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    • BASSCUITS radio sessions I also have a slot on fourth Sunday every month 6-8 pm GMT on gfr ..just thought why not call it - basscuits))

      ..well is a set on 27.02.2011 ..enjoy

      dl link

      Anokie - Wake Up In 7 Lightyears
      Svreca - Utero (Regis Remix)
      Perc - 1909 (Original Mix)
      Lowfish - Clk (Dub)
      Defekt - Systolic Array
      The Monopolist - You Only Need Me When You Want Me
      Nomadic - Alphaphix (Andrea Parker Remix)
      214 - Burbujas
      ADJ - Beat Stripper
      Code Rising - Visual Contact
      Boris Divider - Ultralink
      Synthetix - Lines Of Code
      DVS NME - Animation
      Basic Soul Unit - Jak?d Freq (A Made Up Sound - Puur Natuur Mix)
      Fleck Esc - Dr. Spook
      Francois Du Electronique - Taste Me
      Voltaic - Darkhaze
      Mike Ash - The 808 Number
      Steven Patton - Social Decline
      Francois Du Electronique - Pussy Trance
      Univac - Untitled
      Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
      MikeAsh - Stop The Machines
      Digitizer - Transformator
      AS1 - Within Me
      Unknown Artist - Cunning Love
      Skream - Lightnin VIP
      Benjwahbeats - 0mg
      Pip Williams - Rasta Four-Eyed
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • 27.03.2011

      Ard2 - Skape
      Nimoy - Schonheit Gibt's Nur Im Kampf
      Aratkilo - Afraid Redux
      Duracel - Sieg Oder Bolschewismus
      Dystronic - Human Device
      Francois Du Electronique - Hypnotiza
      2AMFM - The Final Approach
      Max Durante Aka Nova Electro - Robot Edit
      Dave Calculator - EleCtro8ball2k11
      Other Aspect - Nuance
      214 - Drift Diving
      Oort Cloud - Men From Mars (Attack)
      Preston Flex - Little Feller
      DJ Controlled Weirdness vs The Dexorcist - Attack Of The...
      Subscriber - As If
      Rude 66 - Walked In Line
      Beebka - Fuckmachine
      Max Durante Aka Nova Electro - Digital Dream
      Adolf Filter - 1982
      Francois Du Electronique - Lovely Lonely Girl
      Spanish Robots - Give It To Them
      Dark Vektor - Zetan Bio Robots
      Beta X-50 - Master Magnet
      Boris Divider - Shutdown The System
      ElectroBerlin - Fallout
      ERP - Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix)
      Gab.Gato - The Villains Inc.
      Boddika - Electron
      Seek 2012 - Hunab-Ku
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • 24.04.2011

      lstn or dl here

      Loop In: Vangelis - Rachel's Song/Samples from The Warriors & Judgment Night movies
      Shackleton – The Rope Tightens (Badawi Remix)
      Preston Flex - Control
      Komarken Electronics – Spaciousness
      The Exaltics – Calculate
      Hadamard – All Life Is Suffering
      David Morley – Hollow
      Datawelt – Database
      David Morley – Descent
      Heliopause – Destination Planet Earth
      ESS - Halleys Comet
      Mazzula - It's Been Emotional Part 2
      Scanone – Feep
      DJ Food - Spiral (Tongue & Groove Mix)
      Pip Williams – Natural Instinct
      Datawelt – Electronic Harmony
      Addison Groove – Work It
      Robaphex – Play
      Badawi – El Topo
      Ancient Methods Vs Adam X – Mital Regurgitation (Adam X Mix)
      Morphology – Convince The Computer
      The Exaltics – Irresistible
      Rude 66 – No Cure
      Instra:mental – When I Dip
      Sero - Interception System
      Heliopause – Subtransmission
      Komarken Electronics – Spaciousness (The Exaltics Remix)
      Heliopause – Forward
      Gab.Gato vs XBeat – No Light Or Shadow (Electro Mix)
      Force Staccato – Staccato (Dank SM Club Mix)
      Tudor Acid – Urgent (Radioactive Man Remix)
      214 – Sidestepping
      Cosmic Force – Resynthesize
      Aux 88 – Electro Muzik
      Synthetix - Interface
      Drexciya – Digital Tsunami
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • 22.05.2011
      ..a bit of good music & a bit of battle trax ..only vinyl this time

      lstn or dl here

      Gedankenexperiment – Hypothesis
      The Exaltics – Compressed Thoughts
      David Morley – Angels
      DeFeKT – Replicants Mind
      The Exaltics – Fallen Planet
      Christophocles – Triumph Pt. 1
      Ben Milstein – Dodgy Bath
      Automaton – Machine Chorus
      Versalife – Solenoids Of Insomnia
      English Electric – Epitaxy
      Duplex – Until Now
      Versalife – Tales Of The Unexpected
      digitalb0y – Virus Ver. 2.0
      The Future Sound Of London– My Kingdom (Part 4)
      Hardfloor – You Know The Score (Boris Divider Remix)
      Morphology – Xerxes
      Time Light Curve – Acidlab
      Hardfloor – 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward (Dynamik Bass System Remix Feat. Detroit In Effect)
      Headnoaks & CPU – Lost Sense (CPU Version)
      Albert Van Abbe – NCS_0009121010 [Heinrich Mueller Remodel]
      Phon.o – IL62
      Gods Of Technology – Endless
      Cybernet Systems – Planet Electro
      The Dexorcist – Fear Teacher
      Cybernet Systems – Sound Chemistry (C.S.M 808 Mix)
      Kronos Device – Rogue Program
      Kronos Device – Below The Surface (Dynamik Bass System Remix)
      Bass Junkie – Sub-Mission (Control The Bass)
      Motorobot – Android Spectre
      Middle Men – Unseen Beings
      Kronos Device – The Engine (Inst.)
      Kronos Device – Terminate The Bass (Vocal)
      The Exaltics – Evolution Of The Wrong Species
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • june 2011

      lstn or dl here

      Surgeon - Not-Two
      Astrowind - Buran
      Muslimgauze - Nablus
      Anstam – Baldwin
      ADJ – Mindelixir (Amen Remix)
      MDK – A Theme
      FTG – Input Dada
      Pip Williams – Man Vs Machine
      Covert Electronics - My Machines
      DeFeKT - Dimension
      Christian Fischer – Stairlight (Morphology Remix)
      Diepte – Feeling Deep (Versalife 257 Km To The North Remix)
      Dez Williams – Weakmind
      ADJ – Old Hat
      The Dexorcist – Connect One
      Boris Divider – Sentry
      Koova - Retro Transformer
      Luke Eargoggle/Johan Inkinen/240 Interceptor – Autopilot
      Scape One – Time Falls (Dynarec Remix)
      Cloaks – R.F.I.D. (Ancient Methods Remix)
      Surgeon - The Power Of Doubt
      Anstam – Carmichael
      Versalife – Unclear Matter
      Drome - H-Fanatic
      Pip Williams - PipBoy 3000
      Dexter – Space Booty
      Dez Williams – Abandoned Emotions
      [The_Outsider] - RedStar
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • august 2011

      lstn or dl here

      The Exaltics - See It Through My Eyes
      The Wee DJs – No Resolution
      Filter Feeder – 13/11
      Baz Reznik – Haunting
      Morphology – Into The Unknown (Arne Weinberg Remix)
      Inigo Kennedy – Cloudless
      Spank The Butler – Cosmic Ray
      Gosub – Swamp Driver
      Koova – ERem
      Robotron - ZERkleinerungsMAschine
      Doctor Evil – Zissle
      Spank The Butler – Bits & Bubbles
      Phausis – Bambou
      Perc – My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Remix)
      E.R.P. – Lodestone
      Unit Moebius - Dolfinarium
      Seventysix – SEM Traumnovelle
      MZR – Checkin' Ku
      Cestrian – Annihilator
      Koova – Episodic Loss Of Control
      Morphology – Hydrus Constellation (Headnoaks Remix)
      Anstam – Brom
      The Exaltics - The Wrong Direction
      Aux 88 – Exsterterestrial Time Travelers (Gosub Remix)
      Nineteen99 – The Eagle Has Landed
      Morphology – Spacetime Interval
      Aux 88 – Electronic Robots (Dynamik Bass System Remix)
      Plant43 – The Silver Finger
      Two Lone Swordsmen – Machine Maid
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • september 2011

      listen or dl here

      Scanner - Through Your Window
      Hteah – Viva Oliv
      Adapta – Isokon Lawn
      _AWOL - SleepWalking
      No Sunbeds - Space Machine
      Point B - Side Effects
      Pin - Libel (The Lost Book Mix)
      Adapta – Adapta
      Xxxy - You Gotta Do You
      DB_24 – Concrete Blocks
      Glum-C – Tip-Tilt
      Slipmatt - Acid Soldier
      Transparent Sound - Insert Coin
      Shinra - Maze
      ElectroBerlin - Continental Insolvency
      DB_24 – Corridor
      Surgeon - Muggerscum Out (Alex Smoke Remix)
      DB_24 – Road Reclaimer
      Dexterous Numerics - The Redeker Plan
      808Squad - Geonosis
      Adapta - Duerden Sound
      C. Mantle – Sulk
      Bandulu - Come Forward
      DB_24 – Solid State
      Thomas Kress - The Beat Terrorist
      Dr. Schmidt - Ghosts
      Beebka - Mess
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • october

      listen or dl here

      dj h

      [The_Outsider] - Sinocism
      Oscar Mulero – Descansa En Paz
      [The_Outsider] - Destroyer of Worlds
      Ed Chamberlain – Does Ape
      Grischa Lichtenberger – Atm
      Trolley Route – You Don't Like Me, You Just Wanna Try Me
      Thomas Kress - Controlling the Crowd
      Boris Divider – Mirror
      Dexterous Numerics - Victim Therapy
      Plant43 – Silent Pool

      dj abavus (vinyl only)

      Tense - Unmanned Cars
      dj Overdose - (You Don't Know) The Terminator Featuring – I-f
      Catnip - Catacombus (Stalkers Remix)
      Morphology – TriOptimum
      B.H.F.V – 06
      Dibu-Z – Extrasolar
      Fukkt – Goodhome Street
      Jauzas The Shining - Can You See It (Featuring – Alek Stark)
      Laite - I Wanna Fuck
      Anthony Rother – Sex With The Machines
      Stage II – Arcade Freak (Street Level Mix)
      Dark Vektor – Esqueix
      Imatran Voima – Computer Booty
      E-Control & Da Opdigga – Audiofusion Theme (Extended Version)
      The Boyz From Tronn - Getting Fresh
      Ali Renault – DX Styalize
      Luke Eargoggle – If I Were A King
      Synth Alien – Virus Empatico
      DMX Krew - Dance To The Beat
      8Bit Rockers – Women Trouble
      AratkiLo – Gloomy Detail
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • november 2011

      listen or dl here

      Shemale - Evil Winds
      Orgue Electronique - Die Liebe Ist Die Größte Kraft
      Shemale - Blood Ritual
      Hadamard - The Moral Core
      Antilogic - Uplifter (Maybe Somatik Mix)
      Ed 209 - Main Theme (Stillexstatic Instrumental)
      Rude 66 - Three Faces Of Fear
      Mika Vainio - Vandals
      Kompleksi - Porno Tampere (Vocal Version)
      MDK - Vreme
      Ottosiderspunk - We R
      E.O.N. - Gm Sukka
      Christophocles - Triumph Pt. 1
      Boddika - Spray (Drvg Cvltvre Dip)
      Silvah Bullet - Se7en
      Insect Jazz - Insect Electro
      DeFeKT - Her Devices
      Live Better Electrically - Sintax Error (Pip Williams Remix)
      TRV - Access Collective Unconsciousness
      Vadim SVD - Uranium Enrichm*ent
      Eedio - Complexe (Silicon Scally Remix)
      Scape One - Machine
      ArD2 - Awakening
      Dark Signal - Automatique
      The Electric Ocelot - Neural Impulse
      Conqueror - Highest Order
      Cybot Galactica - Escape>The Underground
      The Exaltics - The Hunch (The Exaltics' Annihilate The Planet)
      Dexterous Numerics - I Control You
      Marcus Rafferty - Men In Drags
      Baz Reznik - The Attic
      The Exaltics - The Hunch (Hadamard's Ravage Of The Planet)
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • january 2012

      listen or dl here

      Scanner - The Tableau
      Eolovox - Sine's Dub
      Theodor Bastard - Selva (Remix By Flint Glass)
      Dub Me Ruff - The Sweetest Colour
      ADMX-71 - A Gleam Of Light In A World Of Darkness
      [The_Outsider] - My Machines
      Proto 70 - CS
      Thomas Kress - Munich Music Making Machines
      Funkineven - Fuck Off
      Tero - Suodatinjauhatus
      Microdot - Flesh
      Stingray - The Sadist Pt 2 (Cestrian Remix)
      Downrocks - Mech City
      Faster Than Light - Progressive Science
      Cybot Galactica - We Believe
      Pip Williams - Pressure Point
      PolycarbonClique - Midnight In The Mirror World
      Biosphere - Botanical Dimensions
      Pip Williams - Flatland
      C Mantle - U235 (Burnibus' Step Edit)
      Posthuman - Lander (Brake 7's Jeep Following Mix)
      The Black Dog - High Rise Choir Reprise
      AGT Rave Cru - I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
      Mark Archer - Frequency (Killa Productions '91 Revival Remix)
      Unknown Artist - Dead Letter Drop # 1
      Wreck - Be Alright
      Lorn & Dolor - Quarters // Coupons
      Adam X - All Senses In My Control
      DK8 - Murder Was The Bass
      Elec Pt1 - Booster
      Pip Williams - Shanghai
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • february 2012

      listen or dl here

      Shemale - City Of The Dead
      Elec Pt.1 - Waiting For Armageddon
      Mayan Gold - Intergalactic Traveler
      Hardfloor - Skill Shot (Hardfloor Vs. Pip Williams Version)
      Versalife - The Dark Society
      Morphology - Information Paradox
      Elec Pt.1 - Graveyard Shift At The Robot Production Hall
      Nktar - Ways2go
      Sweetie - Touch Me (Two Lone Swordsmen Dub)
      Ali Renault and Spruxxx - Blades
      Hisingen Electro - Global Power Game
      E.R.P. - Lunar Ruins
      Weltwirtschaft - Evighet
      The Exaltics - My Language
      Ali Renault - Deep Sea Pumas
      Heimelektronik - Electronic Lifeforms
      Elec Pt.1 - Session4_Track2-2
      GB (Gifted & Blessed) - Dogon
      UR - Negative Evolution
      Hadamard - The Ghost In The Machine
      Oestral - Vade Retro
      Shemale - Wizards Of Hyperborea
      Heimelektronik - Nothing But My Beat
      Transportation AAD - Last Train To Lexington
      Hadamard - Offerings From Io
      J.Inkinen - Sounds From Beyond
      Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen - Empaty Window
      Echology - Peekaboo
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • ..a bit odd this time

      listen or dl here

      Aeck - Lethargic (AECK Reinterpretation)
      Anodyne - Empire of Glass (Fausten's Null Und Nichtig Mix)
      Scorn - Amroth
      Vex'd - Oceans
      Scorn - Hands
      Legion Of Two - Handling Noise
      Plaid - Bar Kimura (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
      Legion Of Two - Cast Out Your Demons
      Cloaks - Blackstar
      Jarboe & Justin K. Broadrick - Decay
      Anodyne - Empire Of Glass (Faustens Circle Of Manias)
      Anokie - My Freinds A Preditor
      [The_Outsider] - Angura
      Laka 942 - Electro Luther
      Boris Divider - Streetwalker
      Thomas Kress - Space Pilot
      Laka 942 - My Beginnings
      Hardfloor - The Life We Choose (E.R.P. Remix)
      Blackmass Plastics - Portasound Kid
      Caulkhead - Functionalism
      The Leyton Breakers - Tenebreaks
      Blackmass Plastics - Down Periscope
      RA-X - Sublam In Bedlam
      PolycarbonClique - My Death Bag
      DJ Controlled Weirdness - I'm The Guvnor
      Korrupted Brothers - Destroy The Floor
      The Hacker - Shockwave (Mark Archer Remix)
      Darren Woollard Aka Dawl - Flash Point
      Korrupted Brothers - KB Beat
      Posthuman - Planetfall
      Blackmass Plastics - Blindsider
      Korrupted Brothers - North Bass
      Boris Divider - I Was

      ..and here you can find a secret mix that was played a day before @ gfr to cover electro avenue show playlist but there's a bit of electro with acid touch, a bit of rave feelings & so on so on) ..only wax (direct link/85mb)
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • listen or dl here

      Shemale - Stone Circle
      The Connection Machine - After
      Albert Van Abbe - NCS_0010050611 (Convextion Remodel)
      Luke Eargoggle - Electro Music
      Andrea Parker - Melodious Thunk
      [The_Outsider] - Cosmoship
      Monolake - Aligning The Daemon
      DeFeKT - Ground Loop
      Boris Divider - 1983
      Shemale - Vampire
      Clatterbox - Genetic Code
      Giuseppe Mereu - Satelliti
      Jagdstaffel 66 - Alle Piloten Mit In Den Tod
      Dexter - Great Northern Diver (No Bass Mix)
      Credit 00 - Another Me
      Lazer Kontinent - Diese Elektrische Welt
      Boris Divider - Electronics 3 (Miami Sytle)
      Koova - Bubba
      Dark Vektor - Joja Non Sabia
      George Tsakiris - Samurai Funk
      Synthesized - Tales
      Jagdstaffel 66 - Nur Fur Die F-104
      Unborn - Nuclear War
      Ra-X - Code Of The Mecanic
      Yulya Volkova - All Because Of You (Tobobka Rmx)
      Xformxs - Ailama
      Burnibus - 1st Throws Of Spring
      Samosad Band - ..Ne Dlja Menja
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • listen or dl here

      Scanner - Het Nationale Canta Ballet (Canta Danst Collage)
      Boris Divider - The Source
      Plant43 - Driven By Magnetics
      ESS - Comet ELEnin
      Scanone - Andromeda (ADJ Remix)
      Jo Johnson - Coarse Materials
      Photodementia - Sporobolus
      The Hacker - Night Drive
      Radioactive Man - Flying Fuck
      Plant43 - Ghost Light
      ERP - El Camino
      DeFeKT - Cv1
      Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew - Centraal Put (Tramtunnel Debacle)
      Crime Scene - Street Gang
      Seventysix - 1997
      Planet Underground - Warmeleit-Vakuummessgerat MWT 402
      Al Tourettes - Bloated Beat
      Pip Williams & The Hidden Persuader - Uber Funk Remix
      dB_24 - Urbanscape
      Francois Du Electronique - Love Is Like A Killer
      Shann-X - The Last Bass
      WMX - Percept Sequence
      PL-anet - Robotics
      Mike Ash - Future Race
      Swarm Intelligence - Scud
      dB_24 - Rotation
      Radioactive Decay - Supernova
      ESS - Substance-D
      Morphology - Journey's End
      Aurora Surrealis - Central Station
      Intergalacterrorist - Heresy
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • listen or dl here

      Synth Alien - Saturn
      Penik Ettek - Untitled
      Annechoic - Distant Memories
      Scape One - Stellar Remnants
      Synth Alien - Look At The Stars
      Feedback - Walk The Line (Rude 66 Remix)
      Proto 70 - Influence
      Uni-Mate - Mi Caja De Ritmos
      Dickie Smabers & The Moerwijk Crew - Moerwijk Blues
      Auto - Way Of The Dolphin
      Drvg Cvltvre - Hermes Russia
      Synth Alien - Star Gate
      The Activist - Reprogrammed Personality
      Radioactive Man And Luke Dumbstruck - Bubble And Squeak
      Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
      Solvent - Latch
      Egyptrixx - Levitate
      Annechoic - Fusion Bomb
      Arcanoid - Communications
      Diamond Version - ModeOperator (Beispiel A)
      Adapta - Untitled
      Schizolectric - Multiplexer
      NX1 - SR1
      MANASYt - Blood To Sand
      MicroControlUnit - Electro Enterprise
      PolycarbonClique - The Quadrantids
      Adapta - Untitled
      Monolake - Hitting The Surface (Electric Indigo Edit)
      Schizolectric - Scintillator Operator
      Plant43 - Fluid Reasoning
      Jan Driver - Distorsione For Strings
      Vex'd - Bombardment Of Saturn
      Filter Feeder - Shopping
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..