Freestyle Electro

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    • dasgetier;48987 wrote:

      I dont know if this is the right expression. Are there more artists like Tears of Technology, Beat Crush Crew, B-Boy Tronik, Sonic Division and Freestyle Project who use more catchy Melodies as u know it from Trance ?Maybe like this

      You mean in the Music Instructor ~ Flying Steps style?
      I heard some on myspace you might like, like Atomic Project
      I'll try to remember some more.
    • EDIT: @dasgetier - the blog you posted contains download links... while I suppose it is a good resource for news, I sure hope you all plan on buying these tracks! I am heartbroken that these styles are pirated so much :(

      Thanks to this thread I discovered this new E-Freakz label, thanks so much....! It's great to see B-Boy TroniK back on the case - the last album "Overdrive" was disco nonsense lol, but I been following him since early days of Arktika on Soundclick (or maybe can't remember)... he is a brilliant musician. Good to see him finally signed.

      ....anywho, greetings from Australia, I have been a fan of Electro/Freestyle like this for many many years, and I can suggest some of my favourites for you. Here we go!

      You already mentioned Freestyle Project, so I must ask - are you familiar with their label Manifold Music? They release the comp. CD's "Freestyle Party" and have many many many similar artists (some are even better in my opinion) - you can see all their Freestyle releases on their official shop here. Some of my all-time favourites [YouTube links]:

      [EDIT: Some of these may not be Manifold Music, but instead appear on the XYZ label's 'Freestyle Vol. #' discs - sorry]

      Anthony Norris - Super Freakin'

      This guy is EXCELLENT and has many tracks. I think he is more commercially successful (in Germany at least) than Freestyle Project, he also has a MySpace profile.

      Bodywork - Electric Workout (Open Your Mind)

      Bubble J. - Up And Down

      I believe this is a side-act from the same guy who produces Freestyle Project. They also feature a lot of vocals from Pandera (his main production before he went on to F.P.)

      Dave - Magic Eyes

      Double Effect - Ampere X

      Funkyblasters - Dance

      Double Effect - Ampere X

      Freak Style - Check Your Body (Club Mix)

      old school warning! Reminds me of Freestyle (the 80's artist)

      Matthew B. - Freelove

      Not sure if you'll like this, it has male singing in it so is more of a true Freestyle track - but I really like it.

      N.Y. City Beats - Spin Me Around

      Original Stylaz - Break It Up - Not on YouTube :( this is a GREAT track...

      Planet 808 - Mach One

      Styleshakerz - Bodystyle

      One of my most favourite...

      Stylo - Call The Key

      I have five songs from this artist (wish there was more) they are all bangin' as sh!t check them out!

      Sun Beat - Freestyle Groove

      As above... they only have five tracks but they are AWESOME

      The Freestyle Crew - Let's Jam Tonight

      Maybe interesting - you can also buy a CD full of samples and loops from the producer of Freestyle Project. I think half the artists on the Freestyle Party CD's must have gotten this!

      That'll do for the German-originated Freestyle artists of this type/label.... over the years I have spent a lot of time scouting for more, here's some info I can share off the top of my head...

      Electric Crew - Don't Go (Lee Parrish Electro Mix)

      I uploaded this just now. It's a cover/remix of an 80's track, pretty damn good. Bought it off eMusic, it's from some German label that usually does techno doof crap. The 2CD album is pretty good, though most of them are not actually Freestyle and many are actually slower-paced... but I like that kinda chillout stuff when it's done this well.

      Blastromen :D

      Bomfunk MC's have a lot of similar sounding stuff. First album "In Stereo" is more Hip-Hop; second album Burnin' Sneakers is VERY Electro; third album Reverse Psychology is kinda Electroclash/Pop stuff.

      Club Elementz side project (?) "g!Fstyle Project" has some decent tracks. I think they are on, can't remember....

      Debonaire was already mentioned, he is a cool guy who is familiar with all this German Freestyle Electro stuff and is very influenced by it. And hey, he just posted a new single on YouTube from his upcoming album - it has chord hits and pew-pew-bass :)

      Def Cut has some really good Electro stuff, though he does mostly Hip-Hop. Damn good either way.

      Dynamik Bass System - surprised nobody mentioned them - they are Miami Bass-ish I guess, but have that old-school influence. Not very many Trance-like hooks though, they're more brutal ;)

      Electrocore Feat. MC Electro Mastermind - Welcome To Our World (Vocoder Version)

      I had to mention this. It doesn't seem to appear on the E-Freakz portfolio. Such a good track, the bassline is total electrofunk, the vocoded vocals are amazing, this is such an inspiring track... and this video has clips of Sofia Boutella breakin' in it WOO HOO what a goddess!

      eXtatic is a very cool artists who I've been following for many years. Some tracks are meh but many are gold... I think he's part of (signed to) Sonic Division these days? Free downloads at his artist page -

      Flying Steps - not very well known, their album "B-Town" is actually a compilation disc - most tracks are by a guy named Engin it seems. I did dig further into those names a few years back but didn't find anything, maybe I will again soon.

      Free 4 Stylez - Are You Ready

      A very trancey-sounding-electro track, this artist is from German label Apollo Freestyle. The label was founded by Nicki Daniels (from Double Effect) and has some artists formerly signed to Manifold Music (e.g. Jay R., the singer from Double Effect). They also have/had Johnny O. on their portfolio. Most of their stuff is true-Freestyle though without that synth hook and with much more romance-related vocals and/or rap.

      Storm Crew was an unsigned artist I discovered many years ago, but I can't remember where from... a quick google search didn't help much, should have made a note of their page... I have a few tracks of theirs which are not bad, one is called Electro Empire :)

      SKR is worth a mention, but he is unsigned (I think) and no longer making music it seems... you can get all his MP3's for free from his profile here - - have a listen of "My Name Is Electro Adam" and also "Robot City", they are two of my favourites!

      ToLeK is another artist from so there are some free downloads here. Most the tracks are average.... but some are pretty catchy and well made. Check out "I Can't Stop (Electric Boogie)"

      ...there are a lot of indie Freestyle artists out there inspired by F.P. and stuff; but many of them sound like complete crap.... cheap songs using stock Fruityloops samples and really dodgy effects.

      Whew, long post.... well I have heaps and heaps of this music. I actually discovered Electro with all this stuff, well actually it was "Get Freaky" by Music Instructor was my first ever track to hear. Then I learnt of Bomfunk, Flying Steps, this German Freestyle from Manifold Music.... I am only very new to this "mainstream" scene of Electro Empire, discovering artists like Debonaire and Dynamik Bass System is such a fresh experience, I fell in love all over again ;D

      I am from Australia, I have never met anyone who knows of this music, or even likes it much... hate to sound like a lonely loser lol but would be great if you guys add me as a friend on Facebook! I continue to crawl the internet for more funky freestyle-electro all the time...

      P.S. Freestyle Electro is a good term in my opinion =) Electro Freestyle is not so good, since Electro came first. Makes sense to me anyway ::)