- Natural Control
      Sematic4- Lost In Your Eyes
      Morphology- Nuclesynthesis
      Stratowerx- 2D City
      DMX Krew- Axiom Of Choice
      Luke Eargoggle vs. Johan Inkinen- Aristos Voyage

    • Episode 356 was mixed by @emily-may-dj

      Sheffield born, London Based DJ has kept a fairly low profile over her 9 year career behind the decks. She’s honed her craft playing across the north of the UK, progressing musically until she truly found her sound in the basement of Sheffield's widely lauded warehouse club The Night Kitchen, where she has been the longest standing resident since its opening 4 years ago. Couple this with digging in local secondhand records shops for old Warp Records, Bleep & Electro music records a truly enigmatic talent emerged.

      The Parallax Corporation - Welcome to the Parallax Testing Facility
      The Exaltics - 00046.85.0.H
      Andrea Parker - The Swamp
      Ratsnake - HOLE
      Charging Systems - Hack the Planet
      Fleck ESC - Next Door People
      Heuristic Audio - A Chemical Deficiency
      Remote Operator - Cyborg
      Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - Natural Control
      Sougon - Ippon
      Alonzo - Bernie Knows
      Innershades - Aalst to Charlois
      Microcontrolunit - Save the World (Morphogenetic Remix)
      Caron - Reflection
      Sophia Saze - Solace

    • Episode 357 of @darkscienceelectro was mixed by @athene-kn-fer

      A relative newcomer to the world of DJing, she has been mixing for three years. Athene currently resides in London, which is also her hometown. She is the co-owner of the label @subapical - Her DJ sets usually feature a mixture of genres but the idea for this mix was to play some of the sparse UK Electro music records she loves.

      Automat - Unreleased Track forthcoming brokntoys
      S>>D - Nightgaunts
      Soulweaver - Phantom Movements
      Even Steven - Heatseeker
      Illektrolab - Battle In The Dark
      Junq - Cosmology
      Soulweaver - Parra Attack
      The 15 Dead Minutes - Fibril
      Junq - Neutron harmonics
      Two Lone Swordsmen - Brootle
      Automat - Theme Modifie
      Andrea Parker & David Morley - Uninvited
      S>>D - Devil's Tower

    • The 358th installment of @darkscienceelectro comes to us from @cem3340cem3340

      Find more on CEM3340 here:

      Randomer - Smokin
      Electronome - Regenerated
      Hype Killers - Timewarp
      Si/Com - Lost Pli
      Go Nuclear - Instrumental
      Annie Hall - Curie (sync 24 rmx)
      Sc-164 - 11 70
      Alex Seidel - Bliss
      Lewski - Occultation
      Sync 24 - Memory Bubble (Interceptor rmx)
      I/F - Superman
      Alonzo - Bernie Knows
      Defekt - Mg2
      UHU - Deep Ocean
      Defekt - Mg1
      Go Nuclear - Exotic Dancer
      Sonar Bass - Intergalactic Anecdote
      Alex Seidel - S.G
      Scape One - I Program
      Detroit’s Filthiest - Erratic Behavior

    • Episode 359 of Dark Science Electro originally aired on 4/13/2018 via Intergalactic FM
      @mejle is a Danish DJ and co-owner of @mechatronicamusic - a Berlin based record label, events promoter and music collective.
      Mechatronica has been pushing Electro and Acid-driven nights in Berlin for the past 7 years, and launched their label in 2016. The collective holds club night residencies at the grain-mill-turned-night-club, Griessmühle, in the industrial outskirts of Berlin, as well as at Sameheads in Neukölln.

      MEJLE’s rugged and dynamic approach to DJing blends with a decade-long passion for collecting music and mixing records, to produce energetic sets that slide across Electro, Acid, EBM, Techno, Chicago and Detroit sounds, Italo Disco, New Beat and everything in between.

      For this edition of @darkscienceelectro , he put together a selection of electro sounds from the past, present and future, including a peek at what’s to come on Mechatronica.

      Follow MEJLE via the links below:

      Luxus Varta - Radion
      Pulsum - Jonathan Wolff
      Benn Rogue - Inferior Bionics
      Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer - I Am Mensch
      Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - Pipe
      No Moon - Bathtub Dub
      Animistic Beliefs - Thalassic Alarm (Linh’s Hymn)
      Morphology - Fluid Dynamics
      Fastgraph - ../../
      Cestrian - Hearse
      Anthony Rother - G.E. (Miami Edit)
      Antonio - Adriatic Front
      Cosmic Force - Hooligan
      Doubledutch - Launch Detected
      Volruptus - Hessdalen
      Vertical67 - No Clear Picture
      JLM Werx - Diskette Boy
      OCB - There's No Time
      Rude 66 - Sadistic Tendencies
    • New

      This week on Dark Science Electro we have Leigh Simmons also known as @devilcaketechno . She spent the 1990’s playing techno in empty warehouses, derelict roller rinks and abandoned strip malls all over the US and Canada. After a long break an appearance at the Headspace Dome during Drop Bass Network's infamous Even Furthur 2016 brought Devil Girl back into the Techno/Electro music fold. Her style is wide-ranging, from hard, dark, off-kilter and industrial techno mixed with Chicago and Detroit classics to full-on techno bass and electro sets. Tune in at 20:00 GMT on Intergalactic FM.

      Elektro Muzik - Aux 88
      The Voice of World Control - Industrial Bass Machine Carkrash Vikdim - Dez Williams
      Robotmachine - Dynamik Bass System
      Reticulum - Zeta Reticula
      Red Dice - Utilizer
      Fear Teacher - The Dexorcist
      Robot Stampede - Industrial Bass Machine
      Plasticene Gene (Ectomorph Remix) - Detroit Grand Pubahs
      Dalek Sinfonia - Diplomat
      Dark Times (Bass Junkie’s Technological Terror Mix) - The Dexorcist
      Las Maquinas - Sbles3plex
      Quandrantize - The Advent
      Ocean Drive (Tiga’s White Linen Vox Remix) - FPU
      Dont Stop The Beat - Anthony Rother
      Native X (Mix 1) - Project X
      Techno Bass Is Back (DJ XED remix) - Morphogenetic
      Electro Tek - Analog To Future
      The B-Boys - Computor Rockers
      Electronic Robots (Dynamik Bass System remix) - Aux 88
      Time (Sync24 Mix) - M-Twelve
      W.I.B.O. - w1b0
      Carl Craig Always Did - Mazzula
      Infected Biome - Plant43
      Mind Stealers (Sync24 Mix) - Morphology
      Surrender Or Be Destroyed! - Bass Junkie
      Pinwheel - Shinra