Problems re-posting images from

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  • Problems re-posting images from

    If you try re-posting images from, using their image url's, you will find out that everyone else has problems viewing it in your forum post.

    It's because is blocking all their images from being embedded or linked externally (to avoid the extra indirect download traffic).

    What makes it confusing is that for you (the one trying to re-post the image) the embedding will seem to work at first. The image appears correctly. But that is only because your browser 'remembers' the image data from your previous visit. When that temporary memory of your browser is gone (and to anyone trying to view the image outside of discogs first) the image won't load.

    Solution: download the images from and re-upload them at free image hosting websites like:, etc. They provide links to embedd the images anywhere.

    Any problems / questions? Get in contact! (See contact form link at the bottom of this website.)