• kaos;49245 wrote:

      Any users out there?

      I have absolutely no knowledge of anything Mac having always used a Windows based PC for the last 14 years or so, but having been looking at a Mac Book, just for a change if anything.

      Are they better or worse than a Windows based PC?

      Been Pc since end of 93. Macs look nice but it's a real other world question configuration for the software, got a bit lost in it to tell the truth after using it at my friend's place. Looks nice though but a bit pricey !!!
    • I've had one for almost a year and not looked back. They are pricey but they look fantastic (both hardware and operating system) and are so stable compared to Windows, although if you really want you can install Windows on a partition as well as MacOS, there's a few packages available to let you do that as the latest Macs are Intel-based.

      If you decide to go MacOS only, well bear in mind that you don't get Word, Excel etc as standard and you have to shell out extra for all that. iTunes is the default media player and is integrated right into the OS so if you hate that you'll hate Macs, but it all works just a little bit better on a Mac, as if they deliberately polished it all off for their own hardware!

      I wasn't a PC gamer, so didn't miss the fact that there's less choice out there for Mac. Mostly though, I find it a pleasure to use, rather than a pain. I still use a PC at work and still grit my teeth at the daily ctrl-alt-delete routine to get rid of the 'Not Responding' program. I hate to say it but it really is down to personal taste, as well as budget. Why not pop into an Apple Store and spend an hour messing around with one and see what you think.
    • You get as standard on the new Macs: iTunes, Quicktime Player, Time Machine (backup software). a load of Widgets (useful weather/temperature/anything apps you can put on), Safari (web browser), Front Row (a movie front end), Garage Band (a sort of low-end music making pack), iPhoto and iMovie (decent but basic photo and movie editing), Mail, and PDF reading and making is integrated into the OS.

      You can then download for free some old favourites: Skype, an MSN thingy, Firefox... Sun Microsystems does a free Office clone called, don't expect great things from that but it's ok for the odd letter. Microsoft Office costs about £70 for Mac, but I went for Apple's iWork which is a bit cheaper, in the interest of not having anything made by Bill on my computer :) Photoshop Elements is a better image editor, but you get what you pay for.

      In short, the standard OS, a couple of free downloads, and an office suite (one of which is free) should get you more or less up to speed on a Mac. I'm not planning on going back to the bad old days that's for sure.

      Some helpful chap has put up a website containing links to all the utilities you could need:
    • I've been a Windows user for a long time and i have my Macbook for like 2 years now and i must say i'm never going to buy a pc ever again.. why?

      people always say "wow man, mac is looking very nice, very hip, so let's buy that"

      that's wrong :) haha. No a mac does look nice BUT i think what you are really hoping to hear is that the user-friendly factor is waaaay better than Windows. Yes, believe me. No more diggin in folders and subfolders. No more 328 different menus. No more going through those install menus again (simple drag n drop). No more using a trackpad that is limited to 3 functions. No more waiting 10 minutes when turning it on like a 2 year old windows pc. No more 89% chance you download a trojan horse. No more latency when using a midi-keyboard. ... and i could go on and on.

      But yeah.. it's a little more expensive and there isn't that much variety of software in general than on windows but software that is really useful in art-professions (such as music, graphic design, film, fashion, etc) is represented on mac. And even if you can't find that one program, you can install windows on your intel-mac and run that program there. There are even programs that read .exe files on a mac..

      On the other hand.. Apple is taking it way to commercial and that's actually the main thing that's bothering me.. the more people, the more virusses.. and then we're back to square.
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    • I'm a regular user of both - I use a Mac at work and have a Macbook, I also have a desktop Windows PC.

      Mac for me HANDS DOWN. If I had the money to flog my pc and get a mac for producing music I'd do it tomorrow. They look good, are much more user-friendly, no need for anti-virus, no need for 3rd party firewall software, no need to defrag the hardrive....
    • i use windows xp and mac os 9.2/osx

      i have a g4 mac dual which is still the main music computer since i bought it 7 years ago in 2003.

      ive had to re install windows xp many times on various pcs that messed up.
      im still on the same mac os x10.2 /mac os 9.2.

      i think that speaks volumes, macs are ultra stable and reliable once set up.

      on the downside, its harder to get some software,cough cough for it
      and the mac hardware platform is a lot more expensive in comparison to equivelant pc performance.