Scape One: Let's Put the Future Behind Us + Stellar Remnants

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    • Scape One: Let's Put the Future Behind Us + Stellar Remnants

      Scape One: Let's Put the Future Behind Us
      The 'Future' series continues... 10 Tracks! First time in digital form, originally released on Remote Audio in 2003 as a very limited EP. Containing the nasty vocoder track Stereotypecast as well as the more deeper 'Tomorrow' as featured on the Darkbeat electro documentary. As before included for the first time are various mixes and bonus tracks recorded during the original recording sessions. All remastered from the original master recordings.

      Scape One: Stellar Remnants
      Brand new album! The latest digital release from Scape One containing 10 tracks of all new material. Released through the excellent Militant Science label and available exclusively from Juno Download.

      Back Catalogue
      For the complete back catalogue of Scape One material and unreleased bonus tracks.

      Coming soon in 2011
      The future series continues next week with 2 more instalments and then in the following weeks the arrival of Not Quite Human, Is Anybody Listening? Not Human. As always expect more unreleased bonus mixes, beats, bleeps and electroid experiments.

      Thanks for all the support