new DARXID single release OUT NOW as special 7" vinyledition :: Knives (SDV13)

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    • new DARXID single release OUT NOW as special 7" vinyledition :: Knives (SDV13)

      Its time to explore the new frontiers of ELECTRO, its time to rock on EXTRAORDINARY, its time to step on the gas and accelerate the hyperdrive of (((BOOOOOM))) !!! DARXID is back with a new two track single release presented by SUBSONIC DEVICE:

      ***out now and available through TEMPLEPLATE***



      A-Side uptempo shocker "Knives", a Darxid cover track of one of the best tunes by the alternative band THERAPY? from 1994: hard synthetic beats, Darxids aggressive vocals and a touch of punkrock vibe, pushs the tune into the 21st century. Let us "freak out" together through a new dimension of ELECTROBASS ...

      The B-Side follows with the deep, more calm and thoughtful electro pop song "Dunkelheit": melancholy feelings concerning our modern society and the egoistic behaviour of that. We just can evolve the future of us all in good, if we use our mind and soul in a collective way. Definitely something to spend some thoughts about ...

      Out soon virtual wherever you buy digital music and already available through the TEMPLEPLATE record store:…6655d22f5ebdac0d517f9bf71

      Rock on, freak out, use your brain ..... and feel the subsonic frequencies: Enjoy these extraordinary new tunes.
      Thanks for all your help and support,

      Subsonic Device