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    • ..records, files & some extended acid lines w/ tt-303 take of course)

      listen or dl here (

      Anthony Child - Over Napoli
      Boris Divider - Particle
      DMX Krew - Avebury
      Hardfloor - RWNDRB
      DMX Krew - Ring Of Brodgar
      Antilogic - Genesis
      Cinkrillian Weight - Neurotoxin
      Mark Archer - Frequency (Posthuman Remix)
      Gesloten Cirkel - Feat Liette
      Drvg Cvltvre - Running In Front Of Cars
      Koova - A-189-1
      Zania Morgan - Black Jeweled Gloves
      Talker - Cut The Weight (Pts. I & II)
      Boris Divider - Global Panic Processor
      Deft Aphid - A Bag Of Tricks (feat. Fizzarum, Raoul Sinier and Nappy Skilmore)
      Hardfloor - P.E.L.F.
      DMX Krew - Merry Maidens
      AECK - Late Night Thinking
      Etcher - Biomimik
      Headnoaks - System Neuroscience
      Gesloten Cirkel - Stakan
      The Acid Mercenaries - In The Smoke
      Chris Moss Acid - Slam The Box
      Hardfloor - Tweakend
      Ghetto Gem - Untitled
      ADJ - Live It With A Smile
      PolycarbonClique - Systematized Delusions
      Q-Chip - Sence Data
      Exillon - 131acid
      Bacteria Factory - Blank Page
      Burnibus - To Climb Down From Greatness
      Nebuzaradan - Destruction Of The Temple
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • ..some records this month ..only wax ..and a bit of extended acidlines tracklist sorry ..something by boris divider, marco bernardi, ed dmx, rude66, ekman, elect pt1 and the likes is a tracklist:

      Application - Ambient A
      Boris Divider - Tangential (Original)
      Answer Code Request - Relay Access
      Lok44 - Pal Batu
      Marco Bernardi - Interfusion Biamp
      Jamie Blanco - Everything Once
      DMX Krew - Paradise Grove
      Ekman - Untitled
      Phran - Fool Drive
      KiNK - Source Of Uncertainty
      Addison Groove - Bad Seed
      The Exaltics - Waves Of Fear
      Visonia - Deception
      Rude 66 - Radio Peace And Progress
      Addison Groove - Space Apples
      I:Cube - ﻡﺍﻱﺃ ﻥﺍﻡﺯ (Le Bon Vieux Temps)
      Point B - Comfort Zone
      Hadamard - A Walk In The Park
      Model Citizens - Drive
      Diplomat - Get Your Ass To Mars
      Application - Cron Job
      Diamond Version - This Blank Action (Feat. Leslie Winer)
      KAN3DA - Bangabnungo
      Marco Bernardi - The Light Beside The Hall
      Linear Synthesis - Cycloaddition
      Morphology - Darkstar (The Hacker Remix)
      DMX Krew - Space Eyes
      Arnold Steiner - Secret Lover
      Hadamard - My Cool
      Dark Vektor Vs Kosmozo - Els Arbres No Em Deixen Veure El Bosc
      Xerodefx - Onya
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • august 2014

      Retape - Rotation
      Heavynoiz - Zeit
      Kink - Tel
      Rude 66 - Under Cover Of The Night (Feat Beta Evers)
      Heinrich Dressel - In The Mouth Of Symmetry
      Acid Kirk - Lapsed
      Drvg Cvltvre - I'll Wear Your Face On A Chain
      Guillotine - National Razor
      Heavynoiz - Dancing Digits
      Affie Yusuf - Flutter Deep
      Low Orbit Satellite - Descent (303)
      DeFeKT - Down Here
      Monolake - Perpetuum
      K-Rock - Inside
      Akkord - Continuum
      Monolake - Static
      Hardfloor - Swag My Glitch Up (Dez Williams Remix V1)
      Posthuman - Back To Acid
      EXS - K.i.l.y.
      Dynarec - Safe Scouting Guide (RadioNasty Remix)
      Kalbata - Artikal Youth
      Hardfloor - P.E.L.F (Hardfloor Vs. DBS Feat. The Egyptian Lover Version)
      Obergman - Alkaline
      Scanone - Bleep23
      Boris Noiz - Symphony Of Collision
      The 15 Dead Minutes - 20 Parts Per Million
      Jeremiah R. - Illuminated Process
      Retape - Emn
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • october 2014

      Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle - Response
      Low Orbit Satellite - Mass Transit Relay
      Clock DVA - Re-Konstructor
      Northburg - Calverd
      Versalife - Utilize The Secondary Suspensor
      Carbo Flex - Flirty Fox
      Innershades - Allure
      Cygnus - Technologic
      Helena Hauff - The Purely Painful Confrontation Of Opposites
      Ekman - Dissipation
      Drvg Cvltvre - Drown Into The Eternal Twilight
      Cristian Vogel - Cubicle Haze
      The Exaltics - The New Beginning
      Dollkraut - Fire
      Bogger - Sirena
      Anthony Rother - Momentum
      Andreas Gehm Aka Elec Pt.1 - I Just Want To Be Free
      Unit Moebius - Steriele Anouschka
      Analog Baby - Crocky Joe
      Quinoline Yellow - Move For Nordig
      w1b0 - Main Squeeze (Boris Divider Remix)
      Analog Baby - Only
      DJ Special Ed - Wall (Mech House Remix 2010)
      Mike Ash - Nitric
      Andreas Gehm Aka Elec Pt.1 - If I Was
      Einoma - Sculpt Beginning
      Anthony Rother - Automat
      Objekt - Ganzfeld
      Funckarma - Rusty W (Onionboy's Oxidized Layers Rework)
      Divine Styler - Proto 2
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • november 2014

      Cee-Mix - Killa
      Jeremiah R. - Blue Algae
      Plant43 - The Coldest Rule
      In Sync - Storm (E.R.P. Reinvention)
      The Exaltics - Can You See It?
      Drvg Cvltvre - Night Time Is The Right Time
      Ataraxian - Psychoactive Transmission
      Adam X - Tornado Warning
      Hesperius Draco - Trapped Angels
      Korrupt Data - Memory Loss
      VC-118A - Vlucht Naar Nachtschade (Delta Funktionen Remix)
      Morphology - Integral Domain (Hardfloor Remix)
      Transllusion - Negative Flash
      Gesloten Cirkel - Secret Area
      Adam X - Binary Possession
      Plant43 - Emerald Abyss
      Ataraxian - Supersonic Technotronic
      Morphology - Irregular Satellites (DeFeKt Remix)
      Dez Williams - Acid Bath (Ekman R303ck Remix)
      Transllusion - Cluben In Guyana
      Unitone HiFi - Hammondcheese Sandwich
      North Pacific Drift - Tel Aviv Deepdub
      In Sync - Storm (Terrace Bass Melodica Diversion)
      Wickedness Increased (Rock Wicked - Digidub remix)
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • january 2015

      Val_ex - Sacrifice
      Rutherford - Fördelningspolitik
      Alek Stark - 94 K
      DB_24 - Urban Maze (MattaMass Ghost Dub Remix)
      Helena Hauff - Furthermost Nevermore
      Privacy - Endless Shallows
      Solvent - King Vincent (Martial Canterel Remix)
      Baz Reznik - Macho Caribbean
      Pip Williams - Intercomm Selektor
      Umwelt - Somatogravic Illusion
      Sync 24 - Battery
      Anthony Rother - Digby
      Tinfoil - Foil 5
      Bintus - Warwick Castle Meltdown
      Andreas Gehm - I Dont Care
      Dance Company - Berzerkerz (Hardcore Young Team)
      Akkord - HTH020 (The Haxan Cloak's Cloud Of Witness)
      Val_ex - Dying Embers
      The Valley And The Mountain - Breaklights
      Baz Reznik - Rough
      Dollkraut - Hier Soll Es Toller Sein
      Mr. Velcro Fastener - Ologrammed
      Anthony Rother - Logical
      The Exaltics - Vacuum (Sync 24's Bad Trip Mix)
      DB_24 - Warehouse
      Clouds - Blood Skating
      Luke Vibert - Nerf Herder
      Rolando Simmons - Dim
      Umwelt - A Tale Of Disruptive Science
      Alek Stark - Halo 7 (Heinrich Mueller Version)
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..
    • february 2015

      Slumberman - B1
      Inwards - 104! [my sequence]
      Jauzas The Shining & Victoria Lukas - Coral Eyes
      Scape One - Alternate Pathways
      Benedikt Frey - Can You Feel The Pain?
      Scientific Dreamz Of U - Deep Belief Network {Neural Grid Optimization}
      Drvg Cvltvre - (I Don't Want To Die In) James Franco's House
      AECK - Yelling At Myself
      Slumberman - A2
      Drvg Cvltvre - Horned Be The Hunter
      Radioactive Man - Space Ranger
      Photonz - 13 Patterns
      Microthol - Eigenstate Modulator
      Kan3da - Photoptarmosis
      Francois Du Electronique - Grid Systems
      Umwelt - Guts Of The City
      Posthuman - Don't Rush
      Antoni Maiovvi - Impulse
      Radioactive Man - Transponder
      Marco Bernardi - Come Join Us
      Franck Kartell - Electro Music
      ASOK - Edge #2
      R-Zone - Hardcore Track
      Radio Slave - Children Of The E (North London Mix)
      R-Zone - Red Rave 1
      Chevron - Vishnu 303
      Radioactive Man - Mechanical Music Menace
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..

      The Exaltics - From The Future
      Versalife - Harness Technology
      Rude 66 - I Am God
      Scanner - Beauty Past Change
      Gilb'R - Beesan Rum (A Song For Anna)
      TM404 - Sebende
      Timothy J Fairplay - Is It Wrong?
      Patronen - Weinsberg Nach Wurzberg
      Privacy - System Voice (Helena Hauff Remix)
      Plant43 - Amphibious Architecture
      Drvg Cvltvre - Possessed
      VC-118A - Propulse (Lost Trax Remix)
      Ekman - Gödelian Argument
      Timothy J Fairplay - Love & Columbium
      EDMX - Ash Cloud
      New York Transit Authority - Brooklyn Underground
      DJ Di'jital - Abduction Beats
      Privacy - No Way Back
      Marquis Hawkes - Acid Sofa
      Tangible - Gameplayer
      Vector Lovers - Graviton
      The Exaltics - Simple Answers
      Das Muster - Die Suche
      Secret Rave - Untitled 02
      Daze - Compton
      R-Zone - Trip To R-Zone (Don't Get Off At Trumption)
      Jerome Hill - Plastic Jam (Stripped Mix)
      Chris Moss Acid - 247 House
      Missqulater - Tempest
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..

      OAKE - Siebtes Buch: Drestan Sened
      The Future Sound Of London - Factories And Assembly
      Drvg Cvltvre - 182 & A Half Day Of Bliss
      Lynx - Call
      Cliff Lothar - Soul Plonk
      Compassion Crew - Achievement Rallies Success
      Acid Arab - Sidi Gouja
      MTSP - Red Right Nighter
      POV - R-Type III
      Minimum Syndicat - Underwater Incident
      Costelloe - Inflex
      Echo 106 - Blackness
      Jeremiah R. - Weeds
      Marco Bernardi - Porcelain Lady
      Privacy - Against Us
      Rawmance - Line 'Em Up
      Jungian Archetype - Pursuit Of The Blue Car (R.I.P)
      The Trinity - Burning Spear
      Monolake - Alto
      Helena Hauff - Reaktion II
      DJ Skurge - Electrocuter
      Chris Moss Acid - Phantacy
      Rawmance - Nobody Asked U For Ur Opinion Man
      Tap Throw - Trails (Franker R.I.P)
      Der Zyklus - Mxyzptik
      Timothy J. Fairplay - Dr. Lazarus
      Visonia - A Lonely White Wolf
      Pukemaster Gehm - Pukemaster
      Mariska Neerman - Atê
      ..:basscuits show every 4th sunday a month on gfr 6-8pm gmt:..